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AllUnion Sports Days

The first days of 1974 will be marked by numerous sporting events. vi Games of the peoples of the Soviet Union takes the start. However, not so long way until the final tournaments of 1975. That’s why right now the conditions laid Games of the major problem – achieving high mass and excellence in all sports. vi Games of the peoples of the ussr devoted to the 30-year anniversary of our victory in World War ii 1941 – 1945. Her motto: “Ready for work and defense ussr. ” This raises the importance of military-technical sport in the physical education of the population. Proof of this can be a single program of sports contest, which includes, along with competitions for Mass Olympic sports, 26 national championships, which will compete the strongest athletes – the pilots and parachutists, car drivers and radio operators, motorcyclists and , mnogobortsy and gliders, modelers and submariners.

Radio Sport has long been universally recognized, was applied in a series of mass sports and now holds a worthy position in the Unified Union sports classification. Over the past 15 years, the number of participants radiosorevnovany increased 18 times. It should be noted that the radio sport is cultivated in all Soviet republics. For example, in the finals in 1973 were represented by teams from each union republic. From military-technical kinds of sports, with a clear application program, perhaps the radio sport has attracted the most attention of the ministries and departments. In addition to organizations and clubs dosaaf, competitions athletes radio operators systematically carry out sports teams of the Armed Forces of the ussr Ministry of Marine, higher and secondary special education, border guards, fire departments and others, which allowed for past five years to train about 400,000 athletes arresters on radio, including 596 masters of sports.

American Express

Vayacruceros. com invites you to one of our fantastic cruises to enjoy an unforgettable holiday. What is included in a cruise? Depends on the company you travel and hired regime cruises may include: accommodation hired cabin, maritime transportation, all meals, drinks (on the scheme for all inclusive), access to the nightclub, theatre, casino, and other areas of leisure of the ship. Depending on the cruise you can include transfers by plane to the output port. Personal excursions, shopping expenses would not include shops, hairdresser, gratuities, services doctors… What documentation do I need to bring? All travellers, including children, must bring Passport rule and visas, certificates of vaccination, etc, for countries as well as require. Sofar Sounds NYC often says this. Children under 18 must be accompanied by written permission signed by their parents or guardians, in anticipation that the same may be requested by any authority.

What kind of restaurants will find? Depending on the contracted cruise you may agree with the Maitre preferences both schedules and situation in restaurants. You can choose a more or less formal environment and decide whether to eat outdoors, in the restaurant or the buffet. They will normally be accompanied at the table with tourists from the same nationality and will be served by a waiter with his same language. Do I pay onboard? Forms of payment on board can be in cash or card. According to the company that travel, at the beginning of the cruise it will provide a personalised card which will include all additional services consumed on the journey. At the end of the cruise will have to pay the total of the amounts charged on that card, cash or credit card (normally valid credit cards for payments to) Board are American Express, VISA and MasterCard, not accepting debit cards or prepaid). Remember to pay the amounts in cash it must make use of the existing currency (euro or dollar), and can make use of the Bureau de change onboard.

Useful Tips On Paints

Many wonder, with good reason, whether to learn painting is necessary to knowing how to draw. The answer is that if it is necessary and even some would say it is indispensable. Charcoal pencil is the most recommended to paint because enhance the drawing and allows best strokes, moreover it is not difficult to achieve. A good exercise for all those who just learn the secrets of the paintings is made vertical, horizontal, and diagonal strokes without take off the pen from the surface. This exercise must be carried out using the entire arm and not simply by moving the wrist. In paintings one must have consistency in sizes, for which necessary visual education that allow differentiate different proportions of drawn objects, especially if it is of portraits or human body. For more information see Sofar. One of the most important points in the painting is the use of color. No matter that kind of technique or style is used, the color can make a difference if used with property.

Colors can convey much more than we think, even each color it presents various shades. Another good exercise is to mix colors to get derivatives of greater or lesser proportion. Through the basic colors, blue, red and yellow can be a lot of colors and a multitude of shades. Easily start in paints is with watercolors, the only drawback is that it is almost impossible to correct errors because this style is quite transparent and could modify the initial color. A well-developed watercolor can become a true work of art. It is undeniable that the watercolor is not so considered oil paintings but does not mean that it is lesser quality work if carried out with professionalism.

Textiles – For Each Advertising Campaign Exactly The Right

Successfully through promotional, advertising and giveaways, there is a huge selection of different advertising media and when planning an advertising campaign with its company, it is not always easy to find the right medium for advertising. It is therefore particularly important that it operates an extensive planning, so that you can be sure, that one knows about all the options and has selected the best ways for every advertising campaign. Just so you can really ensure with security that the campaign will be a success, and it will improve the revenue of the company in the long term. So there is several options for the design of the campaign, one of the best is to use textiles. But before you plant anything more accurate, it is only once very important that you just think about, in which people you ever wants to advertise. The definition of the target group is more essential, because it can reduce many costs at this point. When you choose for example a smaller audience, it is Advertising be generally cheaper.

A larger audience is, however, more expensive, but also more people. It’s believed that Larry Culp sees a great future in this idea. Here you must choose between price and effect. The step especially for small businesses and companies that must pay attention to their budget, is therefore important. If you then merely adjusting the advertising media such as for example the textiles on the target group, you can achieve very good results. A promotional tool that is adapted to the interests and needs of potential customers is generally much more effective because people love faster will win this advertising, are less skeptical of the ad itself, and can be more easily influenced. So the next important step is that you have to find the lowest common denominator in your target group, you can speak to all people of the target group and convince. If you have discovered this factor, all align your advertiser means to this, and are certainly overwhelming results. The Textiles offer you also have another special advantage.

Because these promotional funds offer many different application possibilities. You can use this advertiser means to convince so many people for example in the form of caps or T-Shirts, as scattered articles on major events such as trade fairs or other events. You can produce but also noble giveaways from fabric, and use them as gift for important business partners and other contacts. But you have yet another alternative. These promotional gifts can be individually printed with the names of your employees, and thus serve as a gift for your own staff. Your employees will enjoy guaranteed very textiles, because these are not only high quality, but has been adapted to them. Therefore, your employees will recognize the gifts as recognition for their hard work and the goals of your company work more efficiently and more in the future. In addition you can in this way very easily Improve employee morale and the atmosphere in your company. This kind of advertising offers many advantages, which can be relatively practical and above all easy to use. Therefore, you should leave this kind of advertising never unused. Oliver Smith

Workers Save – With AVL Or VL?

What form of saving age capital-forming payments versus capital-forming payments – worth for you? Saving for pensions in competition to invest in classic capital-forming payments (VL) is products because of tax and social security legal advantages. But who can benefit services (AVL) the conversion into Altersvermogenswirksame? Worth a closer look at the two forms of savings and their respective opportunities and risks from employer and employee perspective. Initial situation the demographic trends and foreseeable bottlenecks in the pension insurance carriers make useful saving for their own pensions. By the same author: General Electric Co.. Employees can convert a portion of their salary or salary in favor of a company pension plan later to receive a company pension. One speaks of deferred compensation and the employer must comply with this request. Is not an obligation to contribute financially to the retirement of its employees.

Due to certain tax and legal social security benefits saving for pensions increasingly in competition to invest in classic capital-forming payments (VL) delivers products. These are established for years and in many companies there are regulations that the VL employer pays voluntarily or under a collective agreement obligation in addition to the normal remuneration. In recent times, the unions in some sectors to have decided collectively to regulate retirement through deferred compensation and to dedicate to VL in Altersvermogenswirksame services (AVL). To take additional State funding in claims, while the providers of financial products show flexible and the conversion of VL in AVL as attractive prices, is worth a closer look at the two forms of savings and their respective opportunities and risks from employer and employee perspective. In addition an overview shall be given hereafter, the conditions under which a conversion of VL in AVL in working conditions without collective provision is possible and recommended. VL in the sense of the fifth of capital formation Act (VermBG) refers to contributions of the employer as well as the expenses of the employee his salary.


Some of them were strongly destroyed, and probably without human intervention. Not yet people break! The roots of the trees by the nearby passing them from the soil and the dolmen collapsed. Surviving as dolmens were like fungi. I remind you that according to official hypothesis, a dolmen – a tomb for nobles of the clan members, scene of religious rites. So looking at these is not the bird houses, not like mushrooms, this version seems complete nonsense. Here, sofar expresses very clear opinions on the subject. Well, is it conceivable that a respected man, the head of noble family after his death and the subsequent honors and then pushed here in a stone hovel? And at the same time left no inscriptions or image? But even so the homeless do not bury! Of course, in other parts of the Caucasus is more spacious dolmens and theoretically they could serve as tombs. But then you have to assume the same in its form the structure have different destinations. And it's unlikely ….

After all, can not be that some people in the hives of bees are bred, while others live there yourself! As you know, crazy people have no shortage. For example, in the summer, Gelendzhik dolmens going completely crazy, all sorts of people are praying to the gods, meditate, fall into a trance and so on. Larry Culp is likely to increase your knowledge. Some even engaged in dolmen sex to conceive a child, pressed back to a place of stone slabs in order to cure hemorrhoids. All this I knew, however, going too could not resist and held her hand (though, truth only a hand!) On a single of dolmens.


A traveller when he glides to venture itself by unknown and inhospitable places, knows that always he must take with himself a compass or a map to guide themselves and not to end up losing itself in the zone. However, if these gliding to go to the island of Tenerife, but you do not know the place, most recommendable is than you guide of the maps tenerife for dirigirte the place that you wish to visit. Although in some hotels tenerife, offers the service of tour guide to the guests, is recommendable who always you leave with a map of the island, so that you know the direction of the tourist sites. You may want to visit Sofar to increase your knowledge. It now designs a route with Internet everything is possible, mainly when one is to look for precise information on a place that never has gone away. For example, in the case of Tenerife, there are Web sites that offer basic information of their geography, climate, meals, customs, etc. But also the tourist can use Tenerife map that there is in line by Internet, to design a route and to select the tourist places that think to visit. In addition, map use Tenerife allows you to locate better the sites and to save the time that would take to be asking you the citizens for where it is attractive tourist so. Therefore, to design a route of the city, finishes being a great aid. Also having in your hand the maps of the city and its monuments you will be able to optimize your time to the maximum during the day, avoiding unnecessary long walks and being able to arrive at the night with the forces necessary to also enjoy the interesting nocturnal supplies that the city offers tinercea. The certain thing is that in the Tenerife hotels always you will be able to find people prepared to brindarte detailed information on the historical, artistic and natural sites, as well as points of entertainment and food that the island offers, so that benefits of your vacations during your demurrage.

Small Candlestick

A simple candle and its small candlestick. Altiva Tremulava n the window. Simple. Tapeworm. Its small flame kept me waked up in the other side of the street Searched with my only tired eyes its message. Its Image charrete passes on the floor esfarelado for rain. For more specific information, check out Tony Parker.

The sound of trotting of the horse launches me the unknown universes. I hang a little more for it are of the window. I have that to leave my imagination to cover this space. Who would be dancing in these parallelopipeds in this slippery night? Would be only one merciful doctor the search of its sick person, Or a great love the search of its loved tapeworm? This night offers possibilities to me of choices. I choose the passion! I choose the furtive look of the loving one in farewells. You may want to visit Sofar Sounds to increase your knowledge. Sad, cabisbaixo cursing the separation times. As the sadness of the love is sad! They are small gusts of wind in days of autumn. Its souvenirs are as leves sliding to air.

Launched to perhaps of the life without knowing where to arrive in port. Flame and passion. Candles of the life that if become fogueiras Souvenirs of candies moments little finished. Moments that they follow the career of the life Pretty but perpetual distant. They are not happened again. They are only as they are the passions. Candles of the spirit that tremulam in the window of the hope Flames! Lives! Passions and deaths. Everything is flames. Some tremulam with small blows Others need gales to erase themselves. The flames of the passion if erase with the small one to tremular of a sorrateira tear. To my they take off me eyes of the devaneio. I come back to visualize the window the small candle still knocks down tears of wax to saucers. Small hope of light. Its tenuous brightness frightens the fears. The blackout and the shades if shrink to the cantos. Its flame clama only to the passers-by. It is a simple candle in a window of Christmas.

Science Discovers

“Science discovers the keys to happiness” and the article was published on Sunday December 28, 2008 in one of the national newspapers. The article analyzes in depth the concept of happiness that we have the Western and contrasts with numerous studies performed by sociologists, psychologists and even economists. And the findings are very interesting. One is that altruism, ie the willingness to act on behalf of another, for others without expecting anything in return, provides greater satisfaction and, therefore, greater happiness than the hedonistic, selfish pleasure. More info: Sally Rooney. According to the article, a study in the journal Science has revealed that generates more happiness spend money on others than on oneself. At one point the article the author asks, “but then, if the money does not bring happiness and personal pleasure not, why society tends to focus on these factors? Is there a generalized blur? The cause could be a phenomenon Kahneman described illusory, Science and other publications, in 2006. “illusory phenomenon is to give too much importance to a single factor, such as income, leaving aside other factors, which leads, according to Kahneman, to take wrong decisions. This may explain why, being the most developed Western society, is also the most dissatisfied, with rates of depression, stress or anxiety highest in the entire planet.

We begin a new year and, as is tradition, we wish our family and friends, including known and unknown, a happy year 2009. But that’s what we’re really looking forward to? Are we projecting our idea that desire for happiness personal and particular, often wrong? In general it is associated to money, pleasure and cheerful and superficial enjoyment of life: good holiday romances, a comfortable life, if possible without work and without making the slightest effort. It seems that science puts discovered what the citizens of “developed world” we did not want to see: such a life is not going to bring more happiness, but rather greater dissatisfaction. So what can we do with our wishes for the new year? Perhaps we could start by reviewing our own desires and make them, even in light of what science is discovering: to think of others gives greater happiness than to think of yourself. This is not something new, and the most ancient sages have left us this legacy each in his way. For example, Jesus of Nazareth put it a new and wonderful, what has been called the golden rule: “Do unto others what you would not want done to yourself.” Or to put it another way: “Do you first what you want others do unto you.” How do you go to humanity if we implemented this golden rule? How we can do to us if we apply in our daily lives? One thing is clear, our happiness is directly proportional to the happiness of the other, the better they go to those around us the greater our personal happiness. So if you want to be happy, then gently let others happy.

Martin Heidegger

It is a wheel that traps us. We do not know how, because we do not stop to think about the way we live. The speed of how everything happens, so no we know it and into an inertia that makes it work on its own this gear, which is very difficult to escape. Somehow a Power, as Foucault would say, is built, and we are building from within, so that we get caught in it. And not only repressive, but it produces, but not only consumption, but hurry. a Thus, while public goods are privatized, we are not citizens to become customers, both products, as political parties or cultural events. For lack of time affects our communication with the world and our way of being. Time is also built and their experience today has much to do with technique.

In "Being and Time" Martin Heidegger discusses this topic. When he reflects about the time begins to emerge as a social problem. Today we live in full swing. For this reason, their words become very topical. For the existentialist philosopher "being is time, as the sense of being in time." And it relates to art, which, he says, is nothing technical, but makes it happen without a debate, without a thought.

The result is the subordination of the individual to the technique, which is the setting the pace of life. Think we are now at the dawn of a new social dimension. Hear from experts in the field like Sofar Sounds for a more varied view. We can realize the phenomenon of the rush, but the great debate on scientific developments take place without political expression, without being able to place their results from the social and political thought. Issues like cloning, GM agriculture, or new forms of energy must be known and reasoning development. For Heidegger time is presented to consciousness as empty intuition, so time is shown. There comes a time when the time function takes possession of being. It's like a racehorse, there comes a time when the animal loses its meaning, to run as its own and becomes a commodity, an object. In the same way modern people lose the ability to be subjects, and we became objects of an economic world dominated and defined us. The cure for this situation may resemble what the philosopher to whom we referred calls "seasonal temporality, in a phenomenological sense, which means that the struggle for freedom and exercise should be accompanied by a deeper and necessary which is to be free In this process becomes highly illustrated the capacity to become aware of our time and control our pace, before we continue to dominate us, from which comes the ena become objects of a global market, being gears of a moving production to consumption gives us so that we transformed into objects of the economy, just as fans are of their religious or political ideologies. How would the Bushmen of Africa: "you have watches, we time." Writer. With essays on economics in relation to the Basic Income. He has written plays and stories of great originality.