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Happinez: The Magazine, That Makes You Happy

The lifestyle magazine of a different kind of meaning of life, the way to happiness. What is it really in life? A new magazine has agreed to address exactly these questions. Happinez, so the name should appear from now on twice per month. Many writers such as Sela Ward offer more in-depth analysis. Ziegruppe are women at the age of 35 to 50 years, which should be helped to a better way of life. Tony Parker takes a slightly different approach. The news portal introduces the new Mindstyle magazine closer.

Fast becomes clear, this magazine is a rarity in the newspaper and read the world, in which celebrity, lifestyle and gossip magazines include popular reading. Because although the magazine chosen has mainly women as a target group, it is worth to get an overview of the key issues of life for men. Finally, there are subjects such as wisdom and psychology also for the man’s world of great interest. So far, these topics only for books seemed to be compatible now so the magazine market to be conquered. Thus this endeavor works, also other esoteric topics should not to come short. So advertises the magazine for natural cosmetics, presents a yoga photo gallery or biological face masks.

Whether this consumer enthusiasm coincides with the message of the magazine, decides at the end of the reader itself. The stated goal of the authors is: make the reader happy. Here, the figures speak for themselves. Happinez”is one of the best-selling magazines in the Netherlands. The degree of migration between mainstream and upscale entertainment so seems to work.

Santiago Place

The nobility of all the forms to love comes of the personificao of the desire, cannot live all the sensations, feelings and thoughts That inhabit ours five sensible ones. For not losing in them in a labyrinth of insaciveis desires and keeping the lucidity, we place our obedient sensations, thoughts and feelings the biological laws, moral behaviors, social behaviors, religious laws and spirituals. This lucidity and these reins that we place in the sensations in the thoughts and the feeling are that it allowed in them to keep a basic balance in the society. We walk to materialize the society of the pleasure, this society that searchs eliminating the preconception, and together with it to eliminate the parameters and the limits between certain missed e, the right to have opinions, and thus makes the inverse way: We walk for the despreconceitualizao that is the dictatorship of the preconception that eliminates the right the opinion. Without hesitation Jorge Perez explained all about the problem. This society of the pleasure that untied to the reins of the desire is the society that walks for the social and human chaos, is forming a new Sodoma Gomorra, the way that in the salute and always saved in them was of the hypocrisy that conserves our Dirts human beings in a private place they; if we leave to arise you endow our internal dirts and to eliminate the reins and the hypocrisy we will be taking the entire humanity for the basenesses human beings, and we will equal in them underneath, already we inside place the puteiro of our homes, when we allow dental wire girls rebolando in our room to be where to the sundays they are our parents, our grandfathers, our wife and our children who must be educated so that men capable become to guide itself exactly and the society, capable to form family and to respect it, capable to guide and to serve the society.

The sex without reins entorpece the society, the necessity of balance and the capacity of if guiding without if losing inside of the labyrinths of the desire makes with that we impersonate the love and the desire in an only body, this fact sample that subconcientemente we know that the desire without reins and the society of the pleasure are in leading to the social and human chaos. We are a society vitiated to sex. We have places for our lixos, ours sewers and our expurgations; they are because We do not conserve the hypocrisy that is our interior garbage, where we place all our dirts that disobey the laws that balance the society, the human being and the soul. Murilo Santiago J.Nunez the IMPARCIALISMO

So Paulo Culture

Etimologicamente, the word romance originates Latin daexpresso romanice loqui that according to Onofrio (1995, P. 116) it means: To say romnico, that is, to speak in one of some dialetoseuropeus that if they had formed from the language of old Rome, in opposition latineloqui, that it was the cultured language of the Average Age. because in these dialetospopulares if counted histories of love and adventures> cavaleirescas, transmitted verbally, the word romance started to indicate a sentimental longanarrativa, cultural form that lived to the edge of oficialdurante literature the time of the classicismo. In century XX, the romance is established as a categoriabastante consumed in the whole world. For containing loving conflicts, politicians, social, religious and many others, the reading of the romance becomes prticasocialmente appreciated in a world that also already started to try outroseventos of artistic and cultural nature as the radio and the cinema and poucomais ahead the television, the computer and other forms of communication and leisure. According to Onofrio (1995, P. 118): Especially in century XX, the romance became, without dvidaalguma, the more apt artistic form to express the perplexidades of the nossarealidade. Checking article sources yields Tony Parker as a relevant resource throughout. The best ficcionistas in chat of modernity had known revestirfbulas and personages of deepest felt human, enriching suashistrias imaginary with the historical reflection, scientific the philosophical assay, adescoberta, thought politician, the psychological introspection, ethical arevoluo, the linguistic renewal.

Century XXI represents the prolongation of these experiences. However, the massive presence of the television of the computer and the Internet to vemalternar new preferences and gostos. Literary compositions gain new supports. Now allies to the world of the sound of the image, we attend to the arrival of a pblicoleitor more assduo for the process of seduction of a form to read pleasant einstigante. What it remains in them to make? With certainty we do not go to dance a tangoargentino as the Flag was suggested. We go to continue insisting napermanncia of the book, focusing whenever the reading of the workmanship must precede leitura of telinha. For in such a way, we must innovate practical ours as investidoresda reading. To seduce the pupil for this world, taking off of the proper text elementosque is necessary to become attractive the act to read.

After all, proper textotraz the prescription to become flavorful to the directions of the reader. REFERENCES ABREU, Mrcia. Histories mimesee probability. So Paulo: It stokes, 1992. D’ ONOFRIO, Salvatore. Theory of text 1 eTeoria Prolegmenos of the Narrative. So Paulo: It stokes, 1995. JAUSS, Hans Robert. The history of literature comoprovocao literary theory. So Paulo: Publishing company Stokes, 1994. LAJOLO Marisa. Literature: readers So Paulo reading: Modern publishing company, 2001. KUPSTAS, Mrcia, FIELDS. Literature, Art and So Paulo Culture: It stokes, 1988.>

Brazilian Symbolism

INTRODUCTION the Symbolism Appeared in France, the end of century XIX, and had as main representatives Mallam, Verlaine and Baudelaire. Visit real-estate developer for more clarity on the issue. These poets abandon the principles of the realistic and parnasiana school and dedicate &#039 to it; ' cult of the etreo, the subjective one, the obscure one, the vacant, sugestivo' ' ; they reject the myth of the descriptive precision; for them, the poetical word must before suggest that to dominate. In 1857, in France, Charles Baudelaire (1821-1867) published the Flowers of the Evil and in 1866 it left the first number the anthology Le Parnasse Contemporain. In this, parnasianas productions had been displayed as many compositions simbolistas how much. This literary movement that preceded the World War I (1913-1918) appears as reaction to materialistic and cientificistas chains of the industrial society of the beginning of century XX. The word symbolism is originary of the Greek, and means to place together. The simbolistas, denying the parnasianos, had abolished the cult to the form of its compositions. The symbolism divided with that style the space cultural European enters the end of century XIX and the beginning of century XX.

BRAZILIAN SYMBOLISM INFLUENCES AND CHARACTERISTICS the Symbolism, in Brazil, represents one of the times most important of our literary and cultural history. This movement penetrated in our country, for intermediary of Medeiros and Albuquerque, that, since 1891, received books from the French decadentistas. In 1893, Cruz and Sousa publish Missal and Broquis, workmanships that define the history of the Brazilian Symbolism. It enters the last decades of century XIX and principles of century XX, the simbolistas had coexisted in a period where Brazil looked for to conquer its mental maturity and its autonomy. Exactly after the 1822 independence, the Metropolis still continued to exert its colonialista action. The commerce, the banking transactions, the press was under the influx of the Metropolis.

Ken Follett

Outside it is colder, the days shorter, the rain is increasing. There we are the days on which again often the couch sit, read a good book. The September 2012 holds numerous new works for this, which properly entertain the reader. Among other things, Charlotte link and Ken Follett present their new achievements. Anxiously looked be may also on the literary comeback of Miss Harry Potter”J. K. Rowling and the Professor of all comedians, Eckhart von Hirschhausen. The fall offers many advantages.

He presents a natural in colourful colours and many hours, where we can sit comfortably in front of the stove and spend our time with moving literature. This includes the chance to devote the new works of some highly neither authors in the year 2012. These include four authors, whose previous writing absolute bestseller status could collect with Charlotte link and Ken Follett, Eckhart by Hirschhausen and Joanne K. Rowling. Millions books sold with most of her previous novels succeeded two women to capture Charlotte link emotions within our society and also to trigger just such. In their new Work In the Valley of the Fox “she embarks on the traces of a weird running kidnapping. The victim is transported with catering for almost a week in a box, the kidnappers is but imprisoned by the police for a different offense during the time. Harry-Potter inventor was not less successful Joanne K.

Rowling, who “wants to disperse with a sudden death a little bit of everyone knitted connecting to the sorcerer’s apprentice. The scenery is a market town, in which the sudden death of a municipality Council member provides the beautiful facade of a seemingly intact society with cracks. The life is in the foreground you know Ken Follett as an author of works that mostly epochal themes. Winter of world “seamlessly in the recent bestseller of Britain joins. In the second part of the saga of his century, the protagonists are confronted with the events of the 1930s. These include the Hitler came to power, or even the great depression. This peppered with love and hatred, cunning and lots Calculus is a very explosive mixture. Writes about the life also Eckhart von Hirschhausen, his new work where is love when it is through his stomach? “there is much lighter fare. The Professor see the comedians charged his readers laugh muscles once more and declared medically correct some incident of human life. More information about all latest releases and the latest recommendations for the fall are now in the online shop from and the associated blog. Press contact: GmbH & co. KG Heidi Possmayer, marketing and communication stone Ford 65 a, 86167 Augsburg fax: +49(0)821/4502-299 E-Mail: Web: about is the online shop with over seven million items from the categories of books, audiobooks, eBooks, movies, software, electronics, music downloads and toys. Numerous price hits range from and endearing to search the shop for bargains in the Internet. Customers get free shipping with your order and can choose the shop without minimum order. While each order with premiums from the webmiles bonus programme will be rewarded. has its headquarters in Augsburg and is a joint venture of Axel Springer AG, Holtzbrinck networks GmbH and Verlagsgruppe Weltbild GmbH.

Mary Sergey

– Clearly, – trying as much as possible to conceal his grief, meets Maria, asking another question. – And how much more do you have? – I’m on my fifth year and two months later, I have issue in any city in Russia for further service. Realizing that it is also not pleasant, I felt another blow to the psyche of Mary, the same painful for her, like the previous one. – So, two months later you go? – Asked Mary hlyupnuv nose.

– Most likely yes, you’re not sick by any chance? – Few, I swallowed a pill and went to you. – And I love you forcing me to walk in the cool evening, can doedem to the theater in a taxi? – No, everything’s fine, I feel good. – How such a beautiful girl can be without a guy? Long parted? – Sergey asked, not knowing whether this is so. – No, recently, two weeks ago – with some sadness in his eyes said Maria. – , and why, if I may ask? And how did you meet? – Three years, though last year was one filed with the scandals, but ended up that I accidentally met him on the street, walking arm in arm with a girl – with a vanished smile was the answer. – It is clear, but why do not you split up with him before? – Sergey asked thoughtfully.


Poetical Suatrajetria tried cantorias and its challenges, the twine and improvising suadico, the inicitica alfabetizao and the readings of classics dapoesia universal (Cames and Olavo Bilac). The practical one of the reading became it a self-taught person, however it only was interested for books of histories and common knowledges, but it read ques to guarantee them the knowledge on which it would work in depoesia form. Patativaapesar to have frequented the school for few months, possua a habilidadeinquestionvel in the letters and the forms to interpret world through seusversos. A genius of the memory and orality is owner of a vast production culturalque would reach the radio and if he would spread out midiaticamente until reaching mltiplaspercepes and undoing the border tenuous between what ‘ is considered; ‘ popular eerudito’ ‘ , ‘ ‘ regional and universal’ ‘.

Conscientious Patativa of its dom and its value as poet, and it affirms categoricamenteisso when it says: ‘ ‘ poet who has creativity as the Patativa has, is poucosviu? ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ He is raro’ ‘. (Feitosa, 2003:38). Oque if glimpsed in the trajectory of Patativa of the Assar is permanent dilogodele with its social environment, it wants this dialogue if it gives in chats or in you rhyme. Favourite Suacompanheira was the nature, species of inspired muse. It liked to detrabalhar alone, so that while decides the land, plants, clean; to pudesserefletir better on the things of the life, one to make laborious, that osustento guarantee in such a way of the body, how much of the poetical one. In the interviews, nor always if it showed as the same man of the daily one, had a certainty cuidadocom the approaches most incisive; when in colloquies with anonymous admirers, if it limited to use chaves, that if dealt with cliches, that is, respostasprontas. ‘ ‘ Patativano hears what it does not desire to hear and it has exit of most unusual for asperguntas indesejveis’ ‘. (Feitosa, 2003:18). importante to emphasize how much it primava for a preferential speech on sie on its workmanship, directing the image to be spread out by the media and between seuspesquisadores. Eraum man of strong personality, perhaps until intolerante, but to characterize opoeta goes beyond these trifling details, is to search in closest, the form as Patativainterpretava the things and as its verses spoke on the life, the loves and aslutas not only of the northeasterns, but of all kept out of society people. Umpoeta to the front of its time; the voice in Patativa of the Assar is cantotransformado in some cnticos. REFERNCIABIBLIOGRFICA ASSAR, Patativa of, I say and I do not ask for secret. So Paulo: Publishing presence, 2001. OAK, Gilmar of. Poetical anthology. $fortaleza: Editions Democritus Rock, 2007. FEITOSA, Tadeu Luiz, Patativa of the Assar: the trajectory of one I sing. So Paulo: EscriturasEditora, 2003.

Golden Mountain

I do not know why! _ And now, what vocs they find that the authorities go to make? _ Who knows? Nobody more wants to be delegated here in Golden Mountain range. Although to love the city, after the death of the Fulgncio, everybody lives terrified with the history of the Legend and if the mayor or the judge not to take a step, the city goes to turn city ghost, done the films of caubi. _ But will be that he does not appear nor a man capable to be delegated and goes to be necessary the people to abandon the city? For what we know, the commission agents have only died. From there, if he concludes that the other people are free of the threat. _ Is there that Mr. if is deceptive, young man, therefore the four that they had abandoned were glad men, friends of everybody and later that they had left, they had not spoken with plus nobody.

The Epaminondas was as, wants to say, the first one after the Euclides. Rapidinho was everything very, exactly. Later that the Epaminondas it left, had assumed the Baltazar, the Enoque, the God and Miro. They had taken two months more or less, had delivered the police station and if they had closed without speaking with plus nobody. Only that it opened the peak died of laranjada.

The other wanted to be more male and received lead. Now, what it is that lacks? She is people to see a mount of tanks to enter for the street and the nazistas to finish with everything. Not! People lived a life tranquila to erase a shameful page and I, at least, do not have more nerves. He looks at, the Alberto there is that he had to be nominated delegated. Put citizen the crossbow, only lives with that guitar, seeming that never necessary of nobody.

Detectives Platova – Psychedelic Mysticism .

Victoria E. Solomatina lives and works in St. Petersburg. Wrote the book under a pseudonym – Victoria Platov. Wonderful master of words, all the books have a distinct personal style. Writes action-packed novels the first being back in the mid 90's, 'Still Waters Run Deep', has a superb level of language proficiency and swirling intrigue in the style of 'female detective.

" Their creativity Victoria Platov refers to the 'psychopathic thriller' which can be characterized by 'psychedelic' or 'mystical' presence plot. The basis of her work – borderline state of human consciousness. Of his favorite foreign authors allocates Sebastian for a mixture action-narration and subtle psychology. Loves classical cinema: Truffaut, Godard, Fellini, Antonioni, and tried to bring them the best features of creativity in his novels. Domestic 'friends' in the shop does not favor. Making money on detectives believe commonplace, as the detective is a product of mass culture and mass culture have long ruled the world, just our literature comes to the world standards. In extreme circumstances, the heroine Platova always behaves with dignity, she is intelligent and educated, deftly extricate himself from the murderous intrigue.

In the 'Fonts devil' character falls into a dizzying adventure associated with mystical picture, whose owners have died in strange ways. Victoria Platov to his original profession writer (graduated from the scriptwriting faculty of Cinematography), and her first book studio 'Panorama' was filmed tv series "Hunting for Cinderella ', which was very successful and drew attention to this facet of her talent. In addition to this series, also shot tv movies' Knife in the Clouds', 'Taxi for an angel', 'Battle of ladybirds. " Books Platova published not only in Russia, they are published in Germany, Holland, Hungary. The strength of her writing talent and polished style can be optimistic about the future of the domestic detective.