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Great Reserve Luis Felipe

Delivery of prizes in the Hotel MOUNT CONQUERO the next Saturday day 15 of January, will take place in the halls the Hotel Conquero Mount, one of the hotels in Huelva nearer downtown, the delivery of the prizes that every year grants to the Association Luis Felipe of the City of Huelva. The act will be developed as of the 21.00 hours. In this edition, the association has granted the Prize from Culture 2010 to the University of Huelva, organization that was founded in 1993; on the other hand, the Prize of Sports has been granted to the historian and author of Digital History of the Real Recreational Club of Huelva, Bernardine Antonio Or the Leero. To the act of delivery of these awards the mayor of the city has confirmed his presence, Pedro Rodriguez, who will give the prizes the awarded ones, whereas the president of the Association Luis Felipe, Jose Enrique To sweep, imposes the standards of the association. The Association Luis Felipe of the City of Huelva was born with the vocation to disclose the knowledge of the Great Reserve Luis Felipe. This famous Brandy of great reputation, has come elaborating for more than a century in the famous Warehouses Blond from the Palm of the County (Huelva), where the tradition, the climate and the final excellence of a unique product, have done of this referring mark a world-wide one.

Kitchen Well

To add to a description for the article of Son many the elements that you must consider at the time of mounting the industrial kitchen. The hotel trade equipment are very important since each one of the utensils that you use to realise the meals need a care and a specific use, for that reason everything what we used from the pots and frying pans of teflon until the wood places setting can be a center of bacteria. For that reason the nourishing security does not only depend on the foods that we use if not that in many occasions depends on the materials that we put in contact with the food, like can be the stainless steel, the teflon, the glass, the aluminum, the clay or the silicone, that can become the main factor for the creation of numerous germs that can aggravate the food and cause, if they are used bad of way reiterated in a risk for the health. It is necessary to carry far the precaution since the stainless steel can release to heavy metals like nickel and cadmium, the anti-stick properties of the teflon own a toxic component. Other utensils very used they are those of wood and which we needed to know that by its condition of porous nature and the presence of cracks it is very easy that they accumulate rest of foods and humidity, that can generate centers of bacteria. Also they recommend to never wash these instruments in the dishwasher since the heat accelerates its deterioration. In the case of the mud casseroles they recommend to have well-taken care of if they are enameled because the varnish can contain heavy metals.

For that reason against the use of utensils of teflon, aluminum or wood the experts recommend to use the glass, since he does not make any type of reaction in the kitchen, neither he is corroded nor of oxidizes and he becomes one of the sites the more adapted to keep the food. In addition he has more benefits because he does not retain scents, he is anti-stick, he serves for microwaves, furnace and freezer since he resists temperatures that oscillate from 60C. until the 250 C. In addition at the time of the cleaning it is the material that with greater facility becomes disinfected so by all this more recomendado.

Liquefied Gas

The liquefied Gas of petroleum is often brief like the GLP. Propane, butane, isobutano and all these types of gases enter this category. When a sufficient amount of pressure is added to these gases, they become liquid. If not outside for that reason pressure turns that them into liquids to be able to store in special containers, the GLP would evaporate quickly. These gases can be used like main fuel, since they are part essential of the derivatives of petroleum, but often the alternative fuels are considered.

Its use in anyone of the cases must to a large extent to the Dr. Walter Snelling, who was first in receiving a patent for his production. Before their experimentation, these gases were considered like a problem for the oil industry since remainder products were seen as. The diverse types of GLP can be mixed in different proportions. This generally determines by the form in that the product is going to be used. The atmosphere in which these products derived from petroleum will be always used plays an important role. When a GLP is used in an ambient cold, for example, he is essential to use a great amount of gas propane.

Propane is considered like best of petroleum gas liquefied using in low temperatures. Even when the temperatures have fallen very below zero, the gas can vaporize and still set fire with facility. Although it is generally more versatile than the fossil fuels commonly mentioned, the liquefied gas of petroleum also is a fossil fuel. It can be extracted when petroleum or the natural gas is extracted of the Earth. Also the refining of the natural gas or the refinement of petroleum can be produced by. Even though the production is not intentional, the GLP takes place like by-product when other fossil combustible materials make. Another advantage of the liquefied gas of petroleum is that he is more ecological than many other options. Burning fire without soot. In addition, it does not produce the problematic emissions that often are the cause of the controversy of the greenhouse effect created by other fossil fuels. By another part, since it is not a soluble water gas and it evaporates so quickly, their use does not represent a threat of contamination of the water. These gases are used for several intentions. The butane is of frequent use in the lighters. Propane is stored in tanks that can be implemented for different functions. These include the portable stoves to cook, heaters, and portable water heaters. Some vehicles also have the capacity to work with GLP. There are advantages in this sense, since it can offer a greater life utility to the spark plugs of the motor and reduces the corrosion. Another one of the attractive advantages for the gas use liquefied of petroleum in the vehicles is that in the majority of the places this type of gas tends to be more barat than traditional fossil fuels.