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Corporate calendars have become part of the list of prints of many companies that exhibit marketing activities. The purpose of presentations corporate calendar partners, existing or potential customers – is a reminder of the company, service, brand and shaping a positive attitude to the company throughout the year. From other types of promotional items calendar features a functionality which enables customers very positively to them and are happy to accept such a gift. Calendars are almost the entire staff of any office, and the quality of the design and manufacturing, will determine success in your calendar public. On the eve of New Year's calendars are distributed to dozens of employees and managers of various organizations, but only a few of these calendars will remain in their offices, and will bring real benefits to their customers.

There are several basic types of calendars: Pocket Calendar – Calendar of small-format (standard format 70 x 100 mm.) Printed on thick paper and covered with a laminate to increase its durability. On one side of the calendar posted advertising information, on the other – the calendar grid. Use these calendars as promotional product, it is recommended to companies with large customer base, such as retail retail chains, restaurants and hotels. Quarterly calendar – one of the best calendars in terms of cost and functionality. The most common format of the quarterly calendar: top advertising field – 300 x 210 mm., Three calendar blocks – 300 x 145 mm. And lower advertising field 300 x 50 mm. However, it is always possible to develop a calendar of non-standard format with exclusive calendar blocks, with an unusual arrangement of elements, use Curly felling or any other additional printing capabilities.

Medieval Town Of Turku

The Medieval town of Turku is the oldest city in the state. Right from the start of the famous archipelago with tens of thousands of islands with rocky shores to the . Many who are here arrives, an indelible impression on the sun shimmering sea with its incomparable with anything comparable flavors, cozy cove cottages with red-purple color with beige rims, as well as trees, twisted by the sea wind. Not simply the archipelago called ‘the most beautiful on the planet. ” To the archipelago of Turku you can through systematic ferry transport, and there ride the bike or by car on highway tutoshnim, charming environment beauty! In 2004, the city of Turku is celebrating its birthday.

Walking along the bank of the river , you will see almost all municipal attractions ranging from medieval cathedral to the castle of Turku, as well as have the opportunity to spend time in a cute little cafes and restaurants are located along the coast and enjoy the opening views. For younger guests located near Turku ‘Moomin-world’, Naantali. This adorable place for children around the world. This is a fantastic country, created a fantasy artist and writer Tove Jansson – an amazing little world, built in, including from the jam and fritters. Here, real live mummy-trolley and welcomes guests your friends!

Heating Industrial Buildings

Developments in the heating of industrial buildings cause in Russia today increased interest. Development of production and service, warehousing requires new technologies to efficiently heat the room large volume. In particular, the increased demand of the air space heating, allowing effective and cost-effectively heat the room capacity from 600 to 20 000 m3. As a fuel, such systems can use natural gas, diesel fuel and, most importantly, the waste oil. Use of equipment for waste oil can dramatically reduce heating costs and increase profitability. When The maximum effect can be achieved where there is an opportunity to receive the waste oil for free: the enterprises service center, railway, port and aviation service stations on factories producing machinery, and vegetable oil, in oil and gas industry. Cost-effectiveness of this development for such companies is obvious: You can use refinement as a fuel and do not need to spend money at its disposal German firm Kroll GmbH for more than 30 years, develops and manufactures systems for air heating systems, using as fuel the waste oil.

During this time, has been thoroughly worked out the technology generate heat by burning different kinds of liquid fuel from waste oil, and any viscous flammable industrial liquids, and ending with used vegetable oil from restaurants and points of Fast-food 'fast food'. Currently in stock firm Kroll GmbH present model heaters, waste oil that can heat the premises from 300 to 6000 m3. The youngest in the line model – the heat generators W401L, up to 29 kW specially designed as an easy to use. Combustion of fuel in this model is a special plate – 'the plate' and the heat comes into the room in the form of infrared radiation or the presence of an additional fan – as a stream of warm air. Low-cost, low automation, simplicity and reliability, compact size make these heat generators indispensable for small workshops and service stations, allowing completely solve the problem of heating remzony area up to 900 m3.

Models of higher level (series S, SKE), up to 200 kW, equipped with a supercharged multifuel burner which can burn the flammable liquids any consistency with a viscosity of up to 90 units. by sae Heat in this case is obtained as air heated to a temperature of 60-70 oC. Execution is possible as the heat generator in the form of an inexpensive candy bar, in which the distribution of air is through the blinds in the upper part, and as a member of the ventilation system when the distribution of warm air is in the system of ventilation ducts. In this case, possible to install a large blower fan pressure and work in the ventilation system. This equipment allows us to efficiently heat the room up to 6000 m3, heat several rooms one heat generator, and create air heat curtains. Equipment firm Kroll GmbH can be successfully used also for heating of any production and storage facilities, but is particularly advantageous to use it where there is a significant stock of used oil: a ports, depots, airports, car repair. In addition to equipment for waste oil, the firm Kroll GmbH manufactures mobile and stationary heat generators for liquid fuel and gas capacity from 15 to 700 kW, as well as water heaters and industrial dehumidifiers.

Corporate Preparations To Celebrate The New Year

In serious organizations training for the New Year holiday begins the summer before. But otherwise, if 1. need to collect the wishes of staff at the venue for New Year’s banquet and 2. estimate estimates for the implementation of this integrated dreams. In addition, some large and well known throughout the world corporations are forced to “keep the bar as high as ever, despite the embrace of economic crisis compressive profits and lead to losses. Officer responsible for organizing the banquet, to be in line with new traditions for corporate events. It is not difficult, because the questions of “beautification” holidays are usually entrusted to specialists in Public Relations – pr manager first and second level.

In recent years a view that the new year in the restaurant hall – the day before yesterday is a day of relaxation industry office, ostensibly so relaxing unions bakers and printers “Red Worker. Any serious organization with an ambitious leadership must be at large, “bursting of the money” type structure of Gazprom and top ten banks, such as veb. They annually affect their employees chic burlesque and fireworks with the obligatory participation of Russian and foreign music of the first magnitude. Liabilities of such Monsters do not feel serious damage, even if discharged from the ocean Rihanna or Jennifer Lopez. There are such celebrations record high, and therefore not a sin to kill another rabbit – to raise its own weight in the eyes of the invited partners and customers.