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Santa Inquisicin Progress

The leftists are reviving the ambiguous thoughts of one hundred years ago, repeating the phraseology of the time, since their philosophical creativity it arrived at ground zero, and the ignorant young generations are gotten excited with their cliches as if they were novel. In order to have an idea of the level of extremism to that they have arrived the sandstone, the Spanish Constitutional Court issued a decree according to which the negation of the Holocausto is not a crime, but an opinion. Under that lineament, the Spanish Civil War did not exist, because it does not give the desire me. It is my opinion. ETA never committed no terrorist attack, Santa Inquisicin is a myth, the conquerors did not kill natives, What is a Gulag? Hiroshima and Nakasaki are Japanese lies, the Muslim clergymen are good types, Ajmadineyad does not want to destroy Israel with nuclear bombs, Columbus did not discover anything, the world is flat, and Zapatero, Chvez, Morales and Kirchner are great statesmen. Aldous Huxley said: the facts do not stop existing because these are ignored. To be as rights, on the other hand, serves to be identified with Hitler, Franc, Mussolini, the military dictators Latin American and any repressive one that governed 30 or 60 years ago.

In the list they do not appear preservative politicians of the caliber of Winston Churchill, Margaret Thatcher, Dwight Eisenhower, Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan, Menahem Begin, and so many others that marked the difference, taking to its towns to La Paz and the progress, in democracy and freedom. Primitive cultures that are contiguous with the savagery, became suddenly in possessing from innumerable knowledge, worthy to be learned and imitated by the modern societies. According to revelations of the indigenous wizard and Secretary of State of Bolivia, David Choquehuanca, the stones have sexual organs. The imbecility dominates in the world. We are living in the heat of was computer science, but the published information is not always true, and the mistaken information is not an instrument that takes to the elucidation and the progress but, rather, leads in opposite sense. The TV by cable and the Internet, are the mass media more extraordinary than they have been invented, but we see televising programs directed by charismatic and entertained suffered brain damage, or blogs created by extremist fanatics, is not a way towards the cultural nor spiritual advance. When imposing their unrestricted tolerance without codes morals, is giving I cheeped to that the intolerant ones shine to those who accept unconditionally. The virtues are not in the ends, but in the balance of the means that give to the moderation and good sense. The acceptance without discrimination of good and the bad thing at the same time, are taking to the dangerous extremism, del that the politically correct ones are their defenders, and will be its victims.

Envelope Art World Of Sensations

BubbleShare – The painter Stella Mezzadri Argentina is immersed in the pursuit of self in the structure of the form in his compositions of oil on canvas. A search through the subconscious, of dreams inserted into the dynamics of formal progression. Capture stages of the mind with ever greater clarity, as we see the evolution that has experienced over the previous year’s work. In its new “Series 2008” shows us the revival of deep sleep that nature surrounds all living things, obtaining this way, through her painstaking search for colors, a highly developed product, where light plays an important role therein, as well as warmth, sensitivity, interesting and excellent chromatic compositions, which are combined in one subject. His compositions are intertwined forming capriciously dizzying figures defined by the mood of the viewer, even outside the physical limits of the work, thus being able to combine in wallets or leaflets, as if the same have been made for each other, thus enhancing the mastery of his work. Reflects internal moments, landscapes Almicar, forces that are part of nature, which are movement and gesture, vegetable and Devices, which are transformed into plastic foundations of a discourse that wins in a mystery, it incorporates most enigmatic, to enter into their particular maze. A labyrinth is part of a central positioning of Stella Mezzadri based on the determination of the change to go into the phenomenology of spirit. He leaves as the mirage, the Maya controlled by a more complete work, in the sense that goes into the subconscious, in the evocative power of the transforming energy, the strength of the plastic without resorting to icons discoverers a reality that is presumed but is formed by a conglomerate of disparate situations, mergers or by energy which the artist deals with determination. Its composition, made in oil on material, is based on colors and tones of their own, blurred and degraded, intense but subtle tones at once, forming a palette that accompanies the author’s psychological world Argentina.