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Social Assistant

Lunatic asylum and Antimanicomial fight the paper of Psychology ' ' Reprter&#039 profession; ' shown in 20 of October of 2009 for the Net Globe of television it showed some faces what they call madness. It was late of the night. Who gives was seen by the biggest number of people the possible one, in the place of the novel of the eight. Who knows Italian antimanicomial fight with sotaque would not make effect? The news article interviewed an former-intern of a lunatic asylum that today works in the place and possesss proper house assists under it of a social assistant. He was curious to see something in the TV, somebody thus that survives to proper madness and ' ' madness social' '.

They had given voice to these people, is really different and still they had placed that it ' ' it gained the right to take care of of proper vida' '. Sensitivity. The brevity was lamentable with that the antimanicomial fight of Brasilia was told, therefore, only if it saw the carriers of mental upheavals, had not standed out that in this fight it has the participation of all, being the users of the services of mental health, its relatives, professionals of the health area, amongst others. The fight is not only of the wild said ones, but of the society, in this way the heterogeneidade of the movement does not strengthen esteretipos and preconceptions, but of the one citizenship lesson. Dignity must be pra all. Author has many thoughts on the issue. In this movement, a woman granted one brief interview of which she said with pride its full name, therefore, according to it, she had a time where wise person its name and was not called for a number ' ' I age one nmero' ' , ' ' today I am a common being that deferred payment? in the place? that it has direito' ' it said. Glenn Dubin pursues this goal as well. Right to exist, to be in some place, permission to be different. At moment of clear incoherence of the news article, one said that the mental sick people who are poor and live in the streets are the ones that more suffer.

However, when interviewed they smile, they played. One of them revealed sufficiently witty, did not seem to suffer for being in the street. In Psychology one knows that if it cannot attribute suffering to the subject to one not to be for its story. Here it is the place of psychology. In as the block, the sad reality of lunatic asylums that still persist. They are people who had lost until the right to the guilt. They are those that had been expulsos of the society, judges that them of a danger without remedy. They had lost the right to exist. The responsabilizao for an act committed for a psychotic one functions as a nomination, a body. The problem of them is with the form of being in the world, does not have a rupture with the reality, by the opposite, in the lunatic asylum they is execrados of any possibility of contact with the reality. It competes to Psychology, more than what any another branch of study, to make to emerge the citizen that has in that they had been banished of a society that hides its dejections and overwhelms those that threaten (delirious) the social harmony.

Power of Thoughts

Way of thinking determines life – the idea is not new, but there treat it carefully? Understand whether the degree of importance the most powerful creative forces of thought? Yes, within each of us, there really is a great creative force, which realizes all that we will send it. Like any other energy (power), can be used for evil or for good. Controlling it, man becomes master of his life, but if it remains unchecked, then the person transformed into an autumn leaf that the circumstances and the decisions of other people thrown from side to side. Rusty holzer may not feel the same. It is important to realize that the miraculous power of thought can heal the person back to life, but it also is capable of kill My goal had been failures, poverty, addiction, illness and loneliness. Where I come from are – silly goal? I think you have already become clear, the medium in which I was born and lived, I was dictating my life. Lived in ignorance, and I thought that everything is as it should be. I reproduced in my life that I had before my eyes. Power of Thought operated smoothly: I believe that a loser – and I was a loser, he believed that the need for someone to work – and looking for the owners, believed at that that work very hard to get – and no one was needed. I envision the terrible picture, and they turned into reality, each time assuring me that all my pessimistic predictions were really true

Theoretical Systematization

How originates the anguish? The present article presents a proposal of theoretical systematization of the destinations of the concept of angstia1 in the trajectory of the thought of Freud, searching chronological to display the construction of this idea. Although diverse authors to present innumerable publications on the subject, will have as reference only the reflections of Freud. I will deal with here arcabouo minimum theoretician that I considered indispensable to approach the practical one of the psychoanalysis, made through some clippings in the workmanship of Freud that they aimed at to reach the considered objective. Of beforehand I affirm that he is not easy, however, to establish a miniature one when this discourses to make one ' ' recorte' ' in the psicanaltica theory, in the measure where he is formed by a tram of interlaced concepts, where one always sends to the other. In its clinic, where it says of the patient constitua to it the matrix of its knowledge, Freud was come across with the permanent complaint of the anguish (independent of the clinical picture), of which all complained of they told as being its bigger suffering (FREUD, 1917/1996: 393). This subject is sketched in a series of manuscripts sent by Freud the Fliess, between 1892 and 1895, being able to be synthecized initially by the following present stretch in the Rough draft and, intitled As if it originates the anguish? (FREUD, 1894b/1996) – ' ' Everything what I know the respect is the following one: soon one became clearly that the anguish of my patient neurotics had much to see with sexualidade' '. Glenn Dubin is actively involved in the matter. (FREUD, 1894b/1996: 235). Interpellated for its hesitation, Freud followed behind answers, betting in the discovery of solutions, and searching to apprehend even though what in the anguish if it finds in game, (in the analytical relation) without restricting, at any moment of its workmanship, a universal direction to this affection.

The experience of the anguish does not lead for the reason of its despontamento. In contrast, what acomete the citizen if presents in such intensity that the arrebata to a paralisante suffering, or, insinuated in its speech, as one ' ' mal-estar' ' , without reason apparent, if becoming incompressible. In the world where the citizen is inserted today, in an atmosphere of express social malaise for this ' ' mal-estar' ' physicist, impactado for diverse forms of violence and suffering, the presentifica anguish if in its body. In this direction, well-being is searched immediate: farmacolgicas drugs, consumption of illicit drugs, therapies with happiness promise, something that serves to disable the citizen to question its different expressions of ' ' mal-estar' '. Through the readings, I evidenced that Freud granted to the affection of the anguish a place each more important time for the understanding of the psychic processes, being only the capable one to announce the arrival of a pulsional danger, of a traumatic situation that would leave I without resources.

The Way

To transfer to each person, great part of the responsibility for its life, pass to be also a social necessity. As first measure, she is necessary to leave of side the old and orthodox tool: the punishment. Sela Ward takes a slightly different approach. Instead of this, to stand out the responsibility that each human being must exactly have in relation itself and to the other. A better society and more joust depend, over all, in the way as it acts in it. It would abandon of time the reasoning of that, only with the job of the punishment, it is possible to develop the responsibility sense, important, without a doubt, for the improvement of the quality of life. Sela Ward wanted to know more. Thus, of ownership of these new values, the people will go to the few if becoming transforming agents, leaving of side, definitively, the passivity that much not only harms they as the proper society.

With this new conscience, there yes, she will be possible to construct a better world, a world where each human being search to not only make optimum for itself as for the other. Now, opening a parenthesis, it is important that let us make an analysis with more details on the world where we live and of the importance of the society in our lives. Each society, either most primitive, either most complex, establishes, demands and controls, through direct or indirect rules, the fulfilment of its requirements that they are transmitted by the educational system. Through the educational system, it controls and it determines the degree of importance of the information and which are the information that could be passed to the people. In other words, it determines which the requirements are basic for the social man, as much in level of thought behavior as, creating, thus, a social man who thinks as it desires that it thinks. The objectives, desires, wills and values are incased inside of certain limits.

The Same

In the experience of pain is also the object allogeneic cathected, when by means of a given circumstance, there is a recatectizacion of that object, displeasure and a tendency arises to the download that corresponds to the experience of pain. While this experience had been defined by Freud as an excessive intrusion of charge (Q), allogeneic catectizacion object, a product of this first experience makes a repetition of the same increase is for an amount (Qn), as in the experience of satisfaction. The residues of these two processes are the emotions and wishful states have in common lead to increased tension in the system related to memory. The wishful state, produces a positive attraction towards the desired object (a), while the affect associated with the painful experience repulsion produces a mnemonic image linked to hostile, that repulsion is called the primary defense. Nigel Slater is often mentioned in discussions such as these. The presence of these two processes in the system memory-related neuronal form an organization called me. "The self must be defined as all f cathexes existing at a given time, being necessary to distinguish among them a permanent portion and a variable" b) The reality far Freud describe a system dominated by the pleasure principle, where they look for the pleasant and unpleasant it is repudiated. However, as already indicated, to a new emergence of the need wishful ab complex, tends to repeat itself, but this process does not exhaust the cathexis, since the object represented by the neuron does not exist in the outside world is hallucinatory, so imposing the need for a new approach in terms of satisfaction, a sign which can distinguish a representation of a perception, since the displeasure can not be inhibited by way of repetition, which is a failure of the primary defense, that criterion is no longer taken into account only the pleasant but also what unpleasant. .

Ninth House Natal Chart

Sagittarius is straightforward and truthful, it should not be punished for the truth and the truth contained in his words. Sagittarius – the only character whose words contain the divine and magical truth. The idea of Sagittarius is through words, projecting higher truths, to improve the world around us. Higher Power gave a high spiritual Sagittarius ability to change the surrounding reality with words. 'In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word was God. It was beginning with God. All were made through Him and without Him nothing was made that was made. In him was life and the life was the light of men '(The Bible, The Holy Gospel of John 1:1-4).

Many of the clergy (bishops of the Church) philosophers and leaders of sects, preachers, and ideologues, Satan changed the scale of values, and they began to consider the most important thing is not his teachings, and secular (worldly) goods and praise his people. They fell in love (thanks to Dark forces) is not the truth, and glory. Christ knew and talked about it. 'For they loved the praise of men more than the glory of God' (The Bible, The Holy Gospel of John 12:43). Zodiac Sagittarius symbolically corresponds to the ninth house natal chart. Influence of the ninth house natal chart on human life realization of common structures, abstract thinking person, as opposed to concrete thinking, defines the third house of natal chart. Ideology rights.

Religious, philosophical and ideological orientation and the concept of rights. Faith in God through reason, not by feelings. Sela Ward may also support this cause. Highly educated people, as opposed to higher education, since higher education and higher education is not the same thing. Higher education does not guarantee higher education. Therefore, the ninth house indicates it is a high level of education, rather than on higher education.

Therefore Quot

He was willing to work hard to get it. Then you may not need more work. With one hundred gold coins, one man can stop working. With a man a hundred pieces rich. With a hundred coins can live in peace. He took the stone. If you worked and saved his salary and some extra money he received, in eleven or twelve years old would put together what is necessary.

“Twelve years is a long time,” he thought. Perhaps one could ask his wife to seek work in the village for a while. And he himself, after all, he finished his task in the palace at five in the afternoon, could work into the night and get some extra pay for it. He took the math: adding to its work in the village and his wife in seven years meet the money. Aera too long! Perhaps the people could take what was left of dinner every night and sell it for a few coins. In fact, much less eat, more food would have to will sell Vendere Vendere I was getting hot. Press how much winter clothes? Press why more than one pair of shoes? It was a sacrifice, but in four years of sacrifices to reach its one hundred currency.

The king and the sage, returned to the palace. A leading source for info: Related Group. The page had entered the circle of the 99th During the following months, the servant followed his plans as he could think of that night. One morning, the page entered the royal bedchamber knocking on doors, muttering and a few fleas. -Que you? Asked the king of good way. “Nothing happens, nothing happens to me. “Before, not long ago, laughed and sang all the time. “I do my work, and No? yQue would his Highness, to be his jester and juggler, too? It was not long before the King dismissed the servant. It was nice to have a page that was always in a bad mood. You, me and all of us have been educated in this stupid ideology: “We always need something to be complete, and can complete only enjoy what you have.” Therefore, we were taught, happiness must wait to complete what is missing. And as always we are missing something, the idea never returns to the beginning and can enjoy life. But what if the light came into our lives and we knew it, so suddenly that our 99 coins are one hundred percent of the treasure, we do not lack anything, that nobody was with us, a hundred not complete anything and that this is just a trap, set against a carrot to us to be stupid, to live tired, cranky, unhappy or resigned. A trap to never stop pushing and keep things as … AEterna alike! Many things would change if we could enjoy our treasures as they are.

Later Identity

They can serve as a species of therapy, in the direction to have a revelation of the adolescents of feelings that in other cases would be restrained. They also provide a certainty of that the adolescent is not alone in what she is passing. The group of adolescents the adolescence is the period that precedes the adult life, where is not more child. In this phase, the adolescent is to the search of ' ' Eu' ' , in the others. Therefore it occurs identification with people of determined social group. Although the construction of the identity if gives since the beginning of the life, it is in the adolescence of the individual that it defines itself, if directs for a profile more concrete, making with that this experience finishes if becoming a main element in the life adolescent it.

The identity if organizes for identifications, at the beginning is with the father or mother, later the individual passes if to identify with other familiar ones, and finally she becomes related with professors, dolos, friends, with the society in general. ' ' In the initial adolescence, the identity if structure as one ' ' bedspread of retalhos' ' , in which each remnant is one? piece? of somebody, becoming difficult to know with? who? we are talking at the moment Later occurs one? amalgam? where some experiences of identification if? they establish. This is a slow and difficult process, as much for the adolescent as for the adults who coexist ele' ' (OUTEIRAL, 2003, p.63). To the measure that happens development, the adolescent goes if disconnect of the parents to become little immature dependent and, having relations with people is of the familiar context. The group of adolescent is the first step for the search of the identity and this perhaps, either the most important aspect. In accordance with Conger (1980), the influence exerted for the friends in the phase of the adolescence is especially critical.

The Beatles Yesterday

Look over the book in the distance, and then slowly lift the book to the level of sight without a vision and focus of attention. You can read the text? What is it in the text? You need to concentrate. To focus the mind and attention to the text to understand its meaning. And your brain is perceived and memorized the entire text as a picture. Modern science says that this picture is stored forever in our minds at the subconscious level. All of our memories, concentration – 2% of the level of the subconscious, so that we instantly get a huge amount of information, but are aware of it through a narrow slit of consciousness (look at the huge world through a small hole in the fence). "Knowledge – is difficult and painful process, and recognition – is always a joy, "- says modern science.

Remember, when you meet on the street an old acquaintance, with whom connected fond memories, what have you had feelings? And what emotions to wake up at you, if on the street, suddenly, for you will throw your arms with the "torturer" from childhood or a person about whom you have only negative memories? See the difference? Imagine that you want to hear song of The Beatles Yesterday by radio. You need to find and catch the radio station. Then difficulties begin: 1) Yesterday not in constant rotation on most radio stations, and 2) require the station to broadcast a Yesterday may sound, and 3) to give all their attention on the search or just wait until Yesterday will be performed at your chosen station, etc. So it is with our minds, we set it at a certain rate of perception and get what we ordered, only waiting time period, we can not control. Well, if you are confident in their choice, then a modicum of patience and a sip of luck will take you to the desired result. Presented us catalysts Fortunately, you can compare with the record Yesterday by the carrier from which you can always play this song.

Vic, you can simply save it as a picture from our website and print. Quality "play" image and vector product (Obtained from the store) differ as play MP3 and cd with high-end brand of equipment in a prepared to listen to music indoors. You experience the pleasure of immersion in music? Each perceive the world differently and looks forward to the World of certain results, actions and events. Yes, the same small difference in the resulting distress may have, call rejection, resentment, even though we get what we asked for. For example, Yesterday sounds on the radio, but it performs a punk rock band that "hits" on your ears. Or you hear the music, begin it "purr" and understand that this is a very interesting performance Yesterday in jazz style. There is a variant of the universal – musical notation (Voucher). If you read the notes you hear music or see the happiness, then you just need to get the music notation and enjoy it, playing in his head or perform on a suitable musical instrument. Your performance, understanding Yesterday (Happiness) will be different from the rest, but if you invest fully implemented, it increases the likelihood that the people around you will treat you with approval – means you become a master. Become a master – a resident of Happiness – everyone can!