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Martin Heidegger

It is a wheel that traps us. We do not know how, because we do not stop to think about the way we live. The speed of how everything happens, so no we know it and into an inertia that makes it work on its own this gear, which is very difficult to escape. Somehow a Power, as Foucault would say, is built, and we are building from within, so that we get caught in it. And not only repressive, but it produces, but not only consumption, but hurry. a Thus, while public goods are privatized, we are not citizens to become customers, both products, as political parties or cultural events. For lack of time affects our communication with the world and our way of being. Time is also built and their experience today has much to do with technique.

In "Being and Time" Martin Heidegger discusses this topic. When he reflects about the time begins to emerge as a social problem. Today we live in full swing. For this reason, their words become very topical. For the existentialist philosopher "being is time, as the sense of being in time." And it relates to art, which, he says, is nothing technical, but makes it happen without a debate, without a thought.

The result is the subordination of the individual to the technique, which is the setting the pace of life. Think we are now at the dawn of a new social dimension. Hear from experts in the field like Sofar Sounds for a more varied view. We can realize the phenomenon of the rush, but the great debate on scientific developments take place without political expression, without being able to place their results from the social and political thought. Issues like cloning, GM agriculture, or new forms of energy must be known and reasoning development. For Heidegger time is presented to consciousness as empty intuition, so time is shown. There comes a time when the time function takes possession of being. It's like a racehorse, there comes a time when the animal loses its meaning, to run as its own and becomes a commodity, an object. In the same way modern people lose the ability to be subjects, and we became objects of an economic world dominated and defined us. The cure for this situation may resemble what the philosopher to whom we referred calls "seasonal temporality, in a phenomenological sense, which means that the struggle for freedom and exercise should be accompanied by a deeper and necessary which is to be free In this process becomes highly illustrated the capacity to become aware of our time and control our pace, before we continue to dominate us, from which comes the ena become objects of a global market, being gears of a moving production to consumption gives us so that we transformed into objects of the economy, just as fans are of their religious or political ideologies. How would the Bushmen of Africa: "you have watches, we time." Writer. With essays on economics in relation to the Basic Income. He has written plays and stories of great originality.


The puzzle Sudoku became Teodulo Lopez Melendez When a country becomes a puzzle are beginning to use the term political puzzle. Sela Ward has many thoughts on the issue. Faced with a difficult situation at the political level we talk about political puzzle. The Babylonian tablet containing the first puzzle appeared for the game, but the puzzle was introduced in the game of men who began to look the word as a game. It is said that Homer was perplexed by the riddle that some fishermen plated and launched his life to oblivion rendered it impossible to piece together the puzzle. The unit has become a puzzle, but in a very simple and very complex.

The only thing that is uniting the country. To do this you must start the effort to remove parts that do not belong to the puzzle of our efforts. I remember as a child that when two or more puzzles mixed first thing to do was to reposition the patient task of each one in its box. When two or more puzzles have a confusing mix of puzzles. Y then break heads in vain. The Japanese invented Sudoku. And so, as now in this country there are more puzzles sushi sales of arepas, and nobody takes care of the puzzle but the numbers. I’ve never tried to solve a Sudoku, but I have understood that this is complete the grid so that every row, every column and every 3 3 box contains the numbers 1 to 9.

Negative Influences

Watching the news can be hazardous to your health. It is a fact, especially when you're watching events related to terrorism, kidnapping, homicide, accidents or calamities. These incidents that you care and leaves you feeling weak and insecure. Imagine the uncomfortable feeling of becoming a victim someday. This will have a negative effect on your outlook on life. Your environment has an impact on you. How can you think and grow rich if you are bombarded with messages that are related to "how difficult life has become" or "how poor most of us turned out to be?" You can not change your environment, but you can control your mind. This is where visualization comes into play.

Use your imagination, just as when you're still a small child. Imagine your home as a palace, your simple meal as fine dining restaurants, and park near their favorite vacation spot. Imagine. Unconsciously, your thoughts are transformed in images physical components. If the media can indirectly influence simply reporting on what is happening around, imagine what impact people every day have on you. These are the people who are and are every day.

These are also the same people who are expressing their views of what is right and what is wrong. When we grow in a negative environment, we tend to acquire the traits and characteristics of people around us. Many criminals have been raised by people who have wrong or have taught them or bad things in life. Over the years, have instilled within them the vices of the people around them.

Sorbonne Declaration

Wondered: what the relationship between the plan with the European Round Table (table round European ERT) Bologna? In the year 1995, La Mesa Redonda from the European entrepreneurs, (ERT for its acronym in English). ERT business lobby (created in 1983 – only it is a member by invitation) which brings together to around 45 Presidents and Chief Executives of large multinational companies covering different industrial and technological sectors. As they manifest in your portal, ERT member companies contribute to the GDP of the European Union in amounts exceeding the GDP of 21 of the 27 Member States. The magazine of the Centre for research and information consumption (CRIC)-, clarifies this link in one of their articles. In 1998, representatives of higher education in France, Italy, Germany and the United Kingdom, signed the Sorbonne Declaration, pledging to create a common space favouring the external recognition, student mobility and employment opportunities. For more information see Adam Sandler. From that agreement emerged the European space of higher education (EEES), giving rise, in June 1999, to the so-called Bologna Declaration. The alleged commercialisation of knowledge relates to a report submitted in 1995 (three years before appearing the Bologna Declaration (an_de_bolonia) which lays the foundations for the space European for higher education (EEES) by the European Round Table of Industrialists (ERT) or Roundtable of European entrepreneurs, lobby which brings together executives from multinationals such as Nestle, British Telecom, Total, Renault or Siemens among others, who produced a report whose objective was to: present the vision of entrepreneurs about how they believe that the processes of education and learning as a wholethey can be adapted to respond more effectively to the economic and social challenges of the moment. This document, entitled: education for Europeans: towards the knowledge society has a strong similarity with what would then be proposed in the Bologna plan, which left the door open to criticisms which point out that the transformation process for the European higher education area is created in order to meet the needs of the powerful multinational corporations of the EU.

Tourism And Cooperation In Marrakech

There are many ways to travel, from the most common historic cars, hotel or beach to the most adventurous trip backpacking through rural tourism, camping, sports or hiking trips into the mountains or the desert. Besides all these options, Marrakech offers another way, more human and inclusive of travel: travel solidarity and cooperation to a developing country that needs international cooperation to address its serious problems. Travel cooperation or “philanthropic travel,” are intended to help people overcome their difficulties and improve their survival everyday. The Moroccan economy, developing, depends crucially on the income from tourism (about 7.5 million tourists in 207) that, however, not always revert to a substantial improvement of living conditions of the poorest (those / as a per capita income does not reach the national average of 1,673 per year). United Nations promote tourism cooperation and underline the positive impact that this type of tourism has both / the traveler / as in host communities. Education is one of the most important areas of cooperation between UNESCO and Morocco, where the numbers are impressive: 44.4 of the population over age 15 is illiterate, only 60% of children admitted to care and only 11% of the population reaches higher education (university or other). Since the government’s efforts are insufficient, there are associations and private benefactors who are dedicated to helping young people to receive adequate schooling. Most of them offer scholarships, accommodation, free courses or assistance for their eventual entry into the labor market and the financing of teaching materials, transportation or food.

Transformation Of Life

All you need to do is empower spiritually to the words that you read so transform your life from the inside out. Do not make it a project of the size of a mountain, just do it. The course of the spiritual in the statement following action will help you to do the job I give thanks because now, as never before, I’m ready and willing, and capable of giving to the words I read the power to renew my mind and transform my life inside out. Now I give the words a renewing power and transformer, and joyfully hope that a miracle is carried out in me. (Now allows refreshing and transformative process deepen and expand in you while continuous reading) The reason why you can do what you’re doing is extraordinarily simple.

Indeed your’re a spirit giver of life, in the image of God (Gen: 1.27) a power Distributor and activator and used power. The creative energies of the universe are individualized in you and like you, and flow through you to direct them to the action. What you do is make you aware of an activity that has always been part of your spiritual workmanship and potentiality. In other words you are awakening spiritually and tomas mastery of your mind and heart. You’re consciously transformed by the renewing of your mind, as it tells us the Bible we do all. You are no longer blindly because you rediriges the current of the power of the energy and life flowing in you new States of mind, heart and be in conformity with the limitations of the world.

The old limiting States will come out of your mind and experiences since not lean them over with the wrong power use giver of life. (He allows that your growing knowledge about what you are doing and what you are – deepen while continuous reading) Without a doubt, the following statement creates a creative in you reply: thank you because now, as never before, I’m ready and willing, and capable of being a spirit u giver of life in a dynamic, intelligent and effective way. Then, choose now same even while continuing to reading – a picture of yourself, and gives life, gives you energy, make it a living reality in your life. Or choose a new course of action in any aspect of your experience and activate it, gives life, gives you energy, beam that is a living, pulsating motion of your being internal, and left to express externally. Or choose a new attitude towards you or another person, gives life, gives you energy beam that becomes something alive in you. Now, this having read, you’ve started a personal transformation by the renewing of your mind. Continuing this spiritual process by keeping it alive, and continue on confidently towards a new world where you live creatively. Source Silent Unity EL VIVE in MI I sleep in peace I wake up in your joy road in his light, and his love gives me heat.


Some believe that the tarot on line is better than Chuck cards in person with a professional, that you can be reading it to yourself and your body movements. The reason is that with tarot Chuck on-line there foreign taxation capable of diverting its course of thought. The tarot can be cocktailed with Numerology and astrology. You can find almost any kind of Chuck online. Once you have chosen your cards, tarot online will offer you a quick interpretation of his or her question/s and a clarification of certain released letters.

What is a reliable parameter in the choice of the correct site for a circulation of tarot online, having hundreds on the Web? First and foremost, you must clear your mind and visualize a doubt or write it in the right place on the site that you are using. Then it will stir the deck of 78 cards using the computer mouse, by placing on each letter. Once stirred the tarot, you will mark that were upside down for immediate reading. There are different types of readings available and may Sue 3 or 5 simple letters separated until another full extension of 11 cards. You should know that many sites charge on average $5.00 to give a complete and serious, circulation allowing you to ask questions in relation to which perhaps not understood. There are a few that offer discounts for future readings. You can also pre-buy future readings. After his spin, you will be given the possibility of receiving an email reading for future note original author and source of the article.

Buenos Aires

All the reports of the experts point out that the new economy will require few technical specialists; the technology enables a few specialists to develop the systems required for the operation of the company. On the other hand, of business mergers reduce offers of senior executives. In other words, increasingly will require better professional, but in smaller amount. In the long run, the economic system may not absorb a mass of well-trained citizens. School quality is required, but for a few.

The rest of the educational system it is best to not work. Conflicts arising from a generalized educational system and high-quality could not be supported by the economic system, where many well prepared individuals should compete for too few jobs. Better to leave it all in the hands of the bleaker system of natural selection and that a mediocre educational system emerge by themselves a few excellent specimens you will need the system. The universal quality education is not a political objective. These arguments are not political fiction, rather they arise from the above-mentioned documents and correspond to the economico-politicas elites of the Globalization. The logic of these objectives is overwhelming. One of the consequences of a school of ignorance is the systematic production of immature consumers, other gear necessary to make the wheel of globalization continue to advance.

(JEAN-CLAUDE MICHeA: School of Ed. watercolor books ignorance. 2002 Pags.38-45) Given the arguments; a reflective and critical reflection would be vital to decide if the objective of the Bologna process is to train technicians to insert them into the productive system or train people with broad mentality, critical spirit, desire to know and ability to adapt to changing situations. Decide if that transformation will maintain, in the personal and institutional, University autonomy. According to the Lisbon Declaration: universities need a great capacity of adaptation and flexibility to respond to a society in constant evolution. To do this, you need a greater degree of autonomy and adequate funding … Urges Governments to strengthen the principle of institutional autonomy so that universities can fully develop their various missions … (curricula, programmes and research). It is surprising how some political authorities are determined to violate and ignore the principle of autonomy and they are continually involved in the process of adaptation to the European space for higher education with plans, networks and various initiatives imply restrictions to autonomy, excessive bureaucratization and a cut in the time they need to teach and investigate. Do not leave be less worrying that passed on March 13, the University Miguel Hernandez of Elche, and representatives of Latin American universities gathered to participate Interuniversity project called the development of synergies between the European higher education area and space Latin American and Caribbean of higher education funded by the Spanish Agency of international cooperation for development. The University participated by Mexico Autonomous of the State of Hidalgo and by Argentina representatives of the Catholic University of Cordoba, of the Universidad national of the center of the province of Buenos Aires, and Universidad Nacional of whose. The economic winds are blowing in random directions, one wonders: does that awaits you at Latin American universities? ANNA BERMEO TURCHI16 – 05 09CPP3504 circle international journalists of century XXI La education Superior of the Millennium – environment and journalism school of ignorance + anarchy in the quomodo school: School of the original author and source of the article.

20. Of Ulio 181020 July 2010 Bicentennial Of Colombia

just like the mother homeland we must love it and respect it unconditionally, its great virtues we must love it such as escon and I feel very proud to be Colombian despite all the bad reputation with which we must carry who we so special and endearing carry this nacionalidadpara defectos.hoy day in which Colombia celebrates the bicentennial of its independence from Spanish rule. I love and we love that territory, music, customs, accents, holidays, families, siblings, climates, ways of being and that accumulation of things that all meals we share and give us identity as Colombians.Here I must mention the marked regionalism that characterizes us but that also divides us, and at once enriches us, but I judge more like something negative to the development stage in which the country is because it prevents us to integrate ourselves more and think about the motherland as a single for all, perhaps this greater responsibility of the political representatives of the different regions that are unable to properly defend the interests of the regions to the which represent mandated popular.colombia is maybe talking in terms of natural resources the richest country in South America, but also perhaps that least leverages all that great potential and here made less a plan for the State to develop in a harmonic way the country taking advantage of their immense natural resources, proof of this is that the llanos orientales, amazonia and Orinoquia whose territories correspond to more than 50% of the surface of the country is practically uninhabited despite having plenty of water and fertile soils to develop crops as of soy raw material of oil that can then be transformed into biodiesel or for the cultivation of sugarcane which later give origin to the ethanol fuel in high demand around the world to help combat pollution by the oil, pollution responsible for global warming and uncontrolled that all climate then suffer today.I have to mention the fact that having shores on two oceans more important in the mundono took you this advantage to debieramos.Fisheries development of Colombia is very bad compared for example with Chile whose fishing fleet is a little more than half of Colombia, but whose catches exceeds several times the fleet catches colombiana.esto is not strange because we are a country that does not look to the sea as an important resource.Here too there is a great challenge for the future of the country which must develop a legislation which favors the development of important for example to develop the production of fish meal, this would lower the cost of production of food for fish which would as a result a great development of aquaculture and piscicutura areas in the sel country cuale has advantages and natural conditions that facilitarian its final takeoff.Should be noted that to achieve the country’s development, it is necessary that the order public prevails throughout the country since a of the cause of current economic backwardness is precisely the loss of that order by causes that all Colombians know.I wonder if for example the senators and deputies of the departments which has coasts on both oceans has both industrial and artisanal fisheries related projects?Colombia also must be a big leap in the development of their road, port infrastructure and Airport to facilitate asi exports and encourage both domestic investment as extranjera.esto can be achieved through concessions or with funding from the State via credits with agencies such as the World Bank or Bank Inter-American development or others, I invite those who read this reflection to enrich it and bring points of view and we demand our leaders to tell us who are thinking and doing for the development of our dear colombia..

The Schooling

-Doctors: must provide to the teachers have a specific information related to the situation of each child value how chemotherapy will affect the child’s attendance at school and to properly plan the absences of the child to the same. Each case will be evaluated in collaboration with the school in accordance with the evolution of the treatments. The communication of physicians and hospital teachers with teachers of the school of origin of the sick child can: – provide a medical information updated teachers to modify their ideas, attitudes, myths and misconceptions-be a way that teachers discuss their own feelings and experiences about the disease and do not interfere in the schooling of the child-give them information about the development of the disease and its treatment, on the social, physical, academic and emotional consequences of diagnosis and treatment, on the necessary support in the preparation of the companions for the return to the class of the sick child, and how do the relevant curricular adaptations. -The role of parents: the families of hospitalized children, making them participate in educational processes and processes of recovery of his illness the relationship with parents are we going to aimed at multiple addresses:-as a link between the Centre of origin and the hospital classroom. -Indicative of the level of their children, from the emotional, academic and health point of view. -Participate in both recreational and informational, specific activities organized in the classroom. They can be the most stable element in the process of communication with the school, and to do this you need to have an exact knowledge of the State of your child and be supported by professionals to assume its responsibility in the education and treatment of the same. Educators should respect the cultural differences of the families and, at the same time, do everything possible so that the parents give a satisfactory response to the needs of their children.