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World Hockey Championship

No, I invented the term – Spring "Russian pruha. It sounds maybe a little bit and crooked, but it truly reflects the essence. This spring, and for the most part – in May, Russia, and indeed "rushing". In particular this applies to our sporting achievements on the world stage, which climaxed with the uefa Cup St. Petersburg "Zenith" and torn "on the teeth" from the Canadians winning Team Russia at World Hockey Championship. Moreover, "pruha" This has made such a serious revolution in the minds of our countrymen, many quite seriously began to talk no, you just think " Do not melchat Guus Hiddink for a couple with Vitaly Mutko, placing the main goal of our football team at Euro 2008 "Only" way out of the group? Crowning of the "May pruhi became the Eurovision Song Contest 2008, held in Belgrade, where the heroes of the new Russian epic Arshavin, Kovalchuk and others, joined by Russia brought another victory Dima Bilan & Co Under the "To" refers not only , and Martin – the direct participants in the events, but as I understand it, all of Russia as a whole.

All of us who passionately bolevshie for his sitting at the tv screens. Everything – from the president to the janitor, from Kaliningrad to Vladivostok, etc., etc. And, by and large, now it does not matter that the individual member countries of the contest have questioned its results, claiming vote rigging – a more than forty-something countries (). It does not matter, that by itself the Eurovision Song Contest – an event rather questionable in terms of quality musical products and the level of parties represented on it.

Brazilian Symbolism

INTRODUCTION the Symbolism Appeared in France, the end of century XIX, and had as main representatives Mallam, Verlaine and Baudelaire. Visit real-estate developer for more clarity on the issue. These poets abandon the principles of the realistic and parnasiana school and dedicate &#039 to it; ' cult of the etreo, the subjective one, the obscure one, the vacant, sugestivo' ' ; they reject the myth of the descriptive precision; for them, the poetical word must before suggest that to dominate. In 1857, in France, Charles Baudelaire (1821-1867) published the Flowers of the Evil and in 1866 it left the first number the anthology Le Parnasse Contemporain. In this, parnasianas productions had been displayed as many compositions simbolistas how much. This literary movement that preceded the World War I (1913-1918) appears as reaction to materialistic and cientificistas chains of the industrial society of the beginning of century XX. The word symbolism is originary of the Greek, and means to place together. The simbolistas, denying the parnasianos, had abolished the cult to the form of its compositions. The symbolism divided with that style the space cultural European enters the end of century XIX and the beginning of century XX.

BRAZILIAN SYMBOLISM INFLUENCES AND CHARACTERISTICS the Symbolism, in Brazil, represents one of the times most important of our literary and cultural history. This movement penetrated in our country, for intermediary of Medeiros and Albuquerque, that, since 1891, received books from the French decadentistas. In 1893, Cruz and Sousa publish Missal and Broquis, workmanships that define the history of the Brazilian Symbolism. It enters the last decades of century XIX and principles of century XX, the simbolistas had coexisted in a period where Brazil looked for to conquer its mental maturity and its autonomy. Exactly after the 1822 independence, the Metropolis still continued to exert its colonialista action. The commerce, the banking transactions, the press was under the influx of the Metropolis.