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Samurai Restaurant

Sushi Bar "7 Samurai" Address: Bessarabia Square, 2 (building Bessarabian Market) WI-FI: no Parking: no plastic cards are accepted by the average for two 100-150 hryvnia After a five-time visit to the sushi bar so and formed the impression that he's good or vice versa. Apparently, once went there a few times, then something is attracted. At the entrance stands a wash basin in which those who follow the hygiene, still wash their hands when entering. Room space sushi bar is small, so the sink is adjacent to the bar. Every time when I was in the "Samurai" – I was the one who used it ..:) People in general a bit, even on a Friday night or Saturday can be a great likely to find there the table. Perhaps those who come down once in a restaurant "The Wall" which is located in the basement under the "samurai" and belongs to the same network facilities PeesBoyClub.

Food – Traditional sushi and rolls, hot soups, beer, salads. Meals are a very low cost and above average price "accounts" in Kiev's schools. If you order two servings of childbirth, you should ask them at different tables, or to focus on double portion of the Japanese side dishes: wasabi and ginger. Somehow, the chef who cooks, rolls and always wants to save every time I ordered two types of childbirth, a side dish was not enough. Beer is a "Japanese", which I like was not necessary.

Even the name is not remembered. From the Ukrainian Chernigov offer draft and bottled. Of course, the draft "white" I love the most and is the cheapest way. 12 hryvnia at the time of the visit. WC shared with Restaurant "The Wall". And in the "Wall" you can get free newspaper "Delo", magazines "timeout", "Residential Real Estate." Recently I love to read while waiting for my order. When you first visit the institution where "Eating sushi" and there is no good mentor who would have shown the art of fencing with sticks, then you have to torment the waiter. On the package there is no stick figures to explain what's what. The "samurai" is a place for smoking. Three cabins on the same platform. Quite comfortable there, you can sit with your child. If the child is young children, in the "waiting room" before the front door is where to park a stroller. Summer terrace location bar can not be done. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Adam Sandler. In three meters away from the window is the movement of cars. With a discount card PeesBoyClub can get a 10% discount on your bill. There are shipping orders in the office and at home. Near the restaurant is located currency exchange Webmoney ActiveMoney

Cuba Travel Always Belibeter

The Division of active travel and tours to Cuba is more popular than ever. The Division of active travel and tours to Cuba is more popular than ever. Through events such as the annual Salsafestival or the Carnival in Santiago, the Green Pearl of the Caribbean draws more and more travellers captivated. Due to the variety of events, an event calendar for the part is quite helpful. A such calendars are available on The events leave schedule is usually very well in the existing itinerary, so that the travelers can enjoy it fully. The Division of active travel, which include also the bicycle travel, is filled in particular among the younger generation. The ursrunglich nature tours leave kaun open a request.

These extend del Rio from far West as Pinar Centre in Santa Clara to the East to Baracoa. A significant fact, that speaks for Cuba is the proverbial friendliness and openness of the Cubans and although in Cuba many things wrong so many facilities, institutions are and also Absolutely exemplary behavior. The actually fascination lies in the ability of combining these tours. A Spanish course in Havana, followed by various excursions up to the complete planned driving tour is now in Cuba possible. See for an overview of the Moglichekiten.

Kingdoms of Spain

Kingdom of Spain – a state in south-west of Europe, occupies most of the Iberian Peninsula, Balearic and Pitiusskie island in the Mediterranean, the Canary – the Atlantic Ocean. Piazza di Spagna – 504.8 thousand square meters. km. On the north it is bordered by the waters of the Bay of Biscay in the south – the Mediterranean Sea. Spain belongs to the city of Ceuta and Melilla in North Africa, as well as large and densely populated island in the Mediterranean and the Atlantic Ocean. On west it is bordered by Portugal, the north-east – with France and the Principality of Andorra. Spain is at the intersection of important sea and air routes linking Europe with the African and American continents.

Spain – country of mountains and plateaus: more than 65% of its territory lies at an altitude of 500 m above sea level. Spain lived emotions. Most major rivers in Spain falls into the Atlantic Ocean. In Spain, every word and deed – from the heart. The Spaniards can not stand the boredom, dullness and indifference.

People here are open, more wine stirs the blood, love passionately in love, and romantic knight always ready to fight for the honor of ladies and justice, even with the wind windmills. Located in most of the state Pirineyskogo Peninsula. Nancy Silberkleit is open to suggestions. It has a population of 39.5 million people. This is mainly Spaniards (75%), the rest of the population are Catalans, Galicians, Basques. The capital Spain is Madrid. This is a multi-million city in the heart of Spain. The whole country is divided into 17 autonomous regions, which include 50 Spanish provinces. In addition to Madrid, there are other no less famous cities – it's Barcelona, Valencia, Sevilla. The monarchy was overthrown by April 14, 1931. This marked the beginning of the Spanish Revolution (1931-1939), during which the Popular Front was created (January 1936). Spain remained officially a monarchy, and the dictator Franco proclaimed himself head of state. The outcome of the Civil War was the establishment of the dictatorship of General Franco, Spain was proclaimed a kingdom (1947). However, the throne was not occupied by anyone. After the death of Prince Juan Carlos Franco came to the throne.

What To Visit In The City Of Mendoza

Mendoza is perhaps one of the most beautiful cities in America Latina.Quienes are housed in one of the many good lodgings of Mendoza, they will be able to discover a wonderful city, either from the point of view of the personality of its people by the great amount of historical riches that remain. tepper. One of the places that no tourist should miss visiting is the parque General San Martin. This is a stunning green space with an extension of more than 300 ha, found inside a range of attractions to see. One of these places is the source of the continents. It’s an enormous wrought iron sculpture, located in this place from the year 1910, although its construction dates from the year 1874. It is a clear example of the modernism of the 18th century cultural conception, since he was representing four continents (Oceania was not considered such at that time).

At the bottom there is a water mirror of almost 20 m in diameter, whose all around four female figures that look like mermaids, are located While they have in their hands a few shells. At the top there is another pool with four landfills, 5 m in diameter. We are also with the Greek amphitheater Frank Romero Day, which periodically brings together a large number of people ranging en masse to witness the local shows organized by the Undersecretary of tourism. Here develops the traditional national harvest festival, where towards the end of March every year the national vintage Queen is chosen. Others walk that you can perform in the parque San Martin, is to visit the garden Zoo, located on the slope of the Cerro de la Gloria. This place serves for the reproduction and breeding of native species, rare animals, or species that are endangered, trying to reproduce the natural space in which they live as reliably as possible. Also within the Park is a golf park, an artificial lake where are typically practicing race, and is, in effect, the headquarters of the local yacht club. Is also feasible to boating and enjoy the beauty of this place. Municipal Racecourse is located on the same campus. In conclusion, parque General San Martin is one of the largest attractions of tourism in Mendoza, the ideal place to visit in the summer and enjoy the splendour of the Mendoza nature.

Home Hotels

With a completely new search for the perfect luxury hotel the Internet platform alerts create Viam now itself. Cologne, 11.11.2013. Adam Sandler may not feel the same. Individual wishes can be intuitively combined. As a result, every holiday finds dream hotel for him. “In classic travel agencies objectives were often recommended me, who knew more or less randomly even consultants”, the Cologne entrepreneur Ingrid Pelka, Chief Executive Officer of create Viam says. Often then something in the hotel or nearby bothered me.

Just at high quality hotels I want to do but no compromises. “Only the tiresome own search in the Internet – search engines, organizer pages, comparison portals, evaluation portals, weather and travel information remained so.”Repeatedly I have spent entire evenings on the Internet with search, even though I was trying to find just a lovely hotel”, Padua summarises their experiences. And because there was no suitable search portal for luxury hotels, Padua has invented it without further ADO. Create Viam means “wrought with yours Travel”and that’s the point: the confusing range of intuitive and easy the individually suitable hotel to find. Apart from looking after specific hotels or destinations, Padua continued a decisive step. Holiday-makers can combine now over 200 criteria. Who is important, for example, golf, Spa, first-class cuisine and a short flight time, can be anywhere the hotels show in the world, that correspond to this combination. And this is just one of the almost unlimited combinations that users can search for.

Because is an extensive database with more than 750 hotels in the luxury category, are linked to a variety of criteria and attributes. The number is increasing with other selected hotels. Who want inspiration, can also choose from many themes. Whether diving havens, golf vacations, cultural city trips or family hotel, Padua and its 30-Member editorial and research team have the appropriate hotels very carefully selected. “We want to make the search experience.

Japanese Gardens

And the clothes are different from normal. If your journey began with Tokyo – a giant metropolis, a very capable high-rise modern building with ancient temples and wooden houses, it is realistic, planned to buy things in one of the specialty shops. This may be a way to Nakamise. Immediately two pleasures in one. Can visit the ancient temple and simultaneously acquire all you want. First purchase as a gift to a woman – a kimono.

Really unusual attire, which forces a man with a seductive look longingly at the woman. In kimono woman becomes men mystery. And how often in married life is not enough "mystery"? If the jacket is intended future wife, then a great "compliment" the girl. After the kimono in Japan daritsya adults only girls and learning, ready to to be independent hostesses. You'll have to learn the art of kimono dressing, and especially tying obi belts. In the future, a great opportunity to organize a romantic dinner with dressing and undressing favorite! Do not forget that the beautiful half of humanity is still in love with flowers.

Therefore it is worthwhile to visit the Japanese gardens are an art form with millennia of experience. This is not just a beautiful flower beds, and a philosophical approach to unusual outlook. Around the old plants, streams, stones, or a large rock. Feels mystery and a hint of inner beauty in everything. Japanese Gardens send our thoughts to the beauty of everyday things. When you reach the beautiful cherry blossoms (small cherries) can disrupt the flowers and neatly folded in an embroidered ancient hieroglyphics keysik, bring a loved one. Characters – one of the ancient art of Japanese. Unusual for Europeans' views of the signs. One character can carry information a whole page of the book. The perfect gift – a panel with written characters. What will be written, you choose, depending on whom you will give.

Recreation And Entertainment In Ulyanovsk

Bath complex 'Manor' invites guests and welcomes residents! Rest in Ulyanovsk, rose to a new level. Now there is a place where everything you can wish, and spend a day in one place and not to stay indifferent. Russian Bath The main difference between the Russian bath – wet steam. If not your own, you can order directly in the complex oak and birch twigs, as well as professional services bathers. In the rest room to your television services or you can just sit by the fireplace.

Finnish sauna. The Finnish sauna is a dry steam and very high temperature – about 100-110 degrees. But fear not – this temperature can effectively influence the autonomic system, musculoskeletal system and the whole body. Turkish bath. In the Turkish bath, steam moist and flavorful. The temperature is low, so the residence time in the steam can be increased.

In the lounge there is Huge multi-level swimming pool. You can also order a hookah. After the bath is recommended to visit a massage. The complex has three types of massage. Classical massage. Steamed, relaxed body is more easily manipulation of the masseur. Snap into place the joints, swelling will disappear, go away stress. Jacuzzi. During the warm water jet massage affects the whole body. Regular procedures promote weight loss and removal irritability. Speed up metabolism and increases blood oxygenation. Just Jacuzzi will help in the treatment of varicose veins and cellulite. Aeromassazh. Aeromassazh done in water, massaging effect has no water, and oxygen bubbles. In aeromassazhnoy bath ranges from 9 to 12 nozzles. There is a general relaxation and increases the efficiency of treatments. And finally, you can delicious eat – a varied menu, grilled three, Uzbek pilaf – it looks and smells very appetizing and tasty. In the complex of baths 'Manor' can be removed for comfortable hotel rooms. Facilities in the complex is fully equipped with: complete set of furniture, a big soft bed, TV and possibility to order food in the room. Entertainment in Ulyanovsk in abundance. Most difficult to reconcile. Bath complex 'Manor' – it's holistic approach to entertainment and recreation, which takes guests with warmth and at any time.

National Association

Best of all possible options for the next holiday for many people is a luxury and family holiday in Switzerland. The country's popularity is not due to the beautiful landscape or a delicious national kitchen, but also hotels. Switzerland hotels are renowned for the highest level of service guests and a variety of services offered. But for all that each person can easily choose a hotel depending on the available budget and requirements to a level of comfort and design of the rooms. All hotels in Switzerland are members of national associations. The association defines the standards of service, as well as conducts Certification of hotels according to a set of specific rules and regulations. The cost of accommodation depends on a number of different factors, but as a rule, it necessarily includes a continental breakfast (sandwiches, soft bun, coffee, jam, butter).

Surcharge resorts in Switzerland offer a full four meals or half board. Note that the service of guests at a height even in small hotels in the most distal regions of Switzerland. In this case, again, reflects the work of the National Association of rigidly controlling all aspects of tourists. We have already mentioned that the holiday in Switzerland is designed to people with different income levels. Of course, this also applies to hotels. If there is no need to save there, then the ideal option would Hotels 'luxury' class (5 stars on the local classification), offering guests the maximum possible range of services and spacious rooms, as well as individual power system. At this point in time directory hotels Switzerland has only 35 five-star hotels, but it's perfectly normal.

Their proposed service is unique and exactly corresponds to the notion of 'exclusive', and therefore increase the number of luxury hotels no one is going. In each room, 'luxury' hotels has a mini-bar, TV, air conditioning, safe, hair dryer, all the necessary cosmetics and Internet access. In addition, high-ranking guests are offered: SPA-salons, car rental, sauna, swimming pool and superbly equipped conference rooms. Hotels Switzerland's first class have the status of '4 stars'. They are also able to provide a decent standard of living and quality service, but lack the glamor of the inherent lux. Hotels 4 stars, by the standards should have an area of not less 13m2. These hotels are the ideal choice for couples with children. If the budget is allocated for recreation, is very limited, it is better to look at around 1, 2 and 3 class. Latest offers great value and a basic set of services, but at the same time, have some limitations. For example, in the hotels third class bar is open only during daylight hours, and change of linen is carried out once every three days. As for 1 and 2 stars, then this option for people do not have the means to fashionable resorts in Switzerland, and are considering the hotel is not as a place of comfort pastime, but as a household necessity. Such establishments are constructed on the principle of hostels, that is, rooms and there is absolutely nothing extra toilet and shower are on the floor and bed changed once a week. In general, that's all. If you do not know where to stop the election, look at any directory for hotels in Switzerland. There you will find the option of residence, which will meet all your wishes and requirements to a level of comfort and quality services.

Canadian Cities

Calgary is located in western Canada. The city is the largest in the province of Alberta. It occupies the South-west Canada. Name of the province was named after Queen Victoria's fourth daughter, Princess Louise Caroline Alberta. The town's name derives from the eponymous Calgary Scottish harbor. A very long time the city was among the lagging cities. The presence of minerals, agricultural development has brought a number of the first cities Canada. Now this is a modern metropolis, occupies first place among the other cities to develop.

High rates ensures that the major means of communication. One of the airport received the title of "Cargo Airport of the year North America 2002 ". A large army of scientists and engineers provides the stable development of oil refining, food and chemical industries. The industrialization of the city did not affect the environment. Clear water and air-esteem Calgary. Perched on a mountain backdrop, Calgary skyscrapers occupy its central part.

They are business centers of different companies. A large proportion of urban land is comfortable houses surrounded by parks. Calgary is a Winter ski resort. The combination of high quality mountain trails, a variety of slopes, sunny weather (Alberta is the sunniest province in Canada) can take a leader among ski resorts in the world. The most visited tourist resort destination Banff is located two hours drive from the city. In 1988, the Calgary became the capital of the XV Olympic Winter Games. The versatile life of the city not tour leaves time for boredom. Cosmopolitan city is reflected in a large variety of religious faiths. The cultural life is represented by an abundance of theaters, museums, theaters, exhibition halls, attract visitors with its diversity. For those who enjoy outdoor activities and entertainment provided by various sports clubs and racetracks. Children amusement park, available in the city zoo. If you are lucky, you will be able to witness annual rodeo Calgary Stampede. It begins in the second week of July and continues throughout the week and a half. This is a parade of local culture. Cowboy theme permeates the national culture, it is the Life motif. 'Texas in Canada' the informal name of Calgary.