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Punk rock – a genre of rock music which arose in the mid-1970s in the U.S. and, later, in the UK. In punk rock combined social protest and opposition to the then musical forms of rock: a deliberately cultivated and primitive game pert early rock and roll. For tracks of punk rock in general, characterized by fast-paced, short duration of time, a simple accompaniment, often cheeky and aggressive style of singing. The texts are imbued with nihilism and the social and political themes. In each type of punk rock has its own individual biases.

Punk rock is inextricably linked with the punk subculture that is characterized by printsypy DIY, outrageous, bullying and general nonconformity. Meaning that investing early punk rock bands in their genre, was the desire to play, dominating over the skill to play, thanks to this definition, formed a heterogeneous early American punk scene between primitive and superficial Ramones to the complex and experimental Television. Such an approach of punk rock become the main range of subcultures – punk, DIY, fanzines culture, and later – straight edge. In 1976-1977, the punk rock begins emerge in the UK, more controversial and politicized form, thanks to this genre in 1977 became one of the most remarkable phenomena in rock music Great Britain. Over time, punk rock has generated a lot of species. The largest of them are more melodic and lightweight pop-punk, hardcore and aggressive Oi!, And combination with other genres – ska-punk and became a separate major post-punk genre.

Mary Sergey

– Clearly, – trying as much as possible to conceal his grief, meets Maria, asking another question. – And how much more do you have? – I’m on my fifth year and two months later, I have issue in any city in Russia for further service. Realizing that it is also not pleasant, I felt another blow to the psyche of Mary, the same painful for her, like the previous one. – So, two months later you go? – Asked Mary hlyupnuv nose.

– Most likely yes, you’re not sick by any chance? – Few, I swallowed a pill and went to you. – And I love you forcing me to walk in the cool evening, can doedem to the theater in a taxi? – No, everything’s fine, I feel good. – How such a beautiful girl can be without a guy? Long parted? – Sergey asked, not knowing whether this is so. – No, recently, two weeks ago – with some sadness in his eyes said Maria. – , and why, if I may ask? And how did you meet? – Three years, though last year was one filed with the scandals, but ended up that I accidentally met him on the street, walking arm in arm with a girl – with a vanished smile was the answer. – It is clear, but why do not you split up with him before? – Sergey asked thoughtfully.

The Line

It consults to the pertaining to school descriptions? these are made in consultation of fiches of accompaniment and pertaining to school of the life of the pupil. Comment? comment of the behavior of the attitude since the first days of the pupil. Questionnaires – with direct and objective questions. Exercise or simulation? to identify colleagues of the relationship of the pupil who interact better it. (these can be made with written activities or verbal that allows the pupil to express which it likes to seat in the classroom close, to play in the recreation with this coleguinha or to take a walk).

Avaliao of knowledge, this elaborated by the professor. It will be able to use to advantage from these activities to involve the family in the school with manuscript and execution of the research instruments, is used of procedures in the verification of behavior of educating using games of rules, photos of its family and that it has the development of it in this. In the photos it can observe in these the familiar culture and to the times until the religion. It is pertinent to place the child in accordance with to observe and to describe the line of time of its life, placing the photos of increasing form its growth. It can still give varies figures and to ask for to handle engravings and to count to estria of these engravings, instigating the solar a creativity, also to analyze the reading that it makes of the figure and the concatenation of the ideas. Remembering that all or any developed activity must respect the etria band of the pupil. Each explicit activity an objective and will have to display for educating or for the parents what it intends with each activity that is developing, so that the parents or the child when it understands can exactly understand of superficial form the situation.