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Cute Anniversary Ideas

It is you give to fulfill to anniversary its 15 and intend to surprise all its amiguinhos with a model of special invitation, knows which more en vogue the invitations Party 15 years currently. Without a doubt that the preferred ones are all the models chosen from the main subject for the party of the debutante. It can say that this type of invitation is what it is more en vogue between hundreds of young. The aniversariantes girls adore to choose a subject for its party of anniversary. Read more here: Tony Parker. Tropical party, hawaiian party, party years 60, party Party Record, party Hollywood or Black Tie are only some examples. It is on the basis of the main subject that if will have to order to make the units of the models for the invitation that they will go later being you deliver of affectionate form to all the familiar friends and. In case that it intends some ideas of models for Invitations party 15 years appeals to the aid in the indispensable Internet, therefore it will find immense suggestions funny to use in its party of anniversary. This will be the first step for a party of guaranteed success!.

National Politics

The memory of a people is its cultural patrimony, and this is presented of concrete form or abstract, it is the responsible one for making the differentiation enters the diverse existing cultures in the world. The public power together with the population has the responsibility to watch over for its patrimony, being guaranteed the support of the same. This article has as subject the importance of the cultural patrimony for the tourist activity. By means of bibliographical research, of diverse authors, relating cultural tourism, culture, patrimony and public politics. Taking as base the public politics for the development of the tourism. The respective article has for intention bibliographically to analyze to the importance of the cultural patrimony for the tourism, thus showing some concepts inside of this context and analyzing them as the theoretical referencial. Objective to argue the relation between cultural patrimony and local population and as this relation it reflects in the tourist activity ally to use preservation of capital assets for tourism searching to understand as if relate patrimonies, that is the elements that construct to the memory and the local identity, with the tourist activity. The National Politics of the Tourism is cited making its cabveis fastenings. This quarrel if makes necessary, as much in the scope of the culture how much of the tourism, which had most of the tourist displacements to be motivated for the desire to know the material and incorporeal patrimonies of the visited place, and thus to be able to know a new culture of a population. It is important to discern until point the local culture intervenes with the development process, that is, which the significao of the cultural one for the tourism. These questions must be salient throughout the reading, therefore the interpretation of the same ones will show that the culture can be seen as a process of local development.

Rio Grande Do Sul

Bruno Cardoso In my infancy (not that I am so distant of it), I remember the teacher of History telling of great civilizations that had finished existing in this world. The pyramids of Egypt and its faras, the Eiffel Tower constructed in century XIX with objective to honor the French revolution, the Christ Redentor, a landmark of the Carioca capital and as much other places cited for it that he has been visited for millions of people annually around of the world. We are a people entirely blessed by being part of a rich set of natural beauties the national level, for possessing diversified cultures that become in them differentiated of other peoples. Of the Acre to the Rio Grande Do Sul countless wealth that come increasing the flow of tourist to each year. The proper foreign investor has gotten resulted with its investments in the coast northeastern constructing great complexes of leisure, for being one procedure of certain easy and income-producing form. To the times, I have the impression, as other Brazilians, who we do not cut the umbilical lace since we leave such procedures to occur so easily in our proper land. We know that some regions of the country do not possess the minimum qualification for the sector of rendering of services. Our hope is that these ' ' companies estrangeiras' ' they invest in the local community in order to characterize them and to repay them for the use of ' ' substance prima' '.

Every year hundreds of Turismlogos if form in search of performance in the market as true professionals. In accordance with (CABRAL, 2007) they are of its ability the versatility, creativity, sensitivity to the necessities of the integrated work and synergic mobility in order to reach the objectives in common. So that they can carry through true modifications in the similar Tourist sector of improvements in the quality of life, a bigger incentive of the government and of private companies for ends of attainment of real results will have also to be occurred. We must all have greater futurstica vision of what it is possible to be reached, but for this we must modify a Brazilian characteristic, I.

State Tourism

For in such a way, if it appealed to the available materials in in charge institutions of its efetivao, – State Secretariat for Subjects of the Pantry it World of the FIFA Brazil 2014 (SECOPA), Office of the Pantry it Mundo (ECOPA), Secretariat of Turismo (SETUR), Company of Tourism of Bahia S/A (BAHIATURSA), Salvador Company Tourism (SALTUR) -, beyond consultations the periodic ones, as reviewed and periodicals that reports to the carried through pantries already and to that one to be promoted in 1914. How much to the management of people if it verified that, until the gift, they had only been composed commissions you specify, as much in the scope state, how much municipal, who not yet make use of staff to give concrete information. Considering this fact, if made a proposal of consultoria in hypothetical management of people, come back toward the tourism, inside of the historical context of the accomplishments of events of the sort of the Pantry of the World. Words key: Management of people, Tourism, Pantry of the World of 2014, Salvador. Introduction: Pantries of the World the Pantry of the World is an event that mobilizes great part of the population of some countries. It was idealized by a Frenchman, Jules Rimet, in 1904, in the same year of the creation of the Federation International of Football Association (FIFA), whose function would be to organize and to fiscalize the games of soccer in international terms. National, the sport is supervised by the Brazilian Confederation of Futebol (CBF) and each State is represented by its respective federacy.

Franciscano Convent

The presented article however aims at to enaltecer the religious, historical aspects, sociocultural architectural and of the first Franciscano Convent of Brazil, situated in the High City – Historical Small farm, more necessarily in the slope of San Francisco, n 280, quarter of the Carmo? Olinda/Pernambuco. The joint architectural in question is one of the patrimonies most significant, with great participation in the formation of the pernambucana society. The establishment of the Franciscana Order is registered there, in Brazil, demarcated for the presence of the Franciscana Order in the Village of Olinda, at the time capital of the State of Pernambuco. Such subject promotes the rescue and the reinforcement of the values that aliceraram the society of that time, since way evidencing the taming and aguerrido spirit of the authentic pernambucano. Ademais, is of great value, this contextualizao by means of the o detailing of the gorgeous construction. The primitive dating of the Convent is of the end of century XVI, today, assevera to be one of the units uneven of the franciscanas constructions that if had spread for the world. The joint architectural is inserted in a space of privileged ambincia that instigates the search for knowing it and glimpsing it.

It is noticed that throughout the time it kept and it protected some original traces, contributing for one faithful retraction of the episodes that had occurred there. It must be detached that the Convent of San Francisco possesss the biggest number of works of art for square meter as, for example, artistic panels in tiles, movable, images and other elements in profusion, of the end of century XVI, and also of centuries XVII and XVIII. The paper of contribuidor agent in spreading is understood in this research such attractive one as option for the cultural tourism, as well as the possibility to extend its insertion in the suggested scripts.