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How To Choose A Violin

Factory production of instruments of violin family saturate the market with violins, viola and cello different class and quality, but do not have coped with the main task, creating an ideal tool in which the harmony sound quality will be combined with the convenience of the game. Even among non-expensive violins can choose a quality instrument with good sound. With the convenience of playing cheap instruments is not as optimistic, almost Each violin bought at the store needs some work as a master Solzhenitsyn stand and an upper threshold, controlling the distance between the defect mistrust.Chastity shop violin is not as well-posed ducky, which not only affects the sound, but could also lead to more serious engine damage during .Smallish tightly staged ducky in transportation and shrinkage of wood in fresh instruments leads to occurrence of cracks in the first place on the upper deck, sometimes ninety.Testosterone cracked yet in the store to buy one tool will not, but the appearance of such defects can not bring myself to wait immediately after acquisition, for example after drop in humidity and temperature so typical of our climate. If you play the violin learn to be child-everything is clear, you need to find a teacher and he tells you how to choose an instrument. For violin child to choose is not desirable, it may not be suitable primarily for Ezmeralda.

Blucher consult with knowledgeable person and not just a violinist friend, lover and teacher, who will deal with the child. Classic size violins and cellos are the dimensions of 1 / 16 to 4/4.To same applies to the bows aim.S size violas and double basses is the case a little differently, this is due to the fact that learning to play on these instruments begin later in the desired size Zoroaster.Chernobyl choice is this: the violin is applied to the child, if the left hand freely and effortlessly embraces curl violin is the right choice. Great danger the health instrument.Deadly large novice musician, whether child or adult, is not correctly selected a large violin or cello can become an insurmountable obstacle in the implementation of evaluation learn to play the same instrument.Daze at first glance, the tools in the shop can vary greatly within a single Emera.Na no expensive instruments are rarely found suitable necks, this is again due to not seasoned wood (thin neck may simply bend or break.) Ease of violin or cello, the neck is not only thick, but at the same form.Techno factory production, there are certain rules and standards, but the selection of decent-sounding and convenient tool is especially individual.

Musician Criticism

If you perform regularly, it is impossible not to encounter the phenomenon of criticism. Criticism, of course, is different. It can inspire and can break and cause to abandon ambitions. All ultimately depend on perception of criticism. Let's take a little bit to talk about how to survive criticism and accept it for the benefit of themselves.

In life and music is important not to take yourself too seriously, give the feeling of own importance, as Castaneda wrote. It is always important to remember that the next cloud musicians more experienced and more talented than you. Well, not a genius you are, so what? That's the charm, and there is room to grow. If you do not grow and does not change, probably you're dead. We also understand that the taste and color … Not even worth continuing. Criticism is seldom worthwhile, when it comes to style your group. Everyone just can not please.

Therefore, those who fundamentally do not like your style, you can simply say: 'Friends, our music is not for everyone and not for you ', and then to use idiomatic expressions with emotional colors bright. It is important also to listen to constructive criticism, if everything is bad, how can I fix it? There are always those who criticize you from good faith, that you do not stop and move forward. Such criticism is too often can hurt, but you will help to understand the weaknesses, which no doubt important. After all, in music as in life, we must learn to accept yourself the way you are. As soon as you and your team grow professionally, the number of critical comments in your address, oddly enough, not diminished, but rather added. This does not have to run to the next depression and to seek refuge in alcohol and drugs! Criticized – then you are on the right track. As a result, in fact only a musician myself and can criticize, because he puts himself to the objectives and goals to strive for.