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Loungers are the best seats for the summer, can fold and store easily and are very light to carry to the beach or to the field. You may find William Allen to be a useful source of information. Ideal for the home and garden. Creates a couch with your photos or a custom layout. Manufactured with sturdy wood and resistant fabric seat. There are incredible when printed with a photo montage or using a technique pop art.

When you choose photo for your Chair, keep in mind the length and width of the picture so that it is securely in the Chair. If you’re not assure you of how it will be the photo requests the Council of a designer. This summer brings to the beach your own personalized rocking chair, the one that no one else has because you’ve created it with your photos. Custom gifts offer the possibility to put the photo you want on them, so that you not only have a gift but that also have something unique, something that cannot be bought at any store.

Human Behavior and the Brain

How to act not only is influenced by the feelings and thoughts, but by our evolutionary brain. From the life he began to dominate the planet, living beings according to their needs and their environment were evolving to become what we are today, had to pass millions of years before humans become the only living being with the ability to think and reason their behaviors, but before that, our brain was little by little also was subjected to changes and transformations that did grow to the extent the demands of learning the ancient humanoid needed. Within our brain evolutionarily found a complex of 3 mini brains that somehow influence the way we behave and how he decided to in our lives. This theory was exposed several years ago by Mr. Paul Mac Lean, named TRIUNE brain, which divides the brain in 3 evolutionary micro-complejos, the first derivative of our more ancient ancestors called reptilico brain, which dominates all our basic needs and makes us act solely and exclusively by impulse, as well as influence us in many of our instinctive performances, the second mammalian brain that I call it emotional, because it is part of the complex that acts dominated by emotions and feelings. The third and last is the rational brain, that thanks to him we are capable of thinking but also behave like machines without taking into account many times the feelings and impulses. Three brains continually fight between them when dominate our behaviour is, why the saying analyzes thinks and acts has more background to what we imagine and has an intimate relationship with these three brains that dominate each other the way we make decisions in life. It is important to take them into account and to differentiate which of these three is the dominant in our lives because they are fundamental basis to identify our potential and our talents.

Sunday Cuba

Amazed also see elephants, but small in size, no larger than 90 cm. The animals are distributed in lakes, mountains and savannahs, as if they were in their natural environment. The sculpture emblematic of this Center is the primitive man, hence the size that was given to it, nearly 25 m in height, the only statue that isn’t natural size. The visiting hours are from 8 am to 5 pm. A related site: Related Group mentions similar findings. There are guided and centres where lunch or snack service. Photos can be taken. After finished the visit, already in the afternoon, we recommend passing in the night at the Buccaneer hotel, next to the coast.

Then visit the Granjita Siboney, nine kilometres from the hotel. La Granjita is the name that receives the Museum, historical character, because it is the place where they met the attackers from the barracks of Moncada and Carlos Manuel de Cespedes, in Santiago de Cuba, guided by Fidel Castro to begin the fight against the tyrant Fulgencio Batista and Zaldivar, in July 1953. Everything is intact, as it was after the assault on the barracks. The hours are Tuesday to Sunday from 9 am to 4: 45 pm, while Monday is from 9 am to 1 pm. You can take photos.

Return to the hotel you must call the stone great Motel, the place where you are encouraged to spend the night for visit the mountain that bears that name. You can do the coordination from the hotel. In the surroundings of the hotel is the beach of Damajayabo and other places where you can practice diving. More to the East of the hotel there is an area of sunken ships. The visit to the great stone is his last trip temporarily to natural sites of little influence of man. In the next few days everything will be different. It is near the city of Santiago de Cuba, the second most important of Cuba. Museums, historic centres and other cultural attractions are common in it. You will be welcome.