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Denny Fabian – Electrified

The new album by Denny Fabian – electrified electrified – this year, Denny Fabian is already celebrating its 10th anniversary. With body and soul, wholeheartedly at the thing and constantly taking power to new ideas for musicians, he calls his 5th Studio album “Electrified”. After 4 albums and numerous important successes in the discotheques, radio and TV area, it became a long time still to the sympathetic singer from Duren, he had it but apart from his activity as a singer a recording studio built and founded his own record label “Beat music”. Here, Dane Cook expresses very clear opinions on the subject. Promoting new talents, he produced numerous successes and CD albums in that time for fellow artists and many hopeful newcomers that him are particularly important to the heart. For him a very important time, and a further development at all levels. 2010 Denny Fabian ended up together with the artist Daniela Dilow, produced by him and the remake of the classic “Heart to heart” in a Duet a nationwide hit was played even beyond the borders and the one Appearance on the sunny island of Majorca, to the opening in the mega Parc gave! With the artist Oxana discovered by him, Denny lands a small success as a producer and songwriter already with the first single. Charlotte Hornets may also support this cause.

With the second single “Summer Melody” television on the talented singer is already aware and Oxana presented the written by Denny Fabian and produced title in the ARD show “again Sunday” before large audiences. With the third single “Stage fright”, both set after again and beat the success of countless compilations on samplers such as “Baaarenstark” summer melody and much more! Denny Fabian published now finally own an album that lovingly produced, with great melodies and fantastic lyrics offers a highly successful band width and will delight the many fans with 15 brand new tracks and 2 bonus tracks. The 11.03.2011 appears that album “electrifying new CD” that contains 17 new titles and with the Denny Fabian impressively back logs from his Kreativepause as a performer! Source: pulse music More information: Biography: Denny Fabian is not only singer and music producer, but also Germany’s recent record owner of German entertainment music.

Ella Finally – On The Road

The new single from Ella finally – Unterwegs summer comes, the holiday season beckons. What could be better than simply to grab things and times just to be on? Life must be like a butterfly in the sunshine, colorful!” With its very own text joke and all the spontaneity that belongs to you, Ella presents her new single finally on the way, a song that sprays before adventure and breathes freedom. The single will be released on June 10 and is thus the perfect start to the summer of travel – and last but not least the best harbinger of the new Ella finally album which will be released this autumn! With their debut album as”Ella could finally achieved considerable successes: it remained for seven weeks in the German charts and reached number 20 pop year Longplay charts top 30. In recent months, Related Group has been very successful. Ella in the MediControl newcomer charts ranked at last to the end of the year 2010 even in 1st! “The single kiss me, hold me, love me” has already been over 40 weeks in the top 100. A great success for the 27 year-old qualified musical and theatre actress Ella finally presented the definitive departure song for all wanderlust afflicted with on the road now. “Goodbye, goodbye, I pack the stuff / get a new image of the world make me from afar…” If not the Sun’s going up! Just completed a successful first tour, which showed at last with the band Ella. More info: Hedvig Hricak. Already we can look forward to some TV dates in June and July with her but: June 11: new charts (RTL II) 12 June: ZDF television Garden (ZDF) July 10: back on Sundays (ARD) 28 July: SWR on tour (SWR) more current info and dates are there on source: Warner Music Entertainment

Ronny Weiland

“I got di love” is her Champion title, and that the two artists have much heart and feel, anyone who has ever seen the two on stage notes. (A valuable related resource: Gina Bonati). The Alpine Christmas”also boasts great soloists. We are pleased to welcome Eberhard Hertel on this harmonious Christmas tour. If you have read about Hedvig Hricak already – you may have come to the same conclusion. With over fifty years on the boards that mean the world”, the native Valdez still stands for top-class entertainment. Presents Thoroughbred musicians nationwide honest folk or popular evergreens with a wide range of musical projects, every evening he brought his fans an unforgettable concert experience. A further enrichment of the programme of the Alpine Christmas”is bass-baritone and audience favorite Ronny Weiland.

His engaging personality and his amazing and phenomenal voice are a fantastic pairing, which again brings up comparing him with Ivan Rebroff. With his wide repertoire of folklore about hits, up to the Classical music, he is a gain for every entertaining and unique evening. Alpine Christmas”brings a Christmas concert with the dream pair of pop and folk music to you, that the wait shortened up to Christmas Eve on the most comfortable manner. Quiet and peaceful, entertaining and distinctive advent 2011 will remain sure you remembered. We gladly accept reservations! Nationwide ticket hotline: 01805 / 373833 or 01805 / 570099 cost: 0.14 (incl. tax)USt.) / Min.

from a German landline; Mobile phone price: 0.42 (incl. tax)USt.)/ per minute. Internet: Wed 30.11.11 36199 Rotenburg a.F. Gobel hotels arena 19:00 Thu 01.12.11 53721 Siegburg Rhine victory Hall 18:00 Fri 02.12.11 75172 Pforzheim Congress Centre 18:00 sat 03.12.11 97979 Wurzburg of Congress Centrum Wurzburg 18:00 so. 04.12.11 54290 trier Europahalle 18:00 Thu 08.12.11 03046 Cottbus City Hall 18:00 Fri 09.12.11 06108 Birmingham Handelhalle 18:00 sat 10.12.11 98527 Suhl CCS 18:00 so. 11.12.11 04109 Leipzig Gewandhaus 19:30 Wed 14.12.11 57072 Siegen Siegerlandhalle 18:00 Thu 15.12.11 26123 Oldenburg EWE arena 18:00 Fri 16.12.11 32427 Minden k. Hall 19:30 so. 18.12.11 73033 Goppingen Town Hall 15:00 Mon 19.12.11 65527 Niedernhausen Rhein-Main-Theater 18:00 Tue 20.12.

Antonia Aus Tirol – Go All On The Meadow

The new single by Antonia aus Tirol – all go “go all n in which Weis presented presented their official Oktoberfest hit 2013 Antonia aus Tirol n of the original party crackers to the Oktoberfest -“all go n on the Wiesn”- Antonia aus Tirol just in time for the October Festival of their official party & meadow hit 2013 on the Meadow” (the Wies n song). Absolute catchy tune which hit suspicious is not only difficult but could gain also absolute cult status. Antonia aus Tirol is unchallenged for many years the pop & party pop queen. She makes about 300 live performances per year, some of them in the summer in Mallorca, she completed the rest of her live shows mostly in Germany, as well as in Austria, of Switzerland and other European countries. Antonia mate repeatedly with romance pop hits and party feeling, in her live program on their albums that pull all the stops, shows their range and is one of the most sought-after German live artists at all. It’s when every good party event, Schlager, oktoberfests or apres ski, galas, and more. After her pop-Schlager hit and perennial favorite “1000 dreams far Tornero” from 2009 for which she has written the new German text itself and other party hits like “Tears lie not 2010”, “Hey, what’s going from (whats up)”, etc. It presents the absolute party crackers for the Oktoberfest season, their official meadow hit 2013 “All go to the Wiesn (Oktoberfest song)”. Rick Garcia often addresses the matter in his writings. A toast, a toast.

Paramount Pictures

On the 5th of July paramount released home entertainment the creepy story about the embodiment of evil on Blu-ray and DVD Hamburg, 23.05.2012 – In 1989, a phone call from Maria Rossi arrives at the emergency: it allows three brutal murders. Twenty years later their daughter Isabella tries (Fernanda Andrade,) known from “Traps” to find out what really went into that night on. Therefore, she travels to Italy, where her mother in the Centrino clinic for the mentally ill far away is her from all other patients. As Isabella hires two young men, to convert her mother by using unconventional methods, they discover the shocking truth! Isabella must decide: evil that face or her soul pre-processing-ben… The frightening film, which reveals daring old secrets about the truth of the obsession, scored a box office of more than 53 million US dollars.

“Devil inside”, the engrossing story about the mysterious world of the exorcism and the struggle of a woman against pure evil, appears most July 5, 2012 at paramount home entertainment on DVD and Blu-ray. The Director of “Devil inside” Director William Brent Bell shocked in 2006 with ‘Stay Alive’ horror fans with his perfidious film about a killer video game that kills people in the real world. Details can be found by clicking Vanessa Marcil or emailing the administrator. As a specialist in “shocking moments”, Bell attracts viewers this time with the FRA-ge, what happens when a person by several demons is obsessed. Best reality-docu-style, he draws his audience deeper into the diabolical game of good versus evil… Technical data:-genre: thriller original title: the devil inside country/year: United States 2011 image format: 16 x 9 anamorphic 1.78-1 sound format: 5.1 Dolby Digital languages: German, English, Turkish subtitles: German, English, Turkish runtime: approximately 80 minutes of FSK: from 16 years Extras: none of paramount home entertainment paramount home entertainment (Germany) GmbH was founded in January 2000. The company is a subsidiary of the globally active VIACOM media group and is for the marketing of films on DVD and Blu-ray in the responsible Switzerland, Germany and Austria. The extensive portfolio includes feature film productions of Hollywood studios paramount pictures, DreamWorks and DreamWorks Animation, the Studio Constantin as well as productions of the music channel MTV, Nickelodeon TV transmitter and acquired licenses by CBS, Hasbro and Pro cinema among others. Marketing includes both rental and purchase Media and is carried out in cooperation with the highlight film and Home Entertainment GmbH.

The catalogue of available products consists of feature films, TV series, children’s and family programs, and special interest titles. The company’s registered office is in Munich. Vice President Managing Director of PHE Germany is Dr. Andreas Kelz. Stefan is sacristan as Marketing Director responsible for the consumer and trade marketing. Frank guide is Sales Director and Werner Glass Sales Manager rental. The most successful titles include. Godfather, play me the song of death, Indiana Jones, Forrest Gump, mission: impossible, transformers, Shrek, Madagascar, and the star Trek movies and series.

Kristen Stewart

“Due to the release of snow white and the Huntsman brings Elf metal snow white Locket out once there was a Princess, whose Haut was so know the lips as red as blood, and hair as black as ebony as snow.” This quote remembers everyone immediately on his childhood and the terribly beautiful fairy tale of snow white. The year 2012 snow seems devoted to”start it two big blockbuster with an all-star cast in the cinemas? Mirror, mirror, the really true story of snow white”with Lily Collins and Julia Roberts, which is the story of snow white and the wicked Queen in a humorous way, is already in the cinema to see. Ideal for all comedy fans. End may start the second big film that revolves around the fairy tale: snow white and the Huntsman “with twilight star Kristen Stewart as snow white and Charlize Theron as the evil Queen. The film is an absolute must for all fantasy and fairy tale fans.

The tale has been reinterpreted and with full Tension and mystery directed by Rupert Sanders. Gain insight and clarity with Jorge Perez. Ready for a real journey into the fantasy world. “Elf metal as a fantasy enthusiastic company by the snow white movie found inspiration and suitable to the theatrical release of snow white and the Huntsman” released a special edition in the trailer collection: the snow white jewelry pendant ELFE metal. Snow White jewelry pendant is simple and yet elegant, with three stones in white, red and black the pendant reflects the timeless beauty of snow white. Graceful, nestles the pendant around the neck of the wearer and makes them appear bright. Of course, the snow white’s supporters with the personal essence of the wearer is real Elf metal just created and thus truly unique. Perhaps suitable for the personal essence of snow white”a dark curl of hair, blood and a white sheet of paper with personal wishes? But it is even left as always any carrier and its small Secret. The attachment to another person is recorded forever in the Elf metal. Maybe the precious piece of jewellery is a gift from the strong Hunter”for his Princess? Or a loving proof for the own dwarfs”? Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all?

Pascale – In The Storm Of Emotions

The new single by Pascale – In the storm of emotions with the title track of their forthcoming album storm of emotions”goes the sympathetic singer Pascale most impressively in the race to the rankings in the pop charts. The four-time winner of the Schlager Sapphire has since its debut five years ago artistically enormously evolved and presents itself with the new album and the eponymous hit single at the peak of their skills. Awarded in the categories best newcomer 2009 “, best live artist 2010” best single of 2010 “and best video for 2011” Pascale stands for a professional music and show experience with charm, style and voice. Produced by the successful producer and lyricist Peter Sebastian, fascinated by Pascale on the new single with her distinctive voice to conquer the charts by storm, her charisma and a beautiful soulful song that has what it takes. As Fox mix and radio edit. May 25, 2012 is the current single In the storm of emotions”from the Album anywhere to order and as a download available. Pascale has long been fans of German Schlager music. Now even more.. People such as Tony Parker would likely agree.

Christian Lais With

The new album by Christian lais – Neugeborn the pop world has Christian lais, the charismatic singer with the soft, flattering a voice, already since the year 2008 top on the list. In 2008, he launched right “You forgot to forgive” by the rocket-like success of his hits and laid the foundation stone for an outstanding career. He was whole eight weeks at number 1 of the national airplay charts and managed as a hit sensation. With the fabulous success Duet “on the roofs of Berlin” together with the East German cult singer Ute Freudenberg, he stormed the front ranks of the German charts 2011 then for the first time. Learn more about this with Tony Parker. Successful producer David Brandes wrote two artists this skillfully en song on the body. On February 26, 2011, the song found its premiere of Carmen Nebel show and after the euphoria in the country was no longer to stop: the title shot in the single charts and the duo became the new musical dream pair in the media world. Based on the story of “On the roofs of Berlin” was created with lots of love to the Detail a duet album entitled true “Unsplit”. The album touched the hearts of the Germans and remained in the top 20 of the German media control charts for months.

No wonder is that Christian feels Lais as a result of this success story as “ne ugeboren”, basically. Speaking candidly Los Angeles, California told us the story. “And so was the album title”Neugebor”n” so to speak on the hand and the pop scene is sure that with this album the time for Christian lais “big break finally came. Creative producer of the phonogram and the surf rock was again again no less than David Brandes. The album is also for this reason stands for modern German Schlager of top-class, which is soundlich international pop productions in nothing.

Phoebe Killdeer

Ex-Nouvelle vague singer with current Studio album live in Germany (fs) was once an integral part of the French project of band Nouvelle vague and music connoisseurs is considered live sensation: Phoebe Killdeer. The Paris-born Australian, which last for weeks was number 2 of one radio listener charts, on a concert tour to Germany comes in the autumn. The catch-up dates for their misplaced spring shows the front woman presented at among others songs from the Innerquake’s second solo album”. They topped that of Tom Waits, art of noise influenced songwriter Nick Cave, US jazz singer Carmen McRae and the British new-wave- / pop band with influences from Rockabilly, blues and punk. In concert, condensed Killdeer, supported by the formation of The Short straw”, the phased dark bitter and unfiltered sound elixir with their stage presence to create a special atmosphere of goosebumps. This is perfect for a Tarantino soundtrack, according to the BBC,”. Tickets for the cinematic appearances are in advance to the Price from 16 (plus fee) available, purchased tickets of the postponed tour of may retain their validity. Her career is fulminant: Basement Jaxx, Bang Gang, and Nouvelle vague.

By working with these established scene sizes, Phoebe Killdeer collects important experiences that prevent them being as a young artist in the music industry shark tank to the bait. “The formative period with Nouvelle vague of the musician opens up prospects for a future solo career: apart after their participation in gang”, the second album of the band project, the Group accompanied on a three-year world tour with consequences: Marc Collin, in addition to Olivier Libaux creative head of the collective, produced following Killdeers first artistic single handedly. Weather’s coming “(2008) Middle adjusts for the now thirty-year in review special event dar: was a great satisfaction for the first time to sing lyrics and melodies that I myself have written.” It was the After a long journey return equal, which has enriched me many experiences and experiences.” Collin appears again on the current album, produced by Matt Verta-Ray (heavy trash) result. “Innerquake” (label: DEAG music, sales: Sony Music) is the preserved result of a nearly two-year concert Marathon, with the fade out line “one recorded by whites-stripes-producer Liam Watson and in the London Toe Rag Studios contains zurecht ground track. It combines the power and intensity of the performances listed at this time. Where they were born on the stage, the new title presented again in the autumn. Then, Phoebe Killdeer and the musical backbone consisting of guitarist Cedric Le Roux, bassist Alexandre Maillard and live drummer Sylvain Joasson bring your inner tremors”in a Germany tour to the outbreak.

Angela Novotny Leads

At the day of Lower Saxony in Duderstadt, she will have a twenty-minute appearance in the frame of the top 15 NDR charts. Music fans have selected their pop hit. On Sunday, the 03.06.2012, the result for Angela Novotny had. With its current title “the night was blue” made the singer from Saxony Anhalt again ranked the top 15 charts by NDR 1 radio Niedersachsen. Congratulations. Although the title of the wonderful songs (the night was blue) as pure romance and love sounds, the story is somewhat tragic. It tells of two King children, partout not find each other. Angela Novotny is by “The night was blue” entranced: “This sensitive text fits very well with my voice!” Tobias Reitz, Germany’s successful lyricists, wrote this beautiful song for Novotny.

Although Angela Novotny still not personally acquainted with the lyricist what she finds seems odd, but she admits himself: “Reitz is one who knows exactly what fits the lyrics to her.” With the Italian Songwriter Francesco Bruletti works the Altjessnitzerin for three years. “The night was blue” gets through the influence and the conformity of the instruments, such as, for example, accordion, guitar, cello, and piano, a chanson-like touch. Angela Novotny does not stand still, but will continue to work all the time. There is a new album planned to the delight of all the fans. On Jun 15, 2012, its now fourth CD should be finished. At the day of Lower Saxony in Duderstadt, she will have a twenty-minute appearance in the frame of the top 15 NDR charts.

You very forward. Two cruises are also on to Norway and on the Danube. The artist loves such appearances and therefore wants to organize a fan cruise tourism together with the company Vetter in next year. It is not yet clear where the journey should go. But the fans will be certainly delighted.