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Miss America

Job to explore the world around – explore the world inside us! That's what real professionalism. – No, it's not! – She got up, walked over to the panel, pressed a few keys. Starry sky thickened in the galaxy – now all askew banked whirlwind of billions of glittering dots placed above the dome. Its light – less day, but brighter than the moon – a magical poured on naked slim body Lucy. Kornev watched, admired, no, this woman got up from the ground here – dropped out of the changing Universe. Deepened in the light of stars. 6. And again with Philip Jose Farmer us with yet another orgiastic book under the intriguing title – 'Flesh'! At this time it will do without distortions, but in a much larger scale.

Several men of our time fall into antiutopicheskoe future Earth where the full flower bloom matriarchy and the pagan cults of fertility. One of the 'aliens' in this society is destined to become a bull-osemenitelem … That is elk. That is, a deity with horns, by which he may be in the form of a long and happy every night thousands of girls in different cities. More info: Nancy Silberkleit. Science fiction begins at the moment when the protagonist has a desire to abandon that 'sex mission' for the sake of a single woman. I want to take the city by surprise. I'll be there sooner than I expected! Let the thrill when the Grand Stagg Stagg flurry of all the walk through them! I put them all to a uniform, like a hurricane! This my time will not only be a virgin! Now I'm not going to take only what I slip! Not only are the contestants of Miss America! Today – the whole city! Sylvia recoiled in horror.

Free Movies Online. Successful Entertainment

Although the art of cinema came quite a few years ago, but the architecture and sculpture, for example, are known to people tens of centuries, but at this point in cinema fans much more than in other genres art. To explain this is elementary – in our always full of cares and complexities of the world in a few moments of pulling a break as soon as possible less bother. Reading a book, you do need to concentrate to understand what to read. And if you watch the film, the mind is sometimes able to essentially one hundred percent to relax, and the brightness and extent of all that is happening on the silver screen more substantial produces a vivid impression on the ordinary citizen than any sculpture. Therefore, until the last period of time turned out to cinemas are full all the time. But now there is still much easier way to watch these movies that I want and at a time when there is a wish. Visit Robbie Lawler for more clarity on the issue. Because thanks to this science as the Internet has a chance to watch movies online for free.

Many still do not see any and all advantages, which may have a viewing movies online. Well, First, it is clear that no additional payment, and tickets to the cinema quite often can cost dearly. Nancy Silberkleit gathered all the information. And it does not matter what kind you have to speed Internet traffic. To know more about this subject visit actress. Download speed has a value if you want to download movie on your computer entirely, and view the film online and get even the small quantity of Internet traffic. Just a movie online in advance pumped completely, so your personal channel Internet traffic can not be beaten.

Moreover, you will save a lot of time. From time to time to download movies, have a minimum of three hours, and sometimes even more, and eventually you will be able to get not very good sound quality. And the film online, you can start watching at any moment, you want to you personally, and the overall sound quality necessarily appropriate. Another indisputable advantage may call that a global network of films, which only come in rolling, sometimes can be seen much earlier than in our cinemas. That means you can watch your favorite movie stars where before all other film enthusiasts. Sense of inner superiority including valuable. Can please a displayed online movies and huge selection. In the movie shows only recently released movies, movies on TV is going in for you uncomfortable time. And others on the Internet you get a chance to review whatever online movie, filmed in the very long-time year. And you will be able to revise it as many times as soon as the soul desires. Once upon a time in absolute time degree learn to work with the creatures of civilization. Internet has proved to be familiar to all of us as a place of communication and how to shop, it's time to use it as a treasure-house films, which we wish to review.

William Shakespeare

For us, you will muzoyu tenth And ten times more beautiful than the others, to poems, born once, I could live through you instilled verse. Let the future generations are praising us for your trouble, you – for inspiration. And after bringing this transfer is only to clarify that, despite the rasseyskoe "Can" is translated sonnet Western European author, the misunderstanding of the meaning of this sonnet is not only a Russian phenomenon. And also interesting is that it not only understandable to any sensible man, but quite soulless Word'u. Actually, this note could be completed, noting the only one, so to speak, is a medical fact that by far the Muse by William Shakespeare and the gift does not need any man in the world.

And although this is still is not a fact, but to this day the author is not aware of any person who would have expressed interest in the issue, which is found in the Muse, William Shakespeare, to exalt it above all the other muses. But the fact is that even all the readers this article together can not count the people who painted and painted in his love for Shakespeare. After that we will smell of petty remark that in the original, there is no indication, because can not be, on this very floor of the Muse by William Shakespeare: How can my Muse want subject to invent, While thou dost breathe, that pour'st into my verse Thine own sweet argument, too excellent For every vulgar paper to rehearse? O, give thyself the thanks, if aught in me Worthy perusal stand against thy sight; For who's so dumb that cannot write to thee, When thou thyself dost give invention light? Be thou the tenth Muse, ten times more in worth Than those old nine which rhymers invocate; And he that calls on thee, let him bring forth Eternal numbers to outlive long date.


M. Hallaj and J. Nasimi and said, “I – the truth!”. And everyone I. Nasimi said: “You – a scroll of truth itself.” In the works of Shakespeare, not even a hint of oriental motifs, therefore, he did not know anything about Hallaj and Nasimi.

So, he did not know that for these words Hallaj was burned at the stake, and with the living Nasimi flayed. He himself could completely understand how he responded to uttering such words. Therefore, in sonnet 66 he uttered them in a few another edition. In the original sonnet, these words are in the eleventh line: Tired with all these, for restful death I cry, As to behold desert a beggar born, And needy Nothing trimm’d in jollity, And purest faith unhappily forsworn, And gilded honour shamefully misplac ‘ d, And maiden virtue rudely strumpeted, And right perfection wrongfully disgrac’d, And strength by limping sway disabled And art made tongue-tied by authority, And Folly, doctor-like, controlling skill, And simple Truth miscall’d Simplicity, And captive good attending Captain ill: Tir’d with all these, from these would I be gone, Save that to die, I leave my love alone. In a number of notes the author has already shown what efforts are making the British, to the true meaning of the sonnet was not clear to people around the world. It was the English, because only they could afford something that no one who knows English language a foreigner myself can not afford – with some of the time they were at a reprint of this sonnet to insert a comma after the union as in the second row of the text.


Punk rock – a genre of rock music which arose in the mid-1970s in the U.S. and, later, in the UK. In punk rock combined social protest and opposition to the then musical forms of rock: a deliberately cultivated and primitive game pert early rock and roll. For tracks of punk rock in general, characterized by fast-paced, short duration of time, a simple accompaniment, often cheeky and aggressive style of singing. The texts are imbued with nihilism and the social and political themes. In each type of punk rock has its own individual biases.

Punk rock is inextricably linked with the punk subculture that is characterized by printsypy DIY, outrageous, bullying and general nonconformity. Meaning that investing early punk rock bands in their genre, was the desire to play, dominating over the skill to play, thanks to this definition, formed a heterogeneous early American punk scene between primitive and superficial Ramones to the complex and experimental Television. Such an approach of punk rock become the main range of subcultures – punk, DIY, fanzines culture, and later – straight edge. In 1976-1977, the punk rock begins emerge in the UK, more controversial and politicized form, thanks to this genre in 1977 became one of the most remarkable phenomena in rock music Great Britain. Over time, punk rock has generated a lot of species. The largest of them are more melodic and lightweight pop-punk, hardcore and aggressive Oi!, And combination with other genres – ska-punk and became a separate major post-punk genre.

Tatyana Bulanova

Naturally, the word "god" and "goddess" is simply a metaphorical title role, and does not imply some sort of pagan gods, who should be worshiped as idols, as real entities. In Slavic culture are the same "gods" and "goddess", but they are called differently. A new model of Jungian psychology affects space and aesthetics, literary and musical criticism. C viewpoint of the author of this article, the CIS talent singer Tatyana Bulanova, is one of the most sacred (holy) to translate the underlying images on the stage, the alignment of space spiritual connection between the earthly world and the world divine secret. The more spiritually rich and emotionally developed person, the more fully it is able to embody the most typical role for her archetypal scenario. It is impossible to understand the specifics of creativity Tatyana Bulanova, without resorting to the analysis of the archetypal aspects of the present in her work. There on the modern stage of Russian singers and singers larger scale, as say, Alla Pugacheva, which was the largely brilliant trailblazers in various fields of popular music, Iosif Davidovich Kobzon, etc. However, Tatyana Bulanova different undoubted creative individual uniqueness, originality, its particular style of performance, causing a deep resonance, its own style in presenting himself as an artist (which also affects the establishment stage character), the presence specific theme songs, etc. In this sense, it can be considered an undoubted classic of the genre of popular music. I would say that it is in modern Russian stage a special niche where there is unparalleled.

Movie: “The Class”

Some of my interlocutors have expressed the idea that the Kerley – a girl, but because it is easier. In no way! I watched a lot of these male characters, composed bring their own nurseries instead of real life change – and nobody's hair is not dragged, and they, as they say, "bounced". Just like Curley. So it's not a gender perspective, and that in any case, you find yourself a scoundrel. No one is winning or anything without arguing, you just move away to the side. And so we come to the determination of the step, which could be selected and Caspar Yosepom.

As part of controversy recently when held in one of cinema audiences MITHT film "The Class" is one of the participants expressed the following view: "Caspar vpryagsya for Elaeagnus Yosepa – and it also sucked into a quagmire. Boy killed in freak. The conclusion is that for the freaks can not harness oneself. " What is interesting here is the absence of the slightest logic: after all, Kaspar-Yosepa could be another solution – Caspar could make an effort to pull out of the quagmire Yosepa, for its part, had Yosep want it – not to once and for all life! However, this option would have been possible if a) did not take Yosep Kaspar as an icon, almost a messenger of heaven, with whom he was to catch up, a mere mortal, it is inconceivable, and if b) Caspar himself knew what he wanted, and not torn between the need to protect her brother – a man and to satisfy the requirements of a pretty girl.

Perfect Complement

It always has been very methodical, an analytical one without remedy that only rests when the two windows are closed. He is a dreamer, an eternal boy who never loses the hopes nor the desire to undergo the eg: simple life. It is regaando always it and it does not bother itself; it knows that in certain form is protecting it, although it sometimes would wish that he was shut up he let and it lead solo awhile, because knows that at the end of the way, if it is happy, both will be happy together. But it is obstinate; so many books, people and schemes have made him prevail many rules and paradigms, things that he does not know and does not have any interest in knowing. Nevertheless, it is patient with her, speaks him and he says to him that he does not worry, that he knows that everything is going to be well. Sometimes also it is tormented, when it sees that some of their resemblances are sleepy and have left them take the control exceeds they completely; there she returns to him to remember that she is different, who never is going to him to deny to continue dreaming, although sometimes him it costs to recognize that equivocation. She knows that they are an equipment and that the respect, is the solid base that maintains heals its relation. It sees the blue sky, whereas feels it absorbs, it and she is part of him.

For him the life is a game, where there are no losing winners nor, only are participants who from time to time are only made one, soon separate and some are united of by life. On the other hand, for her the life is to nourish itself, to learn; it does not conceive that nor a second is wasted in banal subjects. Then he remembers to him there that they are two, that is together and that it must be right, whom he needs his space and its time; that if it only wants ” ser” , since to him it only leaves ” it; sentir”. They two were born together and for being so different they complement themselves very well; they maintain body and spirit in balance. She knows the memory alphabet; she has as great file as a library. She explains his feelings to him, while she tries to arm his ” she breaks cabezas” and finally, she organizes the letters that give life to which it feels. , Been thankful by its gesture, it shows to him what through her it has written and it is surprised, also being been thankful of being able to be with him, the heart that makes feel so alive; at the same time he is thankful to him to be able to be with her, the mind that allow him to express the experiences and feelings that would be dumb without her. The mind and the heart are the perfect complement, is not necessary to leave work separately; if outside thus, the mind would be lost in the rational and would be implacable; on the other hand the heart would be dumb and die of sadness, when not being able to express to the world, all the good things to him that it must to give.

War Movies

Because of what is so great popularity of movies about the war? And why the well-known parameters of world cinema have worked on this theme: Kubrick, Verhoeven, Spielberg, Wilder, Stone and other equally famous directors? For humanity war – this litmus for the internal state of human touch on the war you, and you'll feel inside of you lye or acid eating away … Life in the war – it is understood that this time – as the last, when the sense of enhanced so that sometimes the hero loses sensitivity to the feelings and sensations, and his whole world looks like a cloudy mirror, in which he sees a shadowy reality. War – an excellent material for biographical stories and dramas. What else besides walking on the edge of death, compels a person to show themselves? And no matter who will be a character movie gunner, POW, a pilot or a tanker … The main theme is still the man himself.

What if This inside him … Helplessness? Blindness? Hatred? Fear? As he makes his mind work? Where is the boundary by going that everything is permitted? As it is abstracted from the outside, and caused not their lives, when murder is not a crime. And what will happen then to those who took it all … 'Farewell to Arms, "" Alpine Ballad', 'Platoon', 'The Dawns Here Are Quiet', 'Come and see' – great masterpieces of world cinema and books on filmmaking. Films War – it's almost always a spectacle, because this film genre is one of the most expensive. It requires the extras, consultants, fireworks, decorations, costumes, and that is quite a large amount.

View such military movies in the 'rag' as online, it's like eating caviar with a spoon and dirty grit sand. Mutilate themselves unfit impression from the movie audio, translation or dubbing here unsuitable. You can download the movies in the military quality, which will fully immerse themselves in the film. Download a military band – the only way to get interested can meet from direct contact with the director's intention. To the great Unfortunately, recent history and the history of XX century gave the filmmakers a lot of ways to script and stage for current events: Afgan, the Soviet Union in the Great Patriotic War, Chechnya, Europe in the First World, China, genocide, many smaller conflicts and resistance. To feel what it means, you just need to download the movies about World War II, or choose to download the tape from a long list from almost any source hostilities. Clearly, this story will be passed through the filter of fantasy, ideas, hopes, and calls for the director and thought, as any individual, the author's opinion – he will not be entirely objective. However, sensible thinking people about the events that formed the basis of historical twists, combined with the artistic delights of masters at all times was the 'lure' for moviegoers, the connoisseurs of cinema history and those who are involved in those events, who they have a – a sullen look.


January 29, 2009 was released in cinemas in Russia a long-awaited film by me – RocknRolla Guy Ritchie for his ten-year directing career, which began brilliantly with the debut of 'Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels' (Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels) 1998, showed us what he able, so the Rock-n-rolschik'e lay a big responsibility – not to fall face in the dirt in front of fans. And, most importantly, it just never happened! (And I do not think that will happen) I personally liked the film, the more that so much time waiting for his appearance on the screen. Let's start in order … The first thing that catches the eye, or rather, ear – which began with the first seconds of music – a stylish, interesting soundtrack, a short introduction the narrator, a cherished name and the names of actors, performing leading roles … began diving in the movie … Even as a standard is familiar with the main characters – a brief profile and pormorolik. The plot … a few stories and they are all intertwined …

a major – still, not about concerts and rock and roll, and almost a standard (think 'Snatch' or 'Lock, Stock …'). A couple of bonehead gets into debt. Money should not Lohamei from the market and, as always, the main authority of the city))) then all the old, well-established pattern. Must repay, give nothing, therefore, must steal (well, and where else can you earn 7 million?) … Robbery.

At this time there were as many as 2 pieces! Total duration of minutes))), but how spectacular, original and beautiful! (It should be easy to see) Well, of course, interesting and even fun to watch foreign actors are Russian, and even speak our language … but Richie 'WE' turned more or less 'normal' (and then, because there was no winter caps with a red star on his head and vodka). What I would like to add more soon … the pattern will speak 'as always …' but really, movies are so similar Ritchie … but all successful, which means that change does not need anything!! After all, there is no better school than old school! The cast is perfectly matched, initially lacked Stethema, but then the feeling is gone, as Mr. One-Two (Gerard Butler) coped their task to 'excellent'. Awesome shot scene sex … simple, fast, and very much, and 'no extra' details … 'Are you afraid! Even the dress does not get crushed "and the scene in the tunnel. Simply chic! Pile of sparkling humor varying degrees 'Temnosti' shooting, chase and dynamic picture leaves a decent impression of you looked. For completeness, feeling once again planning to review the film … Take the best moments of cinematic range Richie – and obtain the 'Rock' n 'Rolschik'! For those who have not seen the last of the aforementioned director, this picture should make a lasting impression … just, or at least – will enjoy the time. Information about the film: Genre: Action, Comedy, Crime Director: Guy Ritchie Starring: Gerard Butler, Tom Wilkinson, Thandie Newton, Mark Strong, Idris Elba, Tom Hardy, Toby Kebbell, Jeremy Piven, Ludacris Released: USA / UK, Dark Castle Entertainment Views: 01: 54:16 Translation: Amateur (Two) + the original English voice download Rock-n-rolschik: