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Old Kolomna

There is a newly constructed retail and office Center (profitable at a convention in town), near the unfinished CURRENT "Chervonets." At this point, assumed to be a great building, to be built in several shopping centers, however, has built only one. Also in the village there is a large shopping center and the old "Soviet" model. Unfortunately, it is in disrepair, and most rooms are empty. So we drive into town, go down the street the October Revolution, the private sector, personal interesting, Cafe Solo ', auto parts store, and one for the whole neighborhood grocery store local network' 'wood'. Civilization begins further 3-4 km, in the dam, there have been at home more than two floors, several industrial companies, several small grocery stores, a fairly large store network '' wood 'and cafe' Empress'. Going further, we move the bridge over the river Kolomenka, on the left side skating center "Kolomna" and Kolomna Kremlin. Next is the area of the two revolutions, the central area of the district old Kolomna.

There is bus 'Old Kolomna', so the area is always crowded with early morning to late evening. The area is built up by the various pavilions, there are several cafes and bars (of different levels, from 'eating houses' to the quite decent), several restaurants (the most famous – 'Sophie'). The building of the former Cinema 'East' is now titled the mall. On the square is the city's only subway (trade pavilions of the transition proudly referred to as TC 'Underground').


Everyone wants to learn how to lose belly faster. And there are several good reasons for wishing it. On the one hand, the stomach fat or a belly that is not the most attractive in the world. On the other hand, studies are beginning to show that those with a high concentration of abdominal fat is at risk for serious health problems, such as diabetes, heart disease and high cholesterol. So lose and get rid of that fat refers to both look good and stay healthy.

And, luckily, there are 2 simple things you can do to crush that already same belly. Eat well contrary to popular belief, does not have to die of hunger, and spend weeks with the sensation of extreme hunger, in order to burn fat and lose weight. You can eat a lot and still have a flat stomach. The trick is to eat the right kind of food. Foods that are high in protein and low in carbohydrates, like eggs, lean meats, whole grains, fruits and vegetables are your best options.

On the other hand, avoid refined carbohydrates, which It means avoiding foods made with white flour and white sugar. Also wish you to keep away from saturated fats. Soft drinks a resounding no, no. These are full of sugar and empty calories. Home of the correct type of Cardio exercise burns fat. And if he engages in vigorous physical activity of the heart’s pumping, you burn more fat fast. In fact, anything you can do to get your heart rate for 20 to 30 minutes helps burn fat located in the stomach. However, most people think that making 100s of abdominal achieve a flat stomach. This process of thinking is wrong. It is necessary to include other exercises into your routine. This could mean enroll in an aerobics class, or the purchase of videos that you can follow at home. But you can also participate in fun activities, like swimming, dancing or play a game of basketball with friends. Even taking a walk around the neighborhood once a day is the trick. The make some kind of cardiovascular exercise has two advantages. The first is that fat is burned. The second is that it helps to stimulate the metabolism. Your metabolism is, basically, the speed at which the body burns fat. The higher your metabolism burns more fat, and?more weight you’ll lose. Now you know how to lose belly faster. In fact, it is so simple. If you eat more of the right types of food, eliminate the wrong food type, and the type of cardiovascular exercise at least 3 or 4 times a week, you’ll be on the right track to having a flat belly and abdominal perfect in the shortest time. Visit then the truth about the abdominal perfect

Juan Camilo Cano

For the sake of coexistence, the Consortium will seek to reach an agreement between the parties. If problems continue after the intervention of the Consortium, or if we live at home and do not have a mediator, you can call the police. While this is an extreme measure, it can also be dissuasive. If you checked the noise nuisance, the police may lift a contravention Act, which would require a mandatory conciliation between the parties. Acoustic insulation in case of not wanting to take extreme measures, like using public force, an option to avoid annoying noises is the acustizacion of the home. In this sense we have many possibilities and everything depends on our budget or the particular problem that we have. To reduce the noise that comes from the street, openings of materials that contribute to the comprehensive acoustical insulation, such as PVC can be used.

To this we can add a watertight glazed double: i.e., two glass separated by an air gap. Drapes also help reduce outside noise. The thicker the genre, the greater the protection offered. Double fabrics are ideal for achieving a good acoustic effect. Another good choice are upholstery fabrics: velvet, velveteen, the panama, the jacquard and raffia. If the noises come from the same building as ideal is installing plasterboard as a ceiling or cover the walls with them. These plates consist of a metal structure and a plaster sheet. Between is placed a layer of glass wool which absorbs the vibrations.

If the need for insulation is even greater, asphalt or rubber, noise barriers that are very effective may be placed between the panels. This above process could well be called creating a map of noises for a building. A 8 cm brick wall provides approximately an offset sound reduction index (RW) 37 DB * decibels, the unit that measures the level of sound insulation between two contiguous rooms. A simple partition of standard 15 mm with absorbent inside plate has a 45 dB RW, same sound insulation of a wall of solid bricks, but with 10 times less weight. As discussed us specialized companies, acoustic insulation can also be in ceilings, walls or coatings on existing walls. The estimated cost of the solution of acoustic insulation is $77 per m2. This price includes material and labour. Juan Camilo Cano noise source Control: press release sent by sucrepr.