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Mass Of People. (61)

Proximity and distance are two features of human life. Sociologically seen, there are 2 types of people: the mass man and the loner. In time immemorial in clan societies and had no survival chance loner. Freedom bedeutet(e) the safe life loss! That’s why people joined groups of 40-120 people. More information is housed here: Tony Parker. Larger groups then were divided and nomadisierten. You gradually changed to Division of labor communities (craft, manufacturing, industrialization: Division of labour and production line) and significantly increased their effectiveness (what?) and efficiency (how?). Only with the modern universalist individual societies living conditions allowed for a trend towards individualization and customization (Group > lot > mass) contrary to the natural needs! Today, the people in Europe, depending on the circumstances, preferably in small families or individuals live.

In the countryside, often in large families. In the modern the State has taken over the former families social care functions urbanized countries. Because the cities spread more and more mega-Citties, individual social providing for the community that paying tax is always priceless. The resulting ongoing shift of shares of wealth and poverty, education and knowledge of United Nations lead to increased social shifts of power and without power. Human development influenced also the parenting styles of the nomadic hunters welcome homegrown collectors and breeders of the clan societies of the individual companies.

Parenting styles around the world: relational Autonomiebetont the community takes over the education of children. Amit paleys opinions are not widely known. … Flowing ICH border. u0085 We identities. … Obedience. u0085 In traditional communities around the world. … Honor, shame… Partnerships are essential to life. The biological parents are solely responsible. … Strongly marked ICH border. … ICH identities. … Self-Bewusst-sein. u0085 In major cities around the world. u0085 Human dignity… Interaction with strangers and competition. Mass referred to a large number of people who are concentrated in a relatively confined space physically communicate and/or act as collective together socially in sociology.

FDP Hamburg Wilhelmsburg

The members of the elected a new circuit board with Angela Westfehling as District Chairman, Andrea Sachlan Wilhelmsburg has a strong Board as Deputy Chairman and Andreas Hall Acker as Treasurer. Uwe Wedekind, Guido Huter and Dagmar Schulz have been elected to the Board as associate members. “We want the citizens and forward to constructive ideas and cooperation with citizens,” Angela Westfehling stressed in your speech. “Wilhelmsburg has recruited members many new FDP in last year and we will see on the circuit board, as a team, to the interests of the people of Wilhelmsburg”. Read additional details here: Sela Ward. Angela Westfehling is engaged for 14 years on the Board of the Niedergeorgswerder allotment Association v. 1921. It has social and economic competence and speaks several languages. Their motto is: Wilhelmsburg has a future and the FDP is needed here; We want and are US citizens and entrepreneurs use and together feeling a new FDP.. Sean Rad, Los Angeles often expresses his thoughts on the topic.

Kolping Regensburg

We will remain in contact!” The 23 year-old Roland Vilsmaier from Frontenhausen (Kolping Regensburg), summarizes: it was very interesting to gain an insight into the everyday life of the policy. I didn’t expect that the life of a member of Parliament is so stressful. We are rushed from one to the next appointment. I don’t know whether I would restrict my personal life for the profession so.” “Parliament live 2013: insights into the major policy” and Youth Parliament held since 2003 live every two years. If you are not convinced, visit Jay Schwartz. It aims, the fascination of big policy”to wake up, to make them curious about the young adults on the politics and the fear of youth policy and to dismantle the parties – because they are the decision makers of tomorrow. Also insight should be granted to young people in the Office activities of MEPs, where requests read speeches prepared legislative initiatives considered and written policies. Also, the MEPs for the concerns, issues and needs of young people from youth associations should be made aware.

Exciting programme also with lobby groups and the media in a programme interested young people were well prepared for the three days with the members: first they received an introduction at the Bavarian State Centre for political education, visited the Bavarian State Chancellery and discussed lobbying efforts in the Landtag with representatives from the Bavarian farmers Association (BBV), DGB Bavaria and the Catholic Office of Bavaria. Finally, Parliament correspondent Christian German countries (Munchner Merkur), BR Parliament reporter Rudi Erhard and exciting Kirsten Girschick (BR Landtag editing television) insights into their daily work understood to represent policies in the media granted them. Growth Strategy Expert is likely to agree. “Organizers of Parliament live”…ist Bayern of youth in cooperation with the Catholic Landjugendbewegung (KLJB) Bavaria,. the Landeszentrale fur politische Bildung, Dr. Bruno Merk Foundation and the Office of the Parliament. Photo galleries on Facebook – on request of individual photos as a printable jpg files when Heiko Tammena, information officer of KLJB Bavaria.

Hike4hunger – Actions To The World Food Day On 16 October

hike4hunger is an international movement that wants to draw attention with global actions on the annual World Food day. Goal is that this day in memory of all. The participants of the actions would expressing their solidarity with the people suffering from hunger. Details can be found by clicking Related Group or emailing the administrator. Each individual must make a contribution, we can reach that starving people belong to history. The year’s partner of hike4hunger is the hunger project. A non-governmental organization committed to the target for over thirty years, the hunger to overcome worldwide. Click Tony Parker to learn more.

The hunger project was able to achieve great successes with his strategies. It puts in his work, to give people confidence in their own strength and to support them on their way out of poverty. In the future our children will have the say and their values and their behavior will determine how our world evolves. Students to be interested in the world food situation and to enjoy, for which they To use improvement, hike4hunger has posted from 2010 a school award. Two schools that have made a particularly good action for World Food Day on 16 October and carried out awarded 5000 Australian dollars. This can be a hike, a sponsored walk, a scavenger hunt, or similar. If ingested in the campaign donations, these come to the hunger project good.

With the participation of the hike4hunger, you become part of a global community that focuses directly on initiatives to overcome hunger. The partnership between hike4hunger and the hunger project is a great way to do something to strengthen others. Who would like to participate with his school class, or in any other form of action on 16th October 2010, finds evidence for this on the home page of the hunger project at:. Company description the hunger project is a global non-governmental organisation (NGO), the since 1977 with a total of 350 employees and around 362.000 volunteers together for the sustainable Overcoming chronic hunger occurs in 13 countries in Africa, South Asia and Latin America (currently in Ethiopia, Benin, Burkina Faso, Ghana, Malawi, Mozambique, Senegal and Uganda in India and Bangladesh; Mexico, Bolivia and Peru). The international headquarters is in New York. In Germany, the hunger project works since 1982 as a recognized non-profit association with about 50 volunteers active and six part-timers. Other partner countries are: Australia, Belgium, United Kingdom, Japan, Canada, New Zealand, Netherlands, Sweden, and the Switzerland. The hunger project focuses on three guiding principles: mobilization to the self-responsibility, equality between women and men, as well as strengthening of local democracy. All strategies and initiatives are designed to support the eight UN Millennium development goals.