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Steven Spielberg

Inside the houses destroyed everything: the bare walls with loose "plaster", and inscriptions in various language typical of the places frequented by tourists. In general, it was not possible to pull apart the faithful fans of "Star Wars" were able to observe us. Personally, I was in a light shock because some housing tourists have already turned into latrines. Alien machines and devices to our surprise, survived relatively well, they were made mostly of metal and plastic. . Unfortunately, a stop at the scenery did not last more than 40 minutes. Fighting off competition from pesky marketers who scurried behind us and here and there, we continued on our way to the mountain oasis.

Tunisia chain crosses the Atlas Mountains, they are lifeless, only occasionally in the depths of the canyons can be seen, one, two palm, as in the crevices of going to moisture. These natural scenery used by Steven Spielberg, a series of "Indians" of the ark, and J. Lucas – deadly race on Tatooine in the first episode (it's just a guess) and a plot with abduction R2D2 Java. He's most famous canyon we could not see, captured only something similar. The very shape of the mountains is quite unusual, because each country, all in different ways. They were steep cliffs, with narrow paths, climbing on them was another test of strength.

To all this you can add heat under 30 degrees. Visit the Atlas Mountains was not the end point of our journey, after which we headed back to the north-west of the country, but it is quite another story Well, actually that's all. Unfortunately, photos and video footage was filmed not too much, we had not counted on such an intensive program of (a story about all travel to the Sahara would take far more space and time). So, dear readers, if you have the opportunity to go somewhere, and you do not know where to spend next summer – flying to Tunisia! Touch the world of "Star Wars", you will see where they lived Skywalker, Jaba the Hutt, and many others Heroes

How To Write A Review For The Film ?

First, ask yourself: at what age group you're targeting? Review for the school store will require a somewhat different approach to writing, rather than a solid review for the journal of cinema. For the children's magazine or a newspaper review would be quite vigorous and punchy. " It should not be too long or contain material that is simply not interested in young readers. Writing film reviews for the young audience is often more difficult than for adults. In the case of adults can not think about things like the bright, colorful and intriguing picture, turns of phrase, etc., as an adult, as rule will make the decision himself, rather than rely on the opinion of critics. After watching the movie review to which you are going to write, it is important to immediately write down the main "hot thoughts." Subsequently, these notes will provide you indispensable help when you begun to write reviews. Notes better detail so that you can restore the necessary chain of events from memory, just by looking at the record.

In my view notes – this is the most important part when writing reviews of the film. Thus, as soon as you define the audience for which are going to write a review of the movie, go check your notes, and identifying the main ideas that are worth highlight. First you need to come up with an intriguing, eye-catching headline. For example, if right now was to write a review for the film "Remember Me", then perhaps a good title for review would be something like "Death in the happiness." Header gives a brief idea about the essence of the film, while intriguing the reader to read the reviews.