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I refused to answer a survey, Abati me to the length of this, and even gave an answer to muddle through, and without thinking. A couple of days ago a group of people passed through the passage to inquire about the taste or preference for “purse” of one of the stores that exist in our country. When the young man knocked on the door and asked my availability to answer with a bit of annoyance said “go hmm, is it really short ” “Do not worry – he said – about two minutes, no more” He was to imagine that the two minutes were five and half I began to despair, he realized and said, “and we will end do not worry” very kindly finished answering the survey and the data that he requested the company .Finally I said “a phone number so they can corroborate that I made up the survey ” My first impulse was to tell her that she could not give, but to hear “I confirm that invented the poll,” I started to laugh to some extent an accomplice, and put myself in the shoes of new poll in which about three months, I fell to me to be who bored high school students from two schools of AMSS in taking forward the research. Therefore hesitate to turn to refuse to fill out a survey, you never know when the karma is going to charge.


Name: Clemente Mart nez Mirena plastic formation: self Studies: Lic.Arts: Dimension Museology Experience in the area of Teaching in visual arts: Vacation Planning Coordinator University of Valencia from 2005 to 2008 These plans were oriented Vacation integral formation of children and teen through Trallero of creation and participation in the arts specifically in the fine arts, ceramics, music, dance and theater. Painting and drawing professor at the Center Pilot child Lu s Eduardo Chavez: Ateneo de Valencia Professor of drawing and painting children at the Center for the Arts Kids Integral School of Art Arturo Michelena Experience in the area of Museums Teaching Guide Ateneo de Valencia 1993 – 2000 Museum Coordinator Ateneo de Valencia, 2002 to present. Experience in the field of Museology 2008. The snake is killed by the Head. Juan Carlos Urrutia, Halls 1, 2 and 3 Ateneo de Valencia 2008. notes for a landscape. Evening of the 8th St. Lucia. Collective. Maracaibo, Barrio Santa Lucia 2008. Life blank. Fatima Mendoza, alternative spaces, Ateneo de Valencia 2007. 1m Square. Collectively, Ateneo de Guacara 2007. National Exhibition of Arts of Fire. Collective Gallery Universitaria Braulio Salazar 2007. Coordinates. Collective, Boards 4,5 and 6. Ateneo de Valencia 2007. Toys and clutter objects. Collective, Chambers 1, 2 and 3 Ateneo de Valencia 2006. Moorings and flashes. Artists Carabobe o. Halls 1, 2 and 3 Ateneo de Valencia 2006. A post by Alzheimer’s. Collectively, IPCS A S.Diario el Carabobe o Curriculun as a visual artist Solo shows 2006 Green Eladio German Cultural Center Sucre, El Carabobe o Valencia Fragments 2003. Alliance Fran aise Valencia, Edo Carabobo 2002 Solo Exhibition “Forest errant” Alternative Space, University of Valencia. 2001 Individual exhibition “Open Studio”, Workshop Create 10.Fundaci n the Flame. Caracas Group Exhibitions 2008 Hall of Art Yaracuy. Carmelo Fern ndez Museum 2007 1 st drawing room Cojedes 2007 2ND Visual Arts Hall of Demetrius Smith. Airport Cojedes. 2006 31 Hall Aragua. Museum of Contemporary Art Mario Abreu, Maracay. 2006 I National Baseball Hall, CC Sambil Valencia, Carabobo 2005 Bienal de Arte de Puerto la Cruz. Edo Anzo tegui. 2005 31 Hall Aragua. MACM. Maracay Edo Aragua 2005 ‘gerund “Executives Association of Carabobo, Valencia 2005 National Biennial of Art of Puerto la Cruz, Edo. Anzo tegui 2005 Hall National Art Juan Lovera, Caracas Arturo Michelena 2004 62 Hall, Ateneo de Valencia. Edo Carabobo 2004 -2003 – 1999 – 1998 – National Exhibition of Art Aragua Municipal Art Salon 2004 in Maracay. Edo Aragua. 2003 61 Hall Arturo Michelena. Ateneo de Valencia. 2003 28 Hall Aragua. Museum of Contemporary Art Mario Abreu, Maracay. 2003 24 Municipal Salon of Painting.

Breastfeeding and Paracetamol

Acetaminophen is the most prescribed drug in medical consultations in family medicine and pediatrics. Used in recommended doses and at appropriate interval is a very safe drug. In breastfeeding is the drug of choice as an analgesic.


Libraries Online 1.BOOKS (didactic-educational) Professor intuitive. Atkinson, Terry / Claxton, Guy The reflective practitioner. Sch n 1992 The creative teacher, creative classroom, a teacher training experience from the perspective of creativity. Authors: Luis Alberto Garcia Garcia, Antonio Rodriguez The art in school. Commen parler d’art aux enfants. Barbel-Gall Fran oise The art gallery HANDBOOK. Tate Publishing Il piccolo artist. Sally Warner Read the paint. Nadeije Laneyrie-Dagen How to look at a painting. S. Woodfort Com pl stica analitzar a work. M. Balada The plaer looking. E. Bosch 2.BOOKS specific and museology museology Museograf a didactic. Joan Santacana. N ria Serrat Criteria for developing the museum plan. Ministry of Culture Museum pedagogy. Imma Pastor. Interaktion und Dialog im Museum. Franziska D rr Spaces away. Alfonso Mu oz Le Mus e en Herbe

So I had

So I had to start performing other work, in restaurants, one bar and another type of “cold calls” among other things, still searching for something on my own. Months passed and I realized I needed to specialize a bit more, so I had to start looking for “something” to study. I looked at graduate, masters, MBA, until I found some training courses on-line marketing, “Course Google Ad Words”, “Google Analytics Course” and “Positioning Web Seminar“. I decided to make the 3, I spent more than 800 and in a couple of weeks I had some little cards and much more advanced notions on online advertising, a topic that is quite developed in Spain, where investment in this medium grows and Despite the growing crisis. That was how soon after found work as account manager for an online clothing company, where I could experiment and develop what is learned in these courses. Certainly for me it was a great success having made these specializations, because with a small investment I could make enough profit.

Courses are offered

Courses are offered Commercial Aviation Engineering is a professional 5-year university, which has a strong background in basic sciences and engineering, supplemented by a course of training in administration, management, law, economics and finance, what will allow effective action in the administrative area of business related to commercial aviation. Through its flexible curriculum, the student can give emphasis to their degree designed to ground operations, such as planning, design and management of airports and other air terminals, or the management of flight operations, such as transport security air route operational planning, evaluation, selection and technical renewal of fleets of aircraft, flight control and operational control centers (OCC).With her training, can also support and participate with aviation authorities in Latin American infrastructure and requirements definition for each country or region to address, from the standpoint of an airport, high rates of growth of the aviation industry civil occurring in Latin America today. Technical University in Aeronautical Maintenance Technical University is a 3 year degree with a strong background in: electrical and electronic systems, digital systems, microprocessors and avionics. Aerodynamics, Aeronautical boosters, Measurement and Instrumentation. General Technical administrative, service ethics and English. As Technical ACA will prepare you for desempe arte, with the highest standards of quality national and international governing the field of aeronautics, where the manufacture, operate and perform maintenance of aircraft and their systems.Mechanisms will have general knowledge of hydro-electric and machinery, aircraft materials, maintenance programs, regulations and procedures manuals aviation aircraft. You’ll also have basic knowledge in interpretation of drawings and diagrams, technical standards and aeronautical history. This training enables you to apply to aviation authorities, domestic or foreign, a Maintenance Mechanic license, which enables you to maintain aircraft. The Commercial Pilot Syllabus aims to form a commercial pilot with a wide discretion in making decisions on board the modern complex “Cockpit” (cabins) for a commercial airliner and can understand and manage aircraft systems as quickly , efficiency and safety regulations now require commercial air operations.It highlights a range of training in the area of business management and human resources, putting further emphasis on the theoretical and professional training required of all commercial pilot. This enables it to perform successfully in graduate management levels in the areas of business operations of commercial air navigation, as you will be able to understand, internalize and cooperate with the most senior management of the companies in defining and implementing operational management policies and their commercial. You can choose, with additional studies at the Engineering degree in Commercial Aviation. Students entering the Academy have the opportunity to stay in touch with the latest technology in the aviation industry, with the support of LAN and academic excellence and prestige that characterize the UTFSM in vocational training.Both institutions have over seventy years of experience and are developing this project together, providing infrastructure, professionals and academics. The infrastructure of Aviation Technology Laboratory: Established in 2004, especially for students of a technical degree in aircraft maintenance, this laboratory has: Wind Tunnel Workbenches experiences for aeronautical structures. Hydraulics Pneumatics Banks are also performed practical classes on the subject of machines and tools. Flight Training Devices: The Academy has two coaches Flight PCATD (Personal Computer Aviation Training Device) Brand Elite 2001 VCPT (Virtual Cockpit Procedures Trainer) PCATD. Here students of Commercial Pilot’s career receiving individual instruction instrument flight in a single-engine general aviation aircraft.Procedures Cokpit Virtual Trainer, VCPT: In this type of coach the students receive career commercial pilot instrument flight instruction in a jet transport aircraft. Being able to perform flight instruction manual (conventional), fully automatic, forming a crew of pilot and copilot.

A Virtual learning

A Virtual learning environment Virtual Learning Environment (AVA) or Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) is a software system designed to enable teachers to manage their virtual courses for students, especially helping in the administration and course development. The system can often track the progress of beginners, may be monitored by both teachers and learners. Originally designed for the development of distance learning courses, are being used as supplements to courses. These systems usually run on the server, to facilitate students’ access via the Internet. The components of these systems usually include templates for content development, forums, chat, quizzes and exercises such multiple-choice, true / false and one-word answers. Teachers completing these templates and then publish them for use by students. New features in these systems include blogs and RSS.The services provided usually include access control, development of educational content, communication tools, and administration of student groups. These virtual environments are based on the principle of collaborative learning where students are allowed to make their contributions and express their concerns on forums, and are supported by multimedia tools that make learning more enjoyable from being simply an online text, an interactive environment for knowledge construction. Organization that supports and enables learning through digital media in a broader scale. In fact, a somewhat pedantic reading of the term AEV (ELVs in English) can be extended to encompass the physical environment in which learning occurs (ie a school).In English you use acronyms to avoid confusion VLE using LMS (Learning Management System), English Learning Management System with other deficici n of LMS (Library Management System), the English library management system, which refers more commonly integrated library system, or ILS, in the United States. Becta, the UK, has coined the term learning platform to cover MLE and VLE as used in the education sector. “The term learning platform describes a broad range of ICT systems, English Information and Communication Technology, ICT used for training and learning. Through a learning platform, hardware, software and support services that come together to enable more effective ways to work within and outside the classroom. In the heart of any learning platform is the concept of a personalized online learning for the student.This space should offer teachers and students access to resources stored work, virtual education resources, communication and cooperation among students, and ease of access to student progress. “- DfES Making IT Personal leaflet, March 2006. The renowned university Woodhouse is a notable user of the VLE system, where it is used extensively by students and teachers.

Pathophysiological bases in

Pathophysiological bases in a person without cystinuria, amino acids that reach the kidneys in the bloodstream are filtered through the glomerulus and then reabsorbed into the blood by active transport mechanisms. In adults, 99 of filtered cystine is reabsorbed. Dibasic amino acid cysteine, arginine, lysine and ornithine, during resorption, cross the epithelial cells of the kidney, and return to the blood through the efferent artery under normal conditions. Yet, in patients with cystinuria, cystine is filtered but not reabsorbed in the kidney. The mutation of the genes SLC3A1 and SLC7A9 causes a metabolic defect that affects the transport proteins of these dibasic amino acids and therefore can not cross the membrane of kidney epithelial cells, following the path of excretion. Josyann Abisaab This transport system is at the luminal surface of renal and intestinal epithelial cells.Owned by heteromeric transporters, consists of two polypeptides: a heavy and a light subunit linked by disulfide bond. The heavy subunit is composed of glycoprotein N-glycosylated type II membrane, while the light subunit, it is not glycosylated by membrane proteins. The protein rBAT belonging to the first group is involved in a system of high-affinity reabsorption of cystine in proximal nephron and in the intestinal tract. Therefore, we can define cystinuria as an inherited defect in the high-affinity transport of cystine shared with dibasic amino acids through renal tubular epithelial cells and jejunal enterocytes.


Juan Carlos Osuna is the soul and guiding line of the Workshop, a refuge where peace is needed to produce handmade works are put on sale in L’Art de Sant Mart . All works are traditionally made with natural pigments, egg tempera on wood, with attention to detail, making the reproductions are faithful copies of the originals, restoring the splendor that once showcased in churches and monasteries, surprising us with the vividness colors, silence theological hieratic figures that appear in the Romanesque paintings, the approach to the Gothic where the figures lose their rigidity and proclaiming humanism of the Renaissance. Performing the work: First timber is prepared with a first primer of animal glue. Then be prepared for painting with layers of plaster with animal glue. If the work is to receive a water gilding, be filled with parties to brown bowl and is the gold. Finally painted using pigments mixed with egg yolk (tempera), details with latex or acrylic paints, as appropriate.


In 1970, the team is re-founded, since taking the green in their clothing. In that season, ending in the sixth box of classification. Recabarren and Adolfo Rodriguez Sergio successively directed the team that season, which began to flourish perhaps the best striker if he has had in its history the club: We talk to Ferid Hatibovic, Croatian Chilean by birth and adoption. That year and would fit with 13 goals. The next year was even better and limarinos come in fourth place, with figures like the aforementioned Hatibovic, Quiroz, Garcia, Prieto and Gamboa. Hatibovic mark 17 goals this year, being followed closely by Quiroz, with 16. In 1972 the city reached Isaac Carrasco, one of the major technical points Chilean football, and is also an expert in performance to get Second Division teams (under his leadership, the United States Olympic Team had a great performance in games Los Angeles 1984.Moreover, at club level is reminiscent of their promotion to the Primera with Deportes Concepcion, Lota Schwager, ublense, Aviation, Trasandino and Santiago Wanderers). The “Mariner” would make a good job with the team, which finished fifth, some new names appearing like Bustamante and Valero. You can not forget either the last date of that tournament, when Ovalle defeated by two to zero Rail (with the legendary Leonel Sanchez being sent off in that game), frustrating their aspirations to go to First, an honor he would fall in Palestine. Adolfo Rodriguez is back for a second time to take charge of the squad in 1973. With elements such as goalkeeper and striker Pedro Valdez Az car (10 goals), Ovalle was fifth among 14 teams, again lacking the momentum to reach the then coveted promotion. In 1974 Luis Santibanez came to revolutionize the local football environment.Recent Union Spanish national champion, “Locut n” announced to the magazine “Arena” that he would seek the title with all his soul. In the end it might be. Rodolfo Dub , and Quiroz Hatibovic were good elements of that team, and perhaps if the best performance that year was the rout of the Catholic University by 4 to 1. But wait culminate the following year, when the hand of the former World Guillermo Diaz-defended to Chile in World Brazil 1950 – all green fulfill a major campaign, crowned with the runner (he finished behind Catholic University) and the rise to First. In the last round of the championship the buckled limarinos this achievement, the defeat at the Estadio Deportes Linares Railway 2-1, with two goals by Horacio Astudillo. Thus, Chillan ublense ran out of options to move to the green.The formation rate of this set was: Hector Jimenez Mardones (Rodriguez), Adolfo Cortes Carlos Cortes (William Roland), Rojas Bustamante, Ruben Gomez (Gabriel Garcia), Quiroz and Adrian Tapia, Ferid Hatibovic and Victor Tapia (Horacio Astudillo ). DT: Guillermo Diaz. Deportes Ovalle 1975 ended with a record highs of 15 wins, 11 draws and 4 losses with 53 goals for and 25 against, and had to Hatibovic by scorer with 12 goals. In 1976 Diaz was maintained as a coach and campus much of 1975. Some of the reinforcements were goalkeeper Omar Soto, Cristian Sasso, Fidel Davila, and Uruguayans and Zaparrart Serres. Moreover, it appeared that a boy would speaking Chilean football: Hugo Tabilo. The campaign was done okay, finishing the year in the tenth box. It should be noted ovallino victory over Colo Colo’s 3-1 with two goals by Sasso and Adrian Tapia. Unfortunately the following year things did not work so well.With the same technician, Ovalle finished sixteenth among 18 teams, falling after playing a playoff against Santiago Morning at Estadio Playa Ancha Valparaiso. The score was 2-1 Ovalle unfavorable, with the second goal autobusero being scored in the last minute of the game. Among the positive, highlight a new victory over Catholic University, this time by the minimum score on a goal by Fidel Davila. A great new option of uploading was the cast of the Norte Chico in 1978. In that season, under the eaves of Adolfo Rodriguez again, the team finished off third a point adrift of Naval, which eventually would rise next to the champion Wanderers (the latter team commanded by Guillermo Diaz). The scorer of the team was the Argentinian Julio Ortiz with 21 goals. Ovalle played the league by the rise along with Magellan (the other box II), ublense and Coquimbo Unido (both struggled to not fall).In the final run, which was held at the National Stadium, the third limarinos were, thanks to two draws (2-2 against Magellan and 3-3 versus Coquimbo) and a 3-1 defeat by ublense.