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The Functioning

Water is good for the brain every day, we lose an enormous amount of water through sweating, urination and breathing, which can have an impact on the functioning of the brain. Because our brain is dependent on sufficient water to work efficiently. If one feels so again matt in the brain, just 1-2 glasses water drink. To ensure that the brain to function optimally, water is the best gift you can make him. Introduce yourself, your body would be your car, in which constantly would fill petrol, so that it can run. Just that you use water instead of gasoline. Every day your body consumes water, which must be replenished.

If you drink too little water, and the water tank is not full, it can be that there are problems! Health problems by lack of water water meets numerous requirements in our bodies: it distributes nutrients sweeps toxins out of the body, resolves blockages (triggered by dryness in the body!), and gives us energy, we need every day. Imagine your House plant which was not watered, and now hang the leaves. If this plant again add to water, she straightens up immediately and so it is with our bodies! When we drink enough water, we are tired and let the links. Sometimes, cravings for something sweet is a sign of the body, to compensate for water and energy shortages. There are a whole bunch of water deficiency on back to leading health problems such as diabetes, heart disease, migraine, Allergies, arthritis, back pain, joint problems, kidney stones, different types of cancer. It is therefore really of immense importance to not drink enough water, namely in the form of other beverages such as coffee or juice. Because they contain liquid, but it is also substances that stimulate the digestion, or trigger other workings, caffeine, alcohol or calories. Water is the only drink that provides really only liquid, without losing other body processes are used. For more information, see