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Tatyana Bulanova

Naturally, the word "god" and "goddess" is simply a metaphorical title role, and does not imply some sort of pagan gods, who should be worshiped as idols, as real entities. In Slavic culture are the same "gods" and "goddess", but they are called differently. A new model of Jungian psychology affects space and aesthetics, literary and musical criticism. C viewpoint of the author of this article, the CIS talent singer Tatyana Bulanova, is one of the most sacred (holy) to translate the underlying images on the stage, the alignment of space spiritual connection between the earthly world and the world divine secret. The more spiritually rich and emotionally developed person, the more fully it is able to embody the most typical role for her archetypal scenario. It is impossible to understand the specifics of creativity Tatyana Bulanova, without resorting to the analysis of the archetypal aspects of the present in her work. There on the modern stage of Russian singers and singers larger scale, as say, Alla Pugacheva, which was the largely brilliant trailblazers in various fields of popular music, Iosif Davidovich Kobzon, etc. However, Tatyana Bulanova different undoubted creative individual uniqueness, originality, its particular style of performance, causing a deep resonance, its own style in presenting himself as an artist (which also affects the establishment stage character), the presence specific theme songs, etc. In this sense, it can be considered an undoubted classic of the genre of popular music. I would say that it is in modern Russian stage a special niche where there is unparalleled.