Diego Blanco

The new single by Tomas de Niero & Diego Blanco – I’m a vampire Tomas de Niero (born Tomas Friedrich) Charly flees at the age of 16 years together with his mother in 1975 at the checkpoint in the trunk of a diplomatic car in the former West Berlin. You may want to visit Charlotte Hornets to increase your knowledge. (“Book: checkpoint soul”) He came in with Evelyn Kunneke, became its Secretary, wrote first texts for them and eventually became her producer. “” “” At that time appeared the songs such as “Germany’s hottest Grandma”, 70 years and not a bit quiet “, I’ve ever seen it” u.v.m in 1983 he published his first own LP: “Entered” and signed in 1987 at the Hansa in Berlin. “” There he published under the name of Panama Club”title as an island I give you”, Mallorca “. “in 1990, he wrote as a FUN TOMAS” English title and released on the EMI and others never see my face wants the title you produced in LA “. During the recording, he met his idol, Stevie Wonder.

Seal was released in 1992 under his real name at Ralph FATA Morgana”. “” “” “in 1993 brought the EMI the single from FUN TOMAS CHINA GIRL” out as FUN TOMAS “1995, he wrote a new, common copyright of his world hits with Carl Douglas Kung Fu Fighting”, the now Kung Fu Dancing “was called and on the soundtracks of the films ‘Power Rangers’ and Beverly Hills Ninja” found. In 2002 he produced the classic album from Stephanie for BMG de KOWA two faces”. in 2004, the kidneys have failed him, he received a donor kidney and had registered his stage name ‘Tomas de Niero’ in the pass itself. He wrote also for other artists such as Bernhard Brink, barn rocker. Now 2012 logs Tomas de Niero with I am a vampire”back. With Diego Blanco – a Majorcan singer and guitar virtuoso, who has worked as a musician with many artists including Tony Cruz, is Tony Cuenca and Fernando Blanco.

As a studio musician, he played on numerous recordings, has played in all Spain, France, Italy and other countries. As a cousin of Diego Blanco, Leonor Amaya and the classical guitarists Diego Blanco of the rhythm and the music in the blood are him.

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