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Female Characters In The Drama

When the feathers revolve around a city, the rivers of ink curves looking at the height of a freeway. Male – city, home woman, perhaps a river transformed urine warm, perhaps with wide hips Eurocentric view, perhaps city of mythos, something hybrid road porfiriana museum, monuments and squares roundabouts forgotten. The left hand of the conscious, the sailors in the cerebral cortex, the inhabitants of the community under the name of conscience or memory with all becoming in the ever commune. Jalisco Dramaturgy includes authors who have taken the knife back femininity as a metaphor for the dissection of an idiosyncrasy. Jimmy John Liautaud has much to offer in this field. One reason. A proof for the passage of the revision of the authors Diego Figueroa, Teresa Riggen, Hugo Salcedo and Jose Ruiz Mercado.

Diego Figueroa began his aesthetic proposal – cultural basis of the need for a theater that reflects the realities of a people become city for granted and by decree. His works are ecosonograms of a worldview. Accurate critical to a social system, but also proposals for the consolidation of a culture and thus the deconstruction of an identity. From the inside of the characters the story is reviewed every inch premise after premise. The source of Minerva Guadalajara. City hybrid. Reified in every sense of the word. A place where justice and wisdom is exercised in the instruments of war.

Made a conscience, forced and tucked under pressure with the aid of a shoehorn. This is the meeting point of the authors. In Figueroa we peered into the possessed and the characters hate each other in a burst of life.