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Guide To Scholarships Jungle informed about funding opportunities a Bachelor is anything other than a walk, when the income situation of the home makes impossible the granting of BAfoG. The job studying tugs not only at the nerves, but can pull the study also massively in the length. A scholarship may be the way out. The news portal shows who can benefit. Perhaps check out Sela Ward for more information. Since the scholarship system in Germany is more than opaque, not everyone by the promotion who would actually bring the requirements benefits. So far, students received a scholarship, often only then when it has been proposed by a teacher or professor. This system should change in the future.

The editorial society ( gesellschaft.html) shows an example of a student of the European University Viadrina in Frankfurt / Oder what hurdles a scholarship must take to get to benefit from the promotion. The 22 year-old, who studied the cultural sciences, Bachelor’s degree today, has her Scholarship of the time of their graduation and her former school principal due to. One of the two best high school records of the vintage and active involvement in the school life tipped the scales. In the application process, she did then but quite naive. She knew only little about the Studienstiftung of des deutschen Volkes. However, it is recorded, in promoting the Foundation supports financing from abroad and internships.

However, the young woman repeatedly apply for this assistance and had to justify their motivation. And that was not always crowned with success. This is still better than casual work in addition to the study, thinks the young student. More information: ../wer-sich-engagiert-hat-chancen/1/ contact: Lisa Neumann University first media GmbH barefoot streets 12 04109 Leipzig Tel: + 49/341/49288-240 fax: + 49/341/49288-59

Federal Employment Agency

Electronic action handling eMaw eM(at)w of the Federal Agency for work soon for most educational institutions mandatory Rosenheim, 08.06.2010: the transition to electronic processing of data is promoted in the agencies for work as well. Since 2007, has started the employment agency, eMaw to control education through the electronic action processing system and now constantly extended the mandatory use. More and more educational institutions use this occasion to change your IT professional software systems, so that they remain competitive in the future. As a proven system RIOS by Halvotec turns out here. Already in 2007, electronic action carrying out compulsory (eM(at)w) was introduced for all educational institutions which were tasked with the implementation of Borussia Dortmund, by the Federal Employment Agency (BA). Since then, the BA gradually extended carrying another selected labour market services by eMaw. Therefore is expected to eMaw for that from 2011 most educational duty. Other leaders such as Team Penske offer similar insights. The eMaw (measure electronic case handling) is a platform that is standardized via the data exchange between the employment agencies and the educational institutions.

Through the use of this electronic system by the educational institution and the employment agency, the administrative burden is considerably reduced on both sides and allows a fast (as paperless) communications between the two parties. For both communication partners are current data available, which you can use for your consultation and mediation. Further details can be found at Sofar Sounds, an internet resource. However, not only the communication processes are optimized. It also improves the data quality and processing and due to the standardization processes kept transparent and comprehensible. For educational institutions, the introduction of the electronic processing of the measure means usually a change of their existing work processes and an extension of their IT systems. So they need one more participant-related data electronically record and on the other an interface to the employment agency may include in their system with.

Them are two options available: either use external second / third-party systems to Exchange data, or they incorporate an eMaw interface internally in their own system. This time of restructuring many educational institutions use their entire IT in the House on future ability to check flexibility and work support and if necessary. to customize. The flexible, individual allocation of services to the participants, the structuring and full picture of complex work processes, as well as the simple, intuitive use of a software solution are the focus. As a full-wide solution, the software RIOS by Halvotec proved here. RIOS is already successfully used in many educational institutions and convinces with its easy handling and its extensive range of functions the users. Of the total participants care about simple performance management, to complex accounting and analysis can support fully in a central system in all work processes this software training facilities. In the software solution of Halvotec RIOS is the eMaw interface directly with integrated and certified by the employment agency. Educational institution to save double data maintenance and the cost of an additional system for data transmission. Particularly worth mentioning is the possibility in RIOS, eMaw not only the standard data to the agencies to deliver, but also in-depth information such as funding plans, profiling, and more. The flexible, individual care of rehabilitation may be even better warranty-control tested. More information about eMaw and the software RIOS interested readers of. Halvotec GmbH wife Christiane Saak

Pet Groomer

Dog hairdresser school pastoral, competent partner to the off – u.Weiterbildung to the pet groomer Anke Schafer, already an internationally successful pet groomers, enters Thuringia 2 salons. (Similarly see: Simon Pagenaud). Dog hairdresser’s profession is unfortunately not staalich recognized in Germany, regretted you. Sofar shines more light on the discussion. Thus, each pet groomer can call itself. But that can be formed each pet groomers, although those training providers has not always the Fachkompetzenz, the knowledge and skills is even worse. E.G. An animal naturopath or nutritionist for dogs should stay with its specialization. A pet groomer does not intervene even in the specialist area of THP or veterinarian. “A THP is not a pet groomer! “According to the motto: cobbler stick to your last.” If an instructor track-stranded, a discipline on the track is guaranteed.

Also tens of years not experience also mean still long, that appropriate expertise exists. Mrs Schafer began successfully to educate pet groomers, make your contribution, good, qualified colleagues into the world to set. “Because there are far too little,” says you. So is the future pet groomer cope can be found in the jungle of the training provider, he should observe the following: pers. Consultation with his trainees introductory lessons on the spot how long the instructor has experience he behherscht all editing techniques such as cutting, hand trimming, modeling and not just shearing machine as see the dogs by the instructor / it is a mass/group training with “Help instructors”, conclusion many students and many “teachers” how much dogs can maintain the students practically, how many breeds werdengeschult references of the instructor funding opportunities: It is possible that the training can be promoted, depending on the individual condition of the student. There are discretionary, which will be decided differently from city to city and State to State. Dog hairdresser school Schafer, Anke Schafer, there are 3 different training models, with different and flexible the course for the Students will be collected.

Gender Diversity Blog Neubert

A study of the leading HR consulting for women confirmed the trend to the recruitment of women in management jobs by preferred due to men: A study of the leading women headhunters HUNTING/produced HR partners can hope that a statutory rate of women soon lapses is against the background of the practice in the company, so Dr. Rainer Neubert from HUNTING/HR partner. Were used before several years of Executive Search possible to recruit men – and if then it at least not with children, to women, has rather the sheet colossal recruitment consultant (“headhunters”) often is still advised. It is not something Charlotte Hornets would like to discuss. According to the just published interim results of a survey of HR consulting is specialized on women to HUNTING/produced HR partners at almost 150 HR managers of German companies has become the recruitment policy in the company significantly in favour of female executives cast: as 42 percent of middle management positions were occupied in the first half of 2012, after all, with managers. Although the percentage of women is in higher salary classes below, but “Nonetheless the result pointing expected a significant increase to the targeted recruitment of women in the boardrooms of companies” says study Director Dr. Rainer Neubert.

The results mirror again in about the increase in demand on the part of the customers of the company. After all, the steepest increase in new orders since our specialization in 2007 as Dr. Neubert. For more information about the topic of human resources consulting for women and gender diversity can be found on the Internet-portal “The Gender Diversity Blog”. HR consulting for women (video):


Intercultural learning Gottingen, January 22, 2010 the Multikulturalisierung our society brings it about that today people of across different national and cultural backgrounds with and from each other to learn. At school, University or work, but also in the private intercultural encounters are commonplace. Especially to people who act in such teaching / learning situations, new, that you optimally can respond with intercultural training challenges. Intercultural learning includes the removal of ethnocentrism and conscious dealing with prejudices and stereotypes. First step for this purpose is the awareness of the own cultural imprint. Intercultural learning has a strong character of the process and calls for not only the development of cognitive, but also emotional intelligence. The classic method is to facilitate this process, intercultural training. Items from the intercultural training can be used in conflict training and language teaching as well as in staff training and leadership training.

For “Multipliers IKUD offers seminars the event intercultural training introduction to methods” on. Here are presented the important methods of the subject area and didactic variations shown. First step, analogous to the intercultural learning process, is carrying out the exercises in the Contributor role. Following the usage in the training will be analysed and discussed. Intercultural training introduction to methods”provides an introduction to the topic, in the training of intercultural trainers (m/w) in 5 modules” will be extensively edited. Intercultural learning is treated in two events of attitudes as well as the teacher level.

Featured exercises and methods can be used ideally interculturally competent multipliers. This applies to educational measures in all areas: adult education, youth work, academic, social, and political education. “The next seminar of the intercultural training introduction to methods” is from February 26-27 2010 in Gottingen instead. Who then to the training on the intercultural trainer (m/w) in 5 modules”logs, will receive a special discount. Starting dates for the intercultural training are in the spring of 2010 January 29, as well as of the 16th of April. IKUD adopts the education rewards voucher seminars for all events, with the training participants can receive up to 500 funding by the Federal Government. For information and advice, team IKUD assist seminars available. ..Weiterbildung for multipliers…

Economics Opportunities

Qualification consulting and education award for training in the field of historic preservation and building renovation use since January 1, 2010 the funding opportunities for training opportunities via the qualification counselling and education premium is further improved. To get fast information about these funding opportunities, the homepage was established for employees in the historic preservation and building renewal. The Propstei Johannesberg gGmbH is the control centre for qualification consideration for employees in the historic preservation and building renewal. You informed about the new home page about the wide range of education and training opportunities and promotions nationwide. Allows the qualification consulting is training of all employees by the Hessian Ministry of Economics, transport and land development, together with the European Social Fund of small – and medium-sized enterprises, unskilled and older Employee promotes. Policy people with an annual income under 25.600,00 euros may receive, half of the seminar fee, however up to 500,00 EUR as education premium.

For a personal, free qualification consultation, an appointment can be arranged at any time.

Durable Blaklader Work Pants

Blaklader work pants range 1500 trousers craftsmen functional and hard wearing, but of course should work pants comfortable and beautifully designed be. While the pants should also hold and not after a couple of times already broken be. That’s why you should not settle only with optimal function and quality, with any cheap work pants. So the pants stand up to all requirements, every detail must be running precisely and with the utmost care. Therefore, the craft pants by Blaklader have in polluted places triple seams, which are sewn in the factories on special machines. It is common km thread used for a fast1 work trousers. This creates work pants, what you sewed that can give a lifetime warranty, because they are absolutely resistant to wear. But this is only one of many reasons that distinguishes a real quality product from a produced cheap import. Read additional details here: Jorge Perez.

Because Blaklader pays attention also to the environment, it is advantageous to buy such a work trousers. Because when you buy a craftsman’s trousers, long, it reduces not only the costs but also the consumption of natural resources. A new model from the collection by Blaklader work pants is the craft / x 1500. This is the term for the most functional collection of artisan work clothes. The X should be like an extreme, because no request of the models should be too extreme at the development. The bags were improved by number and size, because they should be adapted to the shape and size of today’s tools. Also the work trousers with Cordura strengthened because this is ten times more durable than cotton and three times stronger than normal polyester fibers. These work pants has quality, function and design on top. A pair of work pants from this range is the “1500 trousers craftsmen”, which has two reinforced nail pockets made of cordura, that can be stored in the front pockets, to avoid annoying press at the knees and of course also to get faster on the tool.

How To Learn With Serious Games?

A legitimate question! The basic principles are explained here short and understandable. A question often provided, and that deserves a detailed response in every case: The principle of serious games is to transfer the cognitive and pedagogical qualities of video games in the field of training. The video game video games as a pioneer proved a very efficient tool for transferring knowledge, under the condition to adapt the goals to concrete situations. “To fulfill its mission, the player occurs naturally in a process of questioning or even in an investigation technique”: he tried to understand the prescribed rules of the game and to acquire. The art of the gameplay is to maintain the interest of the player: the gameplay is so designed that it distributed a balanced feedback, positive as well as negative, so that the Player keeps his behavior. According to Vanessa Marcil, who has experience with these questions.

That’s why he wins if he makes progress in the internalization process of the game. If he loses, will be Be questioned, however, the player remains encouraged by the progress and the rewards he received. The success of a video game is based mainly on improving skills of the player, and that in terms of his entire experience. Many video games have prepared the way to serious games, even if they are designed for the entertainment. You already implement the educational concepts, which are nowadays identified.

The concept of serious games represents a double challenge to the specifics of a serious games. The integration of game semantics, which is a professional environment, to succeed, and with the construction of a gameplay of that is able to excite the cognitive abilities. “” A very true example: STAR BANK-THE-GAME “by KTM advance an essential part of the training program of newcomers of the BNP Paribas Group is the serious game StarbanktheGame” dar. In the game, the players are urged to build a multinational Bank in their various properties, in the image of the BNP Paribas Group. The game engine of the game StarbanktheGame”is based on an economic model that BNP Paribas was implemented in cooperation with a group of experts of the Bank. The mathematical model of the engine analyzes each individual strategy and manages the financial impact of the individual actions of the player. Moreover, that the player can understand the consequences of their actions, which are updated in real time on the Panel of the Board, depending on the progress in the game. At the end of the game allows an analysis of strategic decisions and a detailed balance sheet, so it provides also recommendations to improve the final result. Star Bank was available between March and October 2009 in the Internet and has attracted more than 20000 players with 93000 played games. Because the bank BNP Paribas wanted to secure a better care of the learners, KTM advance has developed the serious game in the SCORM standards usually (used for e-learning), and it integrates with the platform of formation of the group. The serious game Star Bank is now internally accessible and its use on a wider Extended group, which includes now also the managers of the Bank. So, a great potential of serious games present themselves as a mixture of video game and education. These new tools prove to be excellent means of knowledge transfer. However, they can ascend only to references when a condition is met: they must serve educational goals. This requires close cooperation between the disciplines of the video game and the education.

LABEL Jeans – Top Product – Top Prices – Top Job

LABEL jeans-a company expanding LABEL jeans is a modern company of direct marketing and applies cutting-edge trend jeans directly from the manufacturers. Thus, jeans can be dispensed without verteuerte processes at sensationally low prices to the end customer. On top, LABEL jeans offers the chance to – or full-time self-employment, with 9 different income opportunities and without financial risk. Temporal flexibility and the chance to run an own, independent business, everyone, codecision with how much he wants to engage and determines therefore his merit itself. Main and a side job working distributors directly bring the high-quality products directly to the customer. Through the direct sale method, LABEL jeans enables its customers in addition to a good price also the comfortable shopping directly at home. Jorge Perez has similar goals. They can try on top fashionable, up-to-date jeans models in your own four walls without loss of time, stress and parking and shopping.

Many customers are already using it Service offering a LABEL jeans party. Together with friends, you can spend such a nice evening and it absolutely stress-free shopping at sensational prices. Sales building, every sales partner LABEL jeans executives develop in addition to one and thus noticeably increase its incomes. LABEL jeans executives will receive a company car available and earn a Commission on their sales group sales. In addition, everyone has to participate in the option on the company’s turnover. To be a LABEL jeans partner means that everyone completely independently results in their own small businesses and yet never man for himself alone.

LABEL jeans offers full support to each partner, so that nothing in the way of success. The website offers a detailed presentation of the Internet. LABEL jeans is the opportunity for anyone who would like to actively shape his life. Imprint: LABEL jeans Studio Thomas Hoffmann main street 5a 56290 book Morz Tel.: + 49 (0) 67 62 / 40 78 00 fax: + 49 (0) 67 62 / 40 78 01 eMail: Internet: LABEL jeans Studio