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Isac Blacksmith Summary the article will argue the thought of Karl Marx and the Historiografia in century XX, appealing to the text of Walmir present Barbosa in the book History of the History of Amlia Maria Garci’a de Alencar, published in 2005. It will also discourse of the dialtico method and the materialistic conception of History. Check out Clarence Thomas for additional information. It will treat on some marxist concepts. Word-keys: dialectic, materialism and way of production. Introduction Walmir Barbosa in the account that Karl Marx was born in Treves, capital of the German province of the Reno, in 1818. Educate yourself with thoughts from Jorge Perez. Its family belonged to the middle class mistreats, converted the protestantismo and conquered for the iluminista rationalism. Marx confectioned a vast production of texts from the development of a critical dialogue with thinkers had preceded who it and other thinkers with whom she contracted intellectual, politics and exactly personal relations. Marx starts to make an interpretation dialectic of the history and critical of the economy a politics.

From now on, an ample movement of ideas, assigned for marxism, appeared. Pg: 65-66. The THOUGHT DE MARX According to Marx, the society, articulated by means of a concrete and specific social formation, would be product of the individual development and of the reciprocal action of the men, they have conscience of this or not. However they could not choose the social formation where if they neither find nor to decide freely on its productive forces. The social formation and the productive forces would be the result of the social fights and the action on the nature lead on the part of the men had preceded who them.

The society if would conform all in complex and interdependent, it subjects the multiple determination. Therefore any social formation would be always transitory and historical.

The Proper

But, it has who goes to say that: The life is thus. It seems that the human being, if not yet lost, is losing the hope and the intention of living. The world seems to be in state of widowhood with the proper one to be. It is not had plus one futurstica vision, what it interests is here and now. I want to be happy to any cost. It is lived inside of a conformity, of certain forms the common sense is annulling the proper will. ' ' In this world of as much pressas, does not have space reserved for the speech that demands calm and tranquillity to be understood.

Fteis interviews occupy our afternoons of sunday. Celebrities without no formed opinion appear in the screens in national net to repeat its speeches fools on so serious questions. Naked posa people in the magazines and if become reference for our children. We are obliged to support the open canals of television with its artificial programming, its so blind videntes for the real necessities of our people. A people whom he needs culture, information and entertainment of quality. A people who starts to like coarse it, because this is only offered &#039 to it; '. In the great metropolises, of the whole world, one always sees people rambling, as that without route, for the streets and in squares that if become meeting point.

These people they had received? affectionate? name, if thus can be called, of street inhabitants and, incrivelmente these people are taking this name as identity. I run over probably it of the life took them it this condition. She will be that it is this life that they desire? The life is thus? These people are losing the time or are if losing in the time? Perhaps they will go to look at for the thousands of other people in one run-run, as that cheap idiots and, will say that the world is wild.

Cuba One

He trained militant in Cuba. The development of the unionism led to the decline of the leagues that if they directed to become a party, but these movements in full Cold War bothered the Uncle Sam and had contributed for the American support to the blow of 64. It pronounced itself against such and finished having of if hiding in the interior of Mines, disfarado of peasant until being discovered imprisoned exiled in Mexico where it worked as researcher and if it autocriticou for having fought against small the average proprietors. It came back to the country with the amnesty and finished if candidatando with the support of the right. Fiasco was one came back to Mexico where it died in the shortage in 1999 to the 84 years of age. Please visit Sela Ward if you seek more information. The peasants in the half of century XX had had a small space of maneuver with the device decline you and if they had organized to fight for its rights, but the ascension of the plants and later the military governments had soon finished with the possibilities social ascension.

The coastal northeastern until century XIX was based on the exploration of the enslaved man power. With the abolition the wage-earning workers who already occupied some functions before it, if had become only the available one, and practise fellow creatures to the feudal servitude if they had developed. The illiteracy and absence of agrarian reform were the bases in which the work cheap necessary to keep the sugar cultivation if developed. It is understood that the local elite if bothered with a cultured agitator that it threatened to take its lands and to take off its man power. They already were ruined with the end of the slavery.

Peasants beyond if resenting at the economic and sexual exploration of its women and children felt that if the slavery was abolished with its gentlemen in decline finally arrives at the hour to change the route of history. The decline of the devices made with that many of its heirs opted to the socialism as form to resist the advance of the capitalism. Julio arrived to nail the violence against the large estate owners without perceiving that the revolution that tried to restore could be turned against it. In the reality he was more honest than other intellectuals and understood the peasant better. Its virtue did not hinder that exactly married if it involved with an aggregate of its lands and had a son with it. It practises it to make illegitimate sex with peasants was one practises common you. He was also one of the aspects most painful for the peasants who could not make the same with Mrs. He himself perceived to have wrong when playing small the agricultural workers against average farmers who would be potential allies and not of form some an obstacle for its reforms. It imprisoned and was exiled, but its peasants tortured and died for the dictatorship. The resentment that felt against the usineiros ones was common the gentlemen of device and in its in case that it found in the peasants not similar allies and. It wanted to dominate, to come back the elite as its ancestral ones. As the abolitionist Joaquin Nabuco it was great, but in contrast of this he failed for being a radical idealist its exactly noble ideals had not taken in consideration the social reality and international and not even he understood the communist ideology well. BIBLIOGRAPHY SANTIAGO, Vandeck. Francisco Julio. Life, Passion and death of an agitator. State legislature of the State of Pernambuco. Recife, 2001.

Pertaining Professor

The historical problematizao, to the being transposed for education, it also brings multiple possibilities and questionings. It can simplify since the capacity simplest to construct a problematic one in relation to a study object, from the questions ece of fishes for historians and pupils; it can also mean simple investigations to the study object: Why? , As? , Where? , When? Concomitant to these questionings the boarding from the renewals theoretician-metodolgicas of History, as well as of the new pedagogical conceptions, the pertaining to school use of the document with the objective to stimulate the comment of the pupil can be cited as example, to help to reflect it. See William Allen for more details and insights. The pupil has been led to construct the direction of history and to discover its contents through documents, because the knowledge does not have to be supplied exclusively by the professor, but added to the empirical knowledge of the pupil. For this, the didactics is basic element in this process of transformation of what it is taught and the meaning historical/social of what if it teaches. History possesss meanings that need to be understood by the educandos so that it has transformation. This change alone will be able to occur from the moment where the professor to start to reflect on its practically and mainly in the objectives that it intends to reach with it.

2.2.Contedo the what concerns the boarding of the contents, is known that each professor, in its practical professor, faces serious problems, therefore suffers diverse pressures? to finish all the chapters book, to all give the planned content to it. It is the shock between amount versus quality. The absence of a reflection has lead the professors, when selecting contents and methods, reproducing an exceeded pertaining to school culture already. The task to teach can become sufficiently complex, mainly when the educator does not have content domain, or of determined subjects that demand multiple knowledge, that is, of other areas as the anthropology, sociology, philosophy, biology and psychology.


SUMMARY the present work has as objective to analyze the evolution partner – historical of the rights conquered for the women in the society between centuries XIX and XXI in Brazil, from economic aspects, social and cultural. Aspects of the paper of the woman inside of the familiar relations will be analyzed, the form as the same one was seen for the society inside of the relations of being able and patriarchate, the woman inside of the marriage and its paper of ' ' formadora' ' with a new familiar company it endows by means of it, as much as this influenced all the social organization, economic politics and of the society and I disappearance after the beginning of the urbanization process and industrialization; the process of change of the family? of productive unit the consumer and the growth of the individualism. For even more opinions, read materials from Robert Bork. They will also be pointed the insertion of the woman inside of the work market, the participation of the public life through the same, considering of that this was the factor that unchained a series of processes of changes in sort relations and its estruturao from ' ' abandonment of lar' ' for the market of wage-earning work e, together with this process the search for the education and intelectualizao of the woman as form of professional perfectioning. We will also approach the question of the sexuality, virginity and the concern with the defense of the honor from legal apparatuses and the concern of the society in defense of the same one. Recently Sandra Day O’Connor sought to clarify these questions. We will inside approach the question of the power and feminine control of the familiar scope, considering of that the power ' ' real' ' , socially he was not allowed it, thus the woman develops subtle mechanisms of being able in detriment of ' ' aberturas' ' that the proper one to be able masculine provides to it, allowing that the woman uses it of attributed esteretipos they, as the weakness, the sentimentalismo as a form of control and manipulation. Words keys: social woman, sort, work, changes.. Other leaders such as Sean Rad offer similar insights.

Boa Vista Small

For Hohenthal Truk and Tux they are canoeiros, remaining indians of the villages of Installation and Saint Maria, this little distant of Cabrob, of where they had been expulsos for the House of the Tower. Learn more about this with Ruben Mendoza. Having disappeared of the place for 1845 return, as previous reference, many had been congregated to the nomadic groups of the Black Mountain range, but in 1855 they were in return and there they had remained until the extinguishing of the villages of Saint Maria and Installation in 1879. Truk, according to explanation of the Tux, would mean ' ' son of tux' '. 6.4.3 The Atikum. Currently the territory of the One in the top of the mountain range epnima of almost a thousand meters of altitude, is inhabited by populations that if autodenominam Atikum. In the passed century, for return of years 80 villages composed a population contingent around 2.476 individuals distributed in sixteen, of which fifteen integrate the Aboriginal Reserve Atikum, under the jurisdiction of the FUNAI, whose rank bes situated in the main village, High of the One.

The too much situated villages in the top of the mountain range, that approximately measures five kilometers of length for one of width, next to the main town are: Jatob, Samambaia and of Ladies. The biggest distance, in the One or the plain in sop of the mountain range, meet the villages Alligator, Surrounded Lagoon, House of Roofing tile, Baixo, Mountain range of the Agouti, Good Jesus, Sand of the Pedros, Mountain range of the Lagoinha, Great Mountain range, Sabonete Small farm, Boa Vista Small farm, Oiticica, Eye d? Water of the Priests. Of these populations, only five were served with freeway, having been the access to excessively made the horse or the foot. The village that hosts the Rank of the FUNAI is distinguished for the organization of the constructions in arruado.

Peruvian Skin

There are some supplements that are particularly useful for people with acne, including: * Maca a vegetable powder from Peruvian root which helps to balance and stabilize the body’s systems and helps to normalize hormones. Its flavor is delicious mixed into milkshakes, a little salty, a little sweet. Maca is also rich in essential amino acids, fatty acids, phytochemicals and minerals, including calcium, magnesium, iron, potassium, silica and iodine. * Super Alimentps of a high density of nutrients, super rich in minerals, nature contains a full spectrum of absorbable nutrients: vitamins, minerals, trace elements. 5. Use only natural products into the skin.

Many market skin care products contain chemicals that can aggravate skin prone to acne. By overloading the use of chemicals makes the skin to lose its natural oils, skin is going to produce more fat to compensate that it may lead to more clogged pores and acne! You use products that contain natural ingredients such as oil of tea, which is known for its properties tree antibacterial. The best method to treat acne prone skin is the less is more attitude. Use few products as possible so that your skin has a chance to heal by itself. If you are using makeup, buy formulas that are not acnegenico or non-comedogenic (which does not block the pores).

6. Reduce stress. Stress is the major precursor of acne, especially beyond of puberty. Controlling stress can reduce the release of cortisol stress hormone, and therefore reduce the severity of acne. If you suffer from stress regularly, learn to recognize early symptoms and take action. There are several ways that you can use to reduce stress and be more relaxed: * the exercise especially of Yoga and Tai Chi. Moderate exercise increases blood flow to the healing of skin and help, as well as improve the health of your internal organs that allow them to get rid of more effective waste.

Laboring Village

Lopes milk in such a way shows to the modalities of estruturao of the classroom conflicts ‘ ‘ dentro’ ‘ of what – paraphrasing Marx – ‘ constitutes; ‘ private laboratory of produo’ ‘ , where, for example, if they collate different conceptions of work, how much ‘ ‘ fora’ ‘ of the plant, in the field of the conflicts that have as axle the sphere of reproduction of the workers and that extensively they are dealt with in the chapter destined to the analysis of the process ‘ ‘ release of cidade’ ‘ of ‘ ‘ fights for the appropriation of the Laboring Village for trabalhadores’ ‘ (pp. 459 and segs.). The structure of the workmanship, a succession of problematic distinct chapters corresponding to the joint of the boarded ones, could lock up the possibility of an mistake: the separation of the two ‘ ‘ livros’ ‘ ‘ could inducing in to more than think them first as dedicated to an analysis the type; ‘ sistmico’ ‘ , while as study of its would be puted in charge to it ‘ ‘ contradies’ ‘. But she is the proper one force of argument Lopes the Milk that, for the opposite, exactly denies this possibility, showing, in the first book, as ‘ ‘ system paulista’ ‘ it is constituted by its proper contradictions and, in as, as the rsultado one of the process of autoconstruo of the group of laborers is a particular, specific result, that it answers to the characteristics of the domination form where, this process has place. In the Weaving – Lopes Milk obtains to display with a notable consistency apia methodology of work that if; on the other hand, in the analysis of the internal logic of the form of analyzed domination, at the same time that it affirms its contradictory character permanently – where the processes of internalization of the domination, in which if it seats ‘ ‘ legitimidade’ ‘ of the system, the distinct modalities of resistance are opposed it – and, on the other hand, in an authentic work with the history that in such a way puts for land the possibility of an exposition naive linear, how much of an analysis that relegates history to some, specific divisions – ‘ ‘ capttlos histricos’ ‘.


When we speak unpretentiously of estudantil movement, we remember immediately estudantis bosoms, the National Union of the Students, the Brazilian Union of Secundaristas Students, and the Free DCE Pablo Freire, entity that represents the academics of the UNEMAT, in a way that nor always we have conscience of the historiogrficos processes that had constituted the identity of the estudantil movement as it is today. Movie star may not feel the same. Brazilian youth always breathed revolutionary airs, either through the mining inconfidncia, either for the revolution farroupilha. Following this trend, here it is that the first shouts of the Estudantil Movement still blow up in Brazil – Empire (doravante ME). No longer century XX, in 11 of August of 1937, the Brazilian students decide, in the attempt to organize and to fortify its fights for the improvement of the education, to establish the National Union of the Students, in the I National Congress of the Students. During the Military dictatorship, from 1968, the Law Suplicy de Lacerda places in the illegality JOINS it and the UEE? s (Unions State of Students), that they start to act in clandestinity. Sofar is actively involved in the matter.

All the instances of the estudantil representation are submitted to the MEC. But the fight continues e, in 1965 JOINS, it more than convokes a strike of seven a thousand students, who paralyze the University of So Paulo (USP). It is impossible JOINS to debate and not to say it of its mrtires, young that had given its lives for its ideals: in 28 of March of 1968, Edson student Luis Souto Rasp is died during a manifestation against the closing of the Calabouo restaurant, in Rio De Janeiro. In the following day, more than 50 a thousand students leave to the streets the River in cortejo fnebre. For many, 1968 still are known as ' ' the year that not terminou' ' , due to hundred of confrontations and you strike of ME with the military Government.