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Wikipedia: Creation Of

Wikipedia: Creation of the day I propose to create a project similar to week or the week, but in order to choose an article each day less than 20 kb from another Wikipedia, to create among many users that day. 20 kb and not much can be done among all easily, we can ensure we have a new article every day. – Mel Votre message 14:05 21 Mar 2009 (UTC) take longer to choose the article that created, well short if a user can create by himself. say. Already there are problems maintaining current weekly projects, more to start another. I honestly do not see. Millars (Talk) 15:29, 21 March 2009 (UTC) But only one user does not possess the initiative and there would be no organization that could deliver this project. Weekly projects experienced different situations, Country of the week could not hold on forever, and is active since 2004 and rgion Week was never a project with so much support.But this system could be very good for Wikipedia, do not hesitate Votre message .– Mel 15:45 21 Mar 2009 (UTC) It would be more appropriate to call “translation” of the day If you want to do, go ahead and select it and translate it daily. The creation of a “morning” does not guarantee more people to participate than itself and is interested and is willing to do so with or without the space. And each day … really do not see future. – M: Drini 00:03, 22 March 2009 (UTC) I agree. Or last, if you want to translate an article, applications and put it on point, or create it yourself. Cally Berry is a board 00:59 22 Mar 2009 (UTC) I think quer it take to select the article more if small. For that reason I do not see the proposal. – Bart …! 02:49 22 Mar 2009 (UTC) Well, create, create what is said does create only one user, so be brave Mel.3 3 3 — — 03:24 22 Mar 2009 (UTC) And that would serve this project When everyone can translate and / or creating an article to our taste and the subject matter specified … – Nixon: 14:52 22 March 2009 (UTC) are correct, it would be very FROSTS indeed. Just thanks for the encouragement of 333 ).– Votre message Mel 19:15 22 Mar 2009 (UTC) I think it’s better to make a selection of the best articles of the day, as do others such as the English Wikipedia or Japan. To encourage Wikipedians to do better essays and could have their space in front for a day. Taichi – () 00:18, 23 March 2009 (UTC) I am interested in your proposal Taiji, I know that the article created to choose put him in the Did you know … the problem is that maintenance exponenciar a already do and sincerely each time it appears that there are fewer staff and all the rest of us we complain about everything.: S, believe me, a daily maintenance project is very costly in human resources, I tell you that I try to instruct me as I can from the phrase of the day but it is very difficult, the good thing is that some reinforcements arrived there and solve the problems, another example is the tip of the day I chose to better make a repeat ad infinitum and no longer talk of partnerships weekly articles Taichi is not it, D Sure you more than anyone knows what I mean. 3 3 3 — — 05:50 23 Mar 2009 (UTC) PD: Damn real life that does not let us do what we like XD