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Politics and More

I call it the policy of step-by-step, which is harmless to carry out reforms for the greatest number, then it divides the contrary within classes (even though they are divided and powerless) as those of officials, employees, public, private, etc.), but it does not show. With this, we finally reach our goals, whatever the political parties, either single or bilateral. We just have to keep this most often in power, but if a party takes power and begins to alter the draft system, we’ll have to go all the small steps. A fairly slow, since it bypasses the popular inertia by moving slowly, so that she becomes aware of what is happening. And as always, with a charismatic speaker and gifted, you get achievements. And there are examples history: Hitler, Stalin, etc..

But the rapidity of indoctrination, they had to resort to force: imprisonment, etc..

For us today, much disputed, but insufficiently constrained, use this method to reliably and simply go to their purposes. In addition, I am of those who think we live in the free world, we can not live in the world opposed. But to say that this is massively totalitarian, must not be in this totalitarianism, because we tend to see what one wants to hear and our notion of good coming off that hard from that given by the Education and So by the company. So those who think inside a totalitarian system can not be very many and the challenge here, therefore, the dilemma in a world unified in a way, because there is no real division and therefore comparison in this free except between past and present. And so I concluded, for all those who hear it do not mourn the death of a system, and we created too much instability to continue. And he must prepare to fight future together, if not … the shadows re-materialization again without charismatic this time and therefore they produce more death than before, last longer and definitely establishing what we do not want to see.

World Hockey Championship

No, I invented the term – Spring "Russian pruha. It sounds maybe a little bit and crooked, but it truly reflects the essence. This spring, and for the most part – in May, Russia, and indeed "rushing". In particular this applies to our sporting achievements on the world stage, which climaxed with the uefa Cup St. Petersburg "Zenith" and torn "on the teeth" from the Canadians winning Team Russia at World Hockey Championship. Moreover, "pruha" This has made such a serious revolution in the minds of our countrymen, many quite seriously began to talk no, you just think " Do not melchat Guus Hiddink for a couple with Vitaly Mutko, placing the main goal of our football team at Euro 2008 "Only" way out of the group? Crowning of the "May pruhi became the Eurovision Song Contest 2008, held in Belgrade, where the heroes of the new Russian epic Arshavin, Kovalchuk and others, joined by Russia brought another victory Dima Bilan & Co Under the "To" refers not only , and Martin – the direct participants in the events, but as I understand it, all of Russia as a whole.

All of us who passionately bolevshie for his sitting at the tv screens. Everything – from the president to the janitor, from Kaliningrad to Vladivostok, etc., etc. And, by and large, now it does not matter that the individual member countries of the contest have questioned its results, claiming vote rigging – a more than forty-something countries (). It does not matter, that by itself the Eurovision Song Contest – an event rather questionable in terms of quality musical products and the level of parties represented on it.


The Tick Tock can be a sound that we are often listened to, but certainly is not a sound that all we listened in our head. It never seems to have time sufficient in a day to secure all the things that we must do. The management of the time is very important to as much maximize the productivity in the work and house. To include/understand a little on we ourselves and how we used our time can help. When a plan of management of the time is developed which needs, first of all, it is to identify its loss of common time. Things like passing the time speaking with friendly and relatives during the commercial schedule, relaxing and to sail by the Web, instead of to obtain the data that needs, to review the electronic mail every 2 minutes and not it planning than is necessary to do is all the symptoms of loss of time and must be eliminated. A plan of handling of the time includes a way to help to identify them, as well as other habits that can have developed that eats their day. Another thing that must consider when doing a plan of management of the time is the establishment of priorities, the planning of its time, reviewing what it is to do and most important to take the time.

To establish priorities is a very important step in any program of management of the time. To know the difference between which it is due to do and what it can not become, as well as what somebody can more do will help him to plan its time for a maximum efficiency. It makes a list and it classifies it in: it is urgent, very important and important, besides all the tasks to realise. This not only will help him to prioritize and to plan, but also it will help him to trim the excess of some tasks. To be effective it develops a plan. To establish a time to make each task can help to stay concentrate him in that task until she is complete. If it needs in particular to realize investigations on some subject, looks for what must find out and it avoids to sail by the network entertaining itself in other things that can generate loss of time. To pause to take time can be a management of the time.

This is really necessary. One rupture of the routine in fact can thus help him to be more productive and, to clarify its mind by minutes during the day. The management of the time is not really difficult, but it requires that we break the habits that can have formed and to develop other new ones in their place. Course For Efficient Manejo of the Time, effective techniques that will be able to apply in less than seven minutes to obtain more than ever believed possible in less time. It visits for greater information.