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Great Reserve Luis Felipe

Delivery of prizes in the Hotel MOUNT CONQUERO the next Saturday day 15 of January, will take place in the halls the Hotel Conquero Mount, one of the hotels in Huelva nearer downtown, the delivery of the prizes that every year grants to the Association Luis Felipe of the City of Huelva. The act will be developed as of the 21.00 hours. In this edition, the association has granted the Prize from Culture 2010 to the University of Huelva, organization that was founded in 1993; on the other hand, the Prize of Sports has been granted to the historian and author of Digital History of the Real Recreational Club of Huelva, Bernardine Antonio Or the Leero. To the act of delivery of these awards the mayor of the city has confirmed his presence, Pedro Rodriguez, who will give the prizes the awarded ones, whereas the president of the Association Luis Felipe, Jose Enrique To sweep, imposes the standards of the association. The Association Luis Felipe of the City of Huelva was born with the vocation to disclose the knowledge of the Great Reserve Luis Felipe. This famous Brandy of great reputation, has come elaborating for more than a century in the famous Warehouses Blond from the Palm of the County (Huelva), where the tradition, the climate and the final excellence of a unique product, have done of this referring mark a world-wide one.