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Small art works also on the country! Drolshagen, Jan – after the launch of Rahman’s cabaret was in September 2011 to the end of the year, assess and decided: rische’s goes into a second season! The previous response to the cabaret evenings has exceeded our expectations”, so organizers Silke Rische. We now know that the cabaret in the Sauerland has many followers. “This is wonderful and shows that the fun culture has nothing to do with large or small town.” The first season at rische’s it runs three events till June 2012. so far were: French chansons, storytelling on English and music & dance comedy. EndeJanuar will play Mark Britton, Germany’s no.

1 comedy import and an entertainer of top-class, sold out. In the current season, the Cabaret at the Voss matchsticks presents still Carsten Hofer (Mrs ver Stayer”03.03.12), Daniel Helfrich (MusiZierFische’ 20.04.12), Richard Martin & Vera Spillner (music and tales” 12.05.12) as well as the Cabaret duo Kabbaratz (sit on”23.06.12). And the second season will start directly after the summer holidays 2012. Well-known and award-winning cabaret artists and comedians, including John Doyle, SIA Korthaus, Ken Bardowicks and Roberto Capitoni present their current programmes in Drolshagen. Character actor Ludger Burmann is expected to a literary musical reading of wine and well-known Irish singer- songwriter colum sands to an exclusive concert. There are also unusual culinary events on the program. All events guarantee pleasure and culture in the very-close-off format and will contribute in the coming months, that the cabaret finds its deserved place in the variety of cultural performances of the region.

Rische’s is a non-subsidized cabaret. Gets no support or funding, they financed their small art offer exclusively from the entrance fees. The current program is on or on the facebook fan page of Rahman’s.

Pink Guimaraes

Normally who was my grandfather would make this, however velhinho it came of umdefluxo and to get rid itself of the bother it takes remedy hot and not to podiaentrar in frozen water! He is and the deceased would be washed in a stream pertodal! Already he had a good one oitada of people if prontificando there paraajuda them in what he came, since that was not to wash the deceased! The meutio, although not to have as much courage thus, assumed the role as sefosse a specialist in this. How that it would go to run away from the service peranteum good number of people and from mooilas gifts? It was risen numpedestal and with the loaded neck of all its garbosidade, was parao sacrifice! Doishomens had caught the corpse in the room they had brought and it until the wagon. Oburro, pulled that it, looked at for the load and with one to blink of an eye was sassemelhou if to bless it as if it remembered the Pink Guimaraes in deseus stories! He is reading, the case is serious! We human beings do not enxergamosbem the night, we have fear of countenance in the dark one, we imagine you them donkeys we queenxergam the night well! Already you of the one of meeting still more thought if about a beautiful day comuma assombrao and knowing and knowing who it is essadesgraada? We let us leave the racicnio of donkey of the side and go nospacataus-pacataus of the life! Deceased encarroado rank and. Odois, my grandfather and my uncle, had gone up in the wagon and had followed in direction aoriacho! In one timo had arrived. The case deserved urgency. Although estarmorto, it deserved a special attention, would be the host of casanaquela day and during all night would be in the center of the wanted room receiving aspessoas.

Gifts For New Year? Practical Tips

Gifts for the New Year? Practical Tips In New Year, and without gifts? This should be corrected. I know a good truth, "that is not given, it is lost!". So let us think faster and to choose what to buy and give as a gift to loved ones loved ones. Just not to be late and buy something useful and different. In this New Year you can play the role of an angel, buying the right gift at the right time. So watch than it is now interested in your favorite people, as say from morning to night.

Imagine how surprised and happy to be later on their faces when you give them this "little thing". So what to give to New Year? For lovers it might be the best holiday gift if you will serve speech recognition in love and (probably) hanging ring on the tree. For those who love to eat, be sure to find a super – a unique recipe and please this new dish. Romance without candles this year is not enough. Very beautiful candles are sold. You can choose any shape, size and even smell.

If you have something valuable to say, so tell me, but plus a otgraviruyte it on the circle (refer to the master on the glass). 100% like it, and the words will be remembered for a long time. New Year calls for the organization, as in gifts, and spending his time. Organization of the New Year is a lot of hassle and takes a long time. But you must admit, as it's nice to see happy, thankful smiles of their loved ones. Probably, these holidays are most children are waiting. So why not make their dreams and make them for an evening story by inviting Santa Claus to your home with a wonderful program prepared. Yes, and by parents will have the opportunity to have fun as a child, as if returning to his childhood sweet. Organization of the New Year, it's not an easy task, but it may be a pleasant, if use is already proven options that actually adorn the evening (which will be held with family or friends). Not a bad start would be – it changes the usual situation, or simply change the design of the room. Why not arrange a night – through a series of memories photos collected over the whole year. Special, funny pictures will happily start the evening. Unique event is the writing of "Time Capsules". All the participants write their desire that they want to be fulfilled in next year. Then these pieces of paper rolled into the bank, and only the next New Year opens conservation. Opened in order to make a wish fulfilled. Gifts and how to organize a New Year's all the same you decide. Therefore, even in this new year in your life will be enough certainty to make today better than yesterday.

Using Twitter Hootsuite

It is likely that the same user has two or more Twitter accounts, the staff and one or two labour. Furthermore, it is possible that this same user has accounts on other social networks: Facebook, Foursquare, LinkedIn, etc therefore becomes necessary the use of a solution that will allow us to concentrate all these accounts in a single application. And that wonder is HootSuite. Logging into, create an account by clicking on the green button Sign Up Now, and are already underway. The account creation is like any service. The important thing is setting the accounts of our social networks.

To do this we are going to the Dashboard, and if we stop with the mouse pointer on the top white bar, more or less on the right side of the Send Now button, unfolds a small square that allows us to add services. By clicking the sign + are adding different services. Fantastic of Hootsuite is that it supports multiple accounts of the same service, for example Twitter, so we can add the personnel, the Labor, etc. As we are adding services tabs are created. Within each account can create customized columns at the same time, for example, to view the stream (tweets that we sent and send us), the mentions and retweets, as in the home of Twitter.

By clicking on the tab that has a symbol of +, we can continue adding social networking. To customize the columns, – we can add columns, or change its width-, we click on Add Stream. Then unfolds a box that allows us to insert the column with the information desired for example, Twitter mentions (all tweets that include @ our user name). To send a message (we can send it to multiple networks, for example, LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook), we write what we want in Compose message (next to the OWL, in the upper part of the screen, on the left). Select the icon of the network by which we want to send the message is marked with a blue flange. Write the message, and click on Send. Another very convenient feature of Twitter is the URL Shortener. This feature allows us to economize characters of the message that you write, and thus be able to add more text. Within the Hootsuite punctured configuration on OWL, unfolds a menu, Settings-, you can select how often freshen services, i.e. the page will be updated. We can also do this with the button that has the arrow circular, on each tab. Ultimately, Hootsuite is a powerful tool that allows us to manage our social networks, in a centralized manner. Its advantages are obvious. Does not require to download any application since it runs online. It is practical, and prevents us to have multiple browsers open with different services. For who has taken the decision to pay a little more attention to sureputacion online and presence of brand through social networks, Hootsuite will become a great ally. These are just some basic functions, but It is enough to start. Like everything in this life, practice makes perfect. Don’t be afraid to try features, click buttons, and explorarar the scope of this application. Its use is very intuitive, saves time, and contributes to a better interaction between different social networks for example, between Twitter and Facebook contacts. Original author and source of the article