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German AIDS Foundation

The new condom brand LifeStyles is prevention sponsor of the Loveparade 2008 Cologne, may 2008 the love parade: 1.2 million dancing and celebrating people the greatest party in the world, but also one of the most peaceful and fairest. Because the organizer would like to Fairanstalter”be and shows with an extensive drug and AIDS prevention programme responsibility. Official prevention sponsor of the love parade is the new condom brand LifeStyles by Ansell, the world market leader for protection products a proof that boisterous celebrations and social responsibility are no contradiction. Because sympathy, trust, love and sustainability are the watchwords on which social and environmental responsibility can be fasten and this care more LifeStyles with his trademark motto we “. Together with the municipal health department, the love parade every year on the new performs a comprehensive prevention program. Margaret Loesser Robinson is likely to agree. The Loveguards are this year again the highlight”100 specially trained volunteers, the part of the parade the New LifeStyles condoms square (extra sensitive) among the celebrating masses bring it. But not only on the love parade manufacturer Ansell committed clearly to its social and environmental responsibility: in the production of LifeStyles-brand kondomen is especially attention to the gentle handling of natural resources and renewable and environmentally friendly energy. The German work also the CO2 pollution is kept to a minimum: the transport routes are shorter, than if the condoms from abroad would have to be imported best quality made in Germany.

Get the best party people from Germany, is then at the latest on July 19, when the love parade puts all Dortmund in State of emergency completely clean”of course. Do good: the cooperation with the Deutsche AIDS Stiftung every buyer of LifeStyles condoms can be sure, to support a good cause: A certain percentage from the proceeds of this condom goes directly to the German AIDS Foundation, the is supported by Ansell with extensive donations and joint actions. An exclusive cooperation agreement sets the co-operation. About Ansell of Ansell is a global market leader in the field of protection products. Ansell confirmed its leading position in the market for condoms, as well as in the markets for gloves made of natural latex and synthetic polymer with branches in America, Europe and Asia and more than 11,000 employees. In February 2008, the Ansell GmbH in Munich merged with the condomi health international GmbH.

Resulting Ansell GmbH, branch office Cologne, Ansell limited concentrates its activities on the German condom market. For more information see and. About the Deutsche AIDS-Stiftung, the German AIDS Foundation helps HIV-positive since 1987 and people in physical distress diseased from AIDS. Today the Foundation received more than 60,000 requests from needy people and helped victims in need individually and Projects with over 30 million euros. Since the year 2000 the Deutsche AIDS Stiftung supports also help projects in addition to their involvement in Germany worldwide. The funding focuses in southern Africa affected by HIV and AIDS. With their aid the German AIDS has become Foundation the largest AIDS charity in Germany, providing material and psychological support to victims. Information, see.

The Right

What is love? 2. From infatuation to love 3. False 4 infatuations. How to keep love 1. What is love? Fall in love. The unrequited infatuation makes us feel happy.Falling in love is an emotional state of joy and happiness that we feel when we are strongly attracted to another person, that we idealize and attach a range of qualities that we magnificamos in the majority of cases. In each person infatuation arises by different and specific causes. We see in that person to a lovely being who captivates us by a number of qualities that we like and attract us, his way of being, behave, move, beauty, intelligence, etc. Even at times did not find an objective and specific cause that justifies the feelings that we experience. When the person in love is reciprocated, feel an irresistible desire to be with the other person, meet her and delve into his life. But when this is not the case and the love is not reciprocated, you experience a feeling of sadness and frustration that will have to be overcome to leave this State. 2. From infatuation to love the love thinks that love is definitive, unique and unrepeatable and that will always endure. However, it is only the beginning of a process that can or do not end up in true love, and that will largely depend on the knowledge and treatment go taking the other person, knowing their tastes, preferences, goals etc. This process involves the maturation of that love starting to convert it into a solid love where a long lasting relationship is rooted and delivery, giving way on many occasions to a life project in common or family. When we fell in love, we make plans, believe in the future, want to be there at the right time and solve everything to make your beloved feel well and at the same time expect a correspondence from her.