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Advent Calendar

With the Facebook calendar give companies hard to believe a Christmas full of surprises their fans, but true: is a year again and Christmas is just around the corner. Visit Adam Sandler for more clarity on the issue. For company Christmas offers a variety, to old customers retain and attract new customers. The Facebook advent calendar is an ideal marketing instrument for companies to sweeten their fans waiting for the heiligabendliche Christmas present with varied offerings. For more specific information, check out Sela Ward. 24 Doors, behind which hide high rates ensure tension and appeal to both old and new fans of a brand. Every day a surprise: as the advent calendar Christmas design works and the different offerings are fans on the company page drawn and animated to interact. A successful advent calendar is creatively designed, entertaining and impressed his fans every day with new over fast conditions. And: because every day only a door open, the incentive is for fans the Facebook fan page every day to visit again.

From the 01. Exclusive advent gifts and vouchers will be raffled among the participants until the 24th December. Appealing pictures and videos or funny Christmas poems, hiding behind the doors, supported the attention on the corporate side and encourage the fans here to parts and distribute the content. Long range: holidays for fans and companies as only fans of the company can take part in the action, are the Fangating and supports the construction of the community around the brand. Because: Whenever a participant opens a door of the advent calendar, this will be published in his profile and for others, even non-fans, visible. An attractive crafted advent calendar offers varied strengthens the reach on this way and supports the viral marketing of a company. And: fans who have won a prize, enter your data into a form and can be used in future on further measures in the knowledge. But also for Fans who have received no prize, is possible, to register for the newsletter of the company and to be regularly informed about current or forthcoming actions.

Facebook – the Facebook advent calendar advent calendar is a great way to involve the community of undertaking more and strengthen the brand in this way. The expansion of the fan community is also supported by the high virality. If you have questions on the subject, do not hesitate and contact our social media expert Dieter Fassbender and Philip Huwe in conjunction. We assist you with the development of creative ideas for an individual advent calendar and supervise the action for you. About metapeople GmbH: As an agency for effective performance marketing the metapeople GmbH with its network of national and international agencies offers premium solutions in the areas of search engine advertising, search engine optimization, affiliate marketing, social media, Online media, consulting and tracking from a single source at.

Poster Stand / Advertising Stands As Cheap Advertising Take Advantage

How to do much with a promotional stand. A trader or a shopkeeper in many way can make advertising. The net-xpress GmbH & co. KG provides countless advertising stands, pavement sign and poster stand that shipping will be sent 49.90 euros net order value, however only to traders and dealers, not to private individuals. Who invites you for example to a business opening and then to want to draw attention, which ordered itself, for example, a pavement made of aluminium can prepare every morning before loading and each evening is again put. So you can do every day or every week new advertising in this display for passers-by, E.g. daily specials such as at a restaurant.

It comes with a poster stand easy, it informs people what works but better if you use images or faces of people. This type of advertising is rather unobtrusive and runs at the same time, because the people can decide for yourself whether you are looking an advertising display on the content or not unlike promoters, that speak directly to a. You have the customers then first in his shop, so you can distribute more information, for example through brochure holders or racks, so that is can be immediately intensified the customer relationship or represented the products closer. All this and a corresponding advice offer its clients including netxpress A wide product range. Bjorn p.