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Kommerchiskaya real estate and lease rental real estate is the best option for those companies and organizations who can not afford to buy her property. We invite you to the attention of a number of recommendations that will allow you to, right to conclude such a deal. In – First: make sure that the landlord has the right to lease the premises. In – the second place, should be carefully read the standard contract of employment, which usually indicates the type of building, its floors, a detailed plan of the leased premises, indicating its exact size and description of purpose. Further, the contract designated rights and obligations of the tenant and landlord, as well as the responsibility that each of these parties in the case, do not fulfill their obligations.

Also, the document must be given full the rental price. And last but not least, how often and under what conditions it will change. Of course, the contract will necessarily stipulate the exact lease terms and conditions of termination or renewal of the contract. Jessica Michibata has many thoughts on the issue. If you do not arrange some kind of lease terms, then try to reconcile with the landlord changes in the contract. Once the contract is drafted, it must be notarize. The last step in this process will check your contract. In addition to all of the above, there are a few nuances that you need to be taken into account. Mandatory registration with the relevant authorities are to be rented premises, which are in federal or municipal funds. However, if the lodging is a particular owner, the registration agreement is only required if the lease is greater than 11 months. By the time of registration must prepare the following documents: application, fee receipt and a packet of documents, whose composition is determined depending on whether the object is leased. Source:

Small Business Opportunities

Overdraft Overdraft – a short-term loan that is provided by the bank by debiting the customer's account and the amount of write-offs may be greater than the balance on the account. As a result, the customer's account is formed negative balance, which is the overdraft. Overdrafts may be allowed, that is agreed upon with the Bank, and unresolved, the client write a check or payment document, not having a permission of the bank. Overdraft rate is calculated daily on the outstanding balance, and the client pays only for the amount he actually used. A legal person can use an overdraft facility only bank in which he has a bank account. Services overdraft credit provided by all major banks in Russia. In particular, the Savings Bank of Russia the maximum term for such a loan is 30 days.

Maximum amount overdraft in the main bank of the country is tied to the turnover of the company account and from 15% to 40% of the total monthly turnover. Alfa-Bank provides overdraft loans of up to 60 days and the maximum amount of debt may take up to 50% of the average monthly income to the account of the company. For longer periods offer overdraft KMB-Bank and Rosbank – here the company can use such loans for up to 12 months. Limit overdraft in KMB-Bank is 40% of monthly income to the account and the interest rate – 10,5-17%. Factoring Factoring is a finance provider in exchange for a concession to the debt buyer for goods shipped or services rendered. In simple words, a bank or factoring company pays you money for goods sold instead of the buyer, and his duty to recover its own, without your participation. Thus, your business can get live money, and the factor (a bank or a specialized company) – Part of your duty to the debtor.

Factoring allows suppliers to receive payment for their goods and services prior to implementation to the final consumer. Factoring – a rather simple but expensive form of short-term financing. The use of factoring is most effective for small and medium business, expanding sales or entering new markets. In addition, factoring can useful to create business, lack the resources because of late receipt of payments from debtors. In factoring there are some obvious advantages over traditional business loans – less stringent requirements for the business, there is no requirement of registration of mortgage, etc. However, factoring – a much more expensive form of financing. Bank or a specialized company charging a customer's factoring commission, which Russia is in the 15-20% of the debt. In addition, the loan interest will be charged with a daily balance paid by the customer upfront. And finally, certain fixed fee charged for processing the documents. Factoring can be open – in this case, the debtor is notified of a transaction, or closed, when the debtor remains in ignorance. Of course, the second method costs considerably more expensive. In addition, factoring commitment often has the right regress – that is, a bank or factoring company has the right to demand repayment if the debtor refuses to meet its financial obligations. According to the experts, the share of factoring in bezregressnogo coming years will continue to grow. In Russia there are over 100 major banks and specialized companies providing factoring services. Among the largest banks offering such services – International Moscow Bank, MDM Bank, Sobinbank, Nomos-bank Banque Societe Generale Vostok. Best-known factoring companies – Trust, Eurokommerz, National Factoring Company.

The Great Depression In The U.S.

After ten years of prosperity the United States were plunged into despair 10/29/1929. That day there was a stock market crash, called "Black Tuesday". There has been a collapse in share prices. In a panic occurred, most market participants tried to implement actions that were in their hands. But there were hardly any buyers. As a result, the stock market crash were forced to close several prominent banks.

The chain behind them followed by others, because arose unusual demand for cash. There was a sharp decrease in consumer demand and as a consequence of the bankruptcy of many enterprises, and unemployment. Unlike other years, these events had a heavy blow to U.S. farmers. Typically, they borrowed money for the realization of future crops. Now they had nowhere to get a loan. Also for several years was a severe drought. The wind dried the top layers of soil and raise up a huge cloud dust.

The set of the unemployed across the country moved in search of at least some work. Basically, hitchhike or freight trains. There have been cases that claimed one vacancy to thousands of people. Who does not could get a job, often stayed near the major cities in slums called "village Hoover" on behalf of the President of the United States at this time. In 1932, Roosevelt came to power and announced the laying of a new course of development of Americas. First of all, he closed all banks and gave them the right to open only if they stabilize their situation. Launched the national program of building new roads, work on farmland, and others. In times of the Great Depression, most Americans thought of Roosevelt a national hero. However, it should be noted that in modern research, "New Deal" Roosevelt braked U.S. withdrawal from the crisis. Real output stagnation of the economy came to the United States with the beginning of World War II and the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. Army needed to adopt and everything connected with the conduct of hostilities. This has made recovery in the economy. Additional material on the subject:

Final Lesson

Finally, it happened! Puff pleasure in every bite. You are rest assured that the outer layer of the most delicious, but then a little more bite, you feel like these are getting sweeter and sweeter! Think we are talking about cake? Not at all. We are talking about another article of the series how to choose the bank! Want to know more? If suddenly, when you read from the point above, you wanted the cake: sweet, tender and melting in your mouth, do not deny yourself pleasure. In any case, you deserve it. And today I want to congratulate you! Yes, yes, right now, when you started reading this article, please accept my congratulations! But what is so important you do? We all reached the final part of the topic: "How to choose the bank". This is your first achievement on the path of investment.

If you compare our lessons with the standard system of training, you can assume that today is the last lesson of the third class! So, today we talk about is how to compile all the knowledge gained in previous lessons. By the way, if you have not met with them, you can do it right now: "Lesson 4. Three secret how to choose the bank "" Lesson 5. How do you know that the bank is reliable "How to Choose contribution. 2 ways of matching contributions Fortunately today we do not live in the Stone Age. Choose a bank and the contribution it is not difficult. I will say more.

This can be done right now, without removing hands from the mouse that you hold. But wait quite a bit. Now I will tell you how to do it. Begin? I am sure that there are ways to select the contribution of more than two and not even doubt that you will be able to call them. Well, let's say, you can ask your friends what contribution choose, you can read in the newspaper, hear on television, overheard conversations of passersby. Yes, the choice is not limited. But we want not just to choose a bank, but want to choose a reliable and profitable bank with which we can sleep peacefully, and our money will be at this time to work for us, is not it? Then I will tell you exactly about the two ways that you can use right now.

Commercial Real Estate

In addition, commercial real estate in Germany is widely represented proposals in Berlin, which is a major commercial, leisure and entertainment center. Residential flats and houses in Berlin are different categories, depending on the individual parameters and the location in this or an area of the city. For detailed information on the most profitable properties in Berlin can easily be found on our website. Many Russian citizens to buy property in Germany, addressing in the real estate agencies. Obviously, they can be most safely and profitably buy a house or apartment in Germany. Qualified experts will help you successfully conduct a transaction of sale, execute the necessary documents, to advise on all matters relating to overseas property. It never hurts, as the buyer is often difficult to understand the intricacies of their own German law or work with legal documents in German. Housing for sale in Germany – it's not just finding a suitable facility that would meet all the requirements of the client, but also further support the real estate.

We offer you the widest range of services, which you can buy real estate in Berlin, and master it without any fuss. Our company is focused on the job, first of all, with Russian buyers, so buy real estate in Germany, the most profitable from us! In our base facilities, there are many interesting proposals, including suburban real estate in Germany, houses and apartments in Berlin, the commercial proposal. For many owners of apartment in Berlin is a source of constant and stable income, which brings the lease.