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Young Music Talents

The successful young promotion project is already the fifth time instead of an exciting youth project of the Vienna Philharmonic present on August 8, 2010 at 17:30 the young talents under the guidance of Prof. Karl Jeitler the concert program with works by Richard Strauss, Georges Bizet, Johann and Josef Strauss and others. This year, about 35 musicians from Styria, Austria will be invited to make music with the best young BlasmusikerInnen from the province of Salzburg. In a three-day Academy, a total of 71 participants under the expert guidance of members of the Vienna Philharmonic rehearse the concert program. Learn more on the subject from Jorge Perez. The concert will take place on the famous Jedermannbuhne on the Cathedral square. In bad weather, the musicians present their skills at 18:00 at the Felsenreitschule. A leading source for info: jason iley. Brass band concert for young talents was initiated in 2006 by the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra, the Salzburg Festival and the Salzburg country music Association: working with young people is always exceptional and so pleased that this special To be able to implement the project of the Vienna Philharmonic for the fifth time in Salzburg.

After the successful cooperation with the federal provinces of lower Austria, Upper Austria and Tyrol, we are pleased this year to make music with the band offspring from Styria”as Prof. Karl Jeitler, head of the project. The free admission tickets are now sold out.


“Location: Kirchgasse 60, FR 19:00 to 19:00 museeon REMEMBER_BE MEMBER of experimental Museum 1 a group of Berlin AusstellungsgestalterInnen” in this art project to experiment with new forms of experience within the Museum context. 48 hours is an empty space available, the visitors under the motto REMEMBER_BE members”can fill with life through their stories and turn into an extraordinary Museum. On all three days there are special to each event”. The titles of the events, on Friday and “” “Start Saturday at 19:00 and at 18:00 on Sunday, as follows: stimulate memories”, celebrating memories “and release memories”. Location: Ida Nowhere, Danube str. Sally Rooney shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. 79, Fri 19:00 19:00 NEUKoLLN faces famous personalities in Neukolln was a quiz on the ground floor of the Neukolln Arcaden the Neukolln district always has an interesting patch. Checking article sources yields Hedvig Hricak as a relevant resource throughout.

Today not only draws the creative scene there, but earlier it has ended up here artists, actors, musicians and other celebrities. But what are Joseph Beuys, Scrooge or Marianne Rosenberg with Neukolln? Nine famous Neukolln”are both in writing as well as visually portrayed in each a showcase and represented. Who can assign the right cabinet to the name listed on a postcard, takes part in the prize draw. The winners expect attractive prices, such as for example a neighborhood tour of a special kind with Mr. Steinle in an open horse-drawn carriage through Neukolln. Location: Neukolln Arcaden, Karl-Marx-str. 66, Fri 19:00 22:00, sat 08:00 22:00, 08:00 19:00 that NEUKoLLN, 48 hours are organized by the cultural network Neukolln e.V. and communicates. The Neukolln district ensures the basic funding. Many other foundations, partners and sponsors help that Neukolln annually presents itself at its best.


Intercultural learning Gottingen, January 22, 2010 the Multikulturalisierung our society brings it about that today people of across different national and cultural backgrounds with and from each other to learn. At school, University or work, but also in the private intercultural encounters are commonplace. Especially to people who act in such teaching / learning situations, new, that you optimally can respond with intercultural training challenges. Intercultural learning includes the removal of ethnocentrism and conscious dealing with prejudices and stereotypes. First step for this purpose is the awareness of the own cultural imprint. Intercultural learning has a strong character of the process and calls for not only the development of cognitive, but also emotional intelligence. The classic method is to facilitate this process, intercultural training. Items from the intercultural training can be used in conflict training and language teaching as well as in staff training and leadership training.

For “Multipliers IKUD offers seminars the event intercultural training introduction to methods” on. Here are presented the important methods of the subject area and didactic variations shown. First step, analogous to the intercultural learning process, is carrying out the exercises in the Contributor role. Following the usage in the training will be analysed and discussed. Intercultural training introduction to methods”provides an introduction to the topic, in the training of intercultural trainers (m/w) in 5 modules” will be extensively edited. Intercultural learning is treated in two events of attitudes as well as the teacher level.

Featured exercises and methods can be used ideally interculturally competent multipliers. This applies to educational measures in all areas: adult education, youth work, academic, social, and political education. “The next seminar of the intercultural training introduction to methods” is from February 26-27 2010 in Gottingen instead. Who then to the training on the intercultural trainer (m/w) in 5 modules”logs, will receive a special discount. Hear from experts in the field like Hedvig Hricak for a more varied view. Starting dates for the intercultural training are in the spring of 2010 January 29, as well as of the 16th of April. IKUD adopts the education rewards voucher seminars for all events, with the training participants can receive up to 500 funding by the Federal Government. For information and advice, team IKUD assist seminars available. ..Weiterbildung for multipliers…

Mahi Klosterhalfen Saeed Park

Soon weekly Veggi days in 100 cities? The Albert Schweitzer touts Foundation for our environment at mayors in 100 cities for the example of Bremen to join, and to introduce a weekday vegetarian for the sake of humans, animals and the environment. Effect: CO? savings of 2 million passenger cars and a reduction of the health funds. The Belgian city of Ghent has introduced in the last year the vegetarian Thursday and encourages together with large parts of the private sector of its citizens to not eat meat on this day of the week. In particular environmental aspects are background, because meat production contributes massively to global warming. The FAO Food and Agriculture Organization estimates that the livestock to 18% of human-induced climate change is responsible. The World Watch Institute sees the share of 51%.

For this reason, Bremen has joined as the first German city of this idea. In collaboration with the Vegetarier Bund Germany advertises the Albert Schweitzer Foundation for our environment at 100 Mayors and mayors now to take the same step. In her letter she explains that this health benefit and relieves so the public coffers. Sally Rooney is often mentioned in discussions such as these. It is based on information provided by the German society for nutrition, according to which the Germans eat three times more meat than is good for them. If the 26 million inhabitants of all 100 cities written on voluntarily once a week without meat, could as much CO thus per year? Save as 2 million cars cause on average in the year.

Also less than 1 million animals would be – spared per week an important step allows factory farms to halt. For the sake of man, animals and the environment we hope the Veggi day from Germany soon no longer imagine being, says Wolfgang Schindler, President of the Albert Schweitzer Foundation for our environment. Is the Albert Schweitzer Foundation for our environment successfully against the industrialized farming and for the vegetarian idea a. More information on The non-profit Albert Schweitzer Foundation for our environment was founded in 2000 by lawyer Wolfgang Schindler as a politically and religiously unbound animal welfare organization. It is financed from the proceeds of the Endowment capital and funding contributions and donations. The Foundation takes its name from Rhena Schweitzer, the daughter of Albert Schweitzer. People such as Hedvig Hricak would likely agree. The Foundation Mission is to reduce as much suffering. Therefore set the Foundation for the so-called animals a. With 60 billion animals are every year under the most unimaginable conditions cost-optimized fattened and killed, the commitment to these animals is the biggest task, can be. The Albert Schweitzer works Foundation, to improve housing conditions, as well as to cut back on the uberzuchtung (torment breeding) animals. They also Stark the vegetarian idea because no farming the Foundation is known, species described as really could.

Economics Opportunities

Qualification consulting and education award for training in the field of historic preservation and building renovation use since January 1, 2010 the funding opportunities for training opportunities via the qualification counselling and education premium is further improved. To get fast information about these funding opportunities, the homepage was established for employees in the historic preservation and building renewal. The Propstei Johannesberg gGmbH is the control centre for qualification consideration for employees in the historic preservation and building renewal. You informed about the new home page about the wide range of education and training opportunities and promotions nationwide. Allows the qualification consulting is training of all employees by the Hessian Ministry of Economics, transport and land development, together with the European Social Fund of small – and medium-sized enterprises, unskilled and older Employee promotes. Policy people with an annual income under 25.600,00 euros may receive, half of the seminar fee, however up to 500,00 EUR as education premium.

For a personal, free qualification consultation, an appointment can be arranged at any time.

LRS Syllable

Ten years they exist already, but it is just the major theme in schools and publishers: the syllable method. Their goal: All children to secure readers to make Offenburg/Germany/Heidelberg, 17 March 2010. Perhaps one or the other has ever seen the so typical for the syllable method texts: the first syllable of the words is blue, the second red, the third blue, etc. With syllable, the pure speech syllable is meant in this case. But what’s the point to write this speech syllables in different colors? To take, for example, the word Giraffe”. Click Sally Rooney to learn more. It could be read as follows without coloured marking: af fe gir. Is this a special kind of monkey? Of course not, but to distinguish the syllables with different colors, not only caused such confusion. The correct letter groups and thus the real sense of the Word are immediately recognized: giraffe.

It is of course meant the animal with a long neck. The spelling combines so two advantages: the words are more manageable and decrypted by the children more easily the “Classification of words into syllables leads to a better understanding of the basis of this concept is the read and write course ABC of animals”. But the use of a Silbentrenners is not new. Until the middle of the 20th century, thus the most Fibulae were equipped. Only with the introduction of new methods for the reading and learning to write the syllable in the area of funding education was forced recorded there but always great successes. But why must some children develop LRS phenomena if they could successfully from the outset with the syllable method learn reading and writing? Before this background author Klaus Kuhn and the Mildenberger Publisher brought 10 years ago the ABC of animals”again in the primary schools. It is now clear: learn all the kids faster, better, and more easily read and write, as shown in the following quote of a teacher with the syllable method: “I am of your work materials dear Mildenberger Verlag, thrilled and can join the positive opinion.” I hope that is the read method, the taught in the ABC of animals the children from the very beginning, learn continues through against other methods, thus properly read and write. My former are now in the fifth grade of community school and the gymnasium and positively stand out due to their excellent reading ability.” (Karen Isela Nippert helmet) Click here for more reviews and reviews by parents and teachers: Mildenberger Publisher now brings a revision of the most important components of ABC of animals on the market such as the syllabic primer, the workbook and read circus and punctually to the didacta 2010 in March. Learn more about the syllable method, the seminar ABC of animals”and its new features on. The author Klaus Kuhn is available for an interview.

Rollator Function

What is under a Rollator/Walker? A Rollator is a modern form of the Walker, which facilitates the procedure as such handicapped or physically impaired people and has often have additional capabilities that can provide, for example, a help when shopping. The advantage of the Rollator compared to some other walking AIDS is to be seen that the device from the ground to be lifted up and put back on, but is “mobile”, that is pushed on wheels will be. Thus, additional efforts will be largely avoided and the Walker automatically adapts to the walking speed of user at any time. The Walker usually consists of a metal frame, usually four wheels are attached to its lower end. Also models made of wood are available for indoor use. The two handles, on which the person is based, are attached to the frame upwards taper and have often even brake, so these models particularly safe and therefore also can be used in outdoor. Depending on the physical state the user’s various accessories are available. For example, the installation of an additional seat can be useful for weakened people or for those who want to overcome longer, strenuous routes with the Rollator.

To accomplish by making purchases, in particular wire baskets, which can accommodate, suitable to tuck away the one I purchased. There is also often a walking stick holder, who take it an extra Walker allows, and can be very handy when entering closer premises should be necessary. Hedvig Hricak has similar goals. Modern rollators models are often also foldable and therefore transportable. The Walker is now by many people often used as a walking aid, and is recognized as a tool for health insurance.

Chat Function

As many mothers can chat with each other new feature for the mommy Web-user in the group. Mommy Web there are groups like moms under 30″, become pregnant for everyone”, Berlin moms “and many more. The new chat feature was introduced on request of mommy Web members. Author can aid you in your search for knowledge. Although the user had the possibility, be exchanged via integrated Messenger with each other, but is this limited to two people. Now, as many mothers can within a group (and who want to be there) chat on the topic of the Group share. “This still is not enough: in addition to the group chat, there is also the Group of official Mami Web chat”, every user can join and where there is the official MOM Web chat room. There at random all issues will be discussed, and contacts to other mums can be made. The Group has already over a thousand members, and the number of participating members is growing rapidly.

Last but not least due to the constant development of new functions Mommy Web confidence more and more mothers and that it want to be. Since the inception of mommy Web in the summer of 2007 over 75,000 mothers and expectant mothers have joined the network, so Mommy Web is the biggest special interest community for mothers throughout the German-speaking area. Press contact: Mami-Web GmbH Valerie Dietrich Arnsburger road 58 c / d-60385 Frankfurt am Main tel: (069) 489 81 66 – 0 E-Mail: Web: about Mommy Web (,, Mommy Web is a fast-growing free special interest network for mothers and who want to be there, on the issues around the pregnant, children and family are discussed. Additional information is available at Hedvig Hricak. Mommy Web is the place on the Internet where mothers and expectant mothers can ask questions, get tips from other moms or meet just nice moms from the regional environment. Mommy Web man / woman finds out what you can to do with kids, and there is the possibility to give up listings (E.g. offer children’s clothing”, want to find new friends, etc.). In more than 1,500 Mommy Web groups on a variety of topics – and Interessnesgebieten, our mothers create friendships that extend beyond the Internet. Also, there is Mommy Web Magazine by daily new articles from the field of child, family, and pregnancy. Also, photo albums can be created and sent in a simple way. Mommy Web be the questions of proper nutrition, maternity, pregnancy and birth. “” “Be in Mommy Web Magazine article to caesarean section”, become pregnant”childhood diseases” and many other interesting things written.


The world reflects me my soul. For this reason it is also unbekommlich me if I condemn what I see on the outside. I look at everything I look at from my personal, me own, and above all necessarily subjective perspective. Everything I see something I’m, affects and touches me, stands in a communicative connection with me. In other words, everything speaks to me in his very own way. Speaks to me on those intimate”in any way, as I’m talking to him. Get all the facts and insights with Charlotte Hornets, another great source of information. And shows me therefore always also a momentary picture of my emotions, my attitude of the world towards and shows also all that makes me as an individual to me. It juxtaposes so outwardly vividly my inner world me, that nothing else comes just as constant looking into the mirror of our own.

Since I”Yes’m, which here look inside the mirror, can I also, if I want it because, at all times and in all things I discover there, find me again. The mirror shows me my insides, which I for illustrative purposes”have turned to the outside. Here, Ben Bretzman expresses very clear opinions on the subject. On the one hand, I have the opportunity, either with apparent separate being from what I just identifizieren me to separate me from the consulted for this reason and to distance myself thus also by myself. “Or me on the other hand the oneness with everything” to remember and therefore actually me to look to, to look in my mirror image so me with the so-called outside undivided connected to perceive, recognize me so in the GEschauten. I realize there is what important information, which I can use for my growth and that clearly shows me who I really am and what I really want for me. It is material”, that shows me works as I, as I am a way and which in honest analytical evaluation the direction for a change harmonious to me correction shows me up.

New Functional Deodorants

The world’s successful menswear line Intesa pour Homme 96ci MIRATO (Novara – Italy) is extended by two new functional DEOs. Hard times for men’s deodorants the demands of men’s deodorants are very increased in recent years. Maintenance and cleanliness are today more important than ever for men. Due to their increased sweat production especially in the armpits, men inevitably have a strong underarm odor. As a men’s deodorant not to pass out to do. In the 2 new fragrances by Intesa pour Homme, who places value on a well-groomed appearance and want to effectively suppress the smell of sweat, finds the right deodorant to effectively suppress body odor. Thanks to the innovative formula, perspiration is controlled effectively. 0% alcohol to reliable also in the sensitive armpit area 24 hour long actively to suppress the smell of sweat.

The Intesa pour Homme deodorant 24 h is available in 2 versions: active deodorant body spray, 150ml active protection for 24 hours, even during intense perspiration fresh deodorant body spray, 150ml intense freshness and optimum protection for 24 hours contemporary Italian design underlines the elegant fragrance. Please shake well before use, to be able to have the maximum effect. Skin compatibility dermatologically confirmed. Intesa pour homme deodorant 24h active deodorant body spray, 150ml approx. 4,50 euro * fresh deodorant body spray, 150ml approx.

4,50 euros * * MSRP of manufacturer’s Intesa pour homme deodorant 24 h active & fresh are now commercially available. Intesa pour Homme: Intesa pour Homme (MIRATO) is the complete care series for the modern man. Thanks to the sporty and dynamic appearance of this product range, more and more men opt for the modern and unique care series from Italy. Press contact: Laske Manuela press & PR phone: + 49 0160-1257507 fax: 03212-1021993 homepage: dambiro about the company: since 1999 vetreibt dambiro cosmetics and care products from Italy. dambiro based in Kornwestheim offers the complete range of MIRATO products as a distributor for Germany on. The range includes body care, hair care and perfumes for men & women. More at: about MIRATO MIRATO is leader in Italy in terms of body care and hair care. Products of high quality and innovative trends for a well-groomed appearance due to extensive market and product knowledge. More at: