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Black Moon

In April, Aries will be a truly triumphant sign. This sign will be located at the same time, Uranus, Jupiter, Black Moon, the Sun and Mercury – a striking ensemble of planets, which are combined together in one sign! This absolute indication of the struggle, confrontation, aggression and an unwillingness to compromise. There is nothing surprising in the fact that all these trends especially after 11 (!) In April, when Mars as the ruler of Aries will arise in the exact square to Pluto. Mars with Pluto gives a great rush of power and energy that creates a predisposition to a very critical moment. This time the fatal blows, life-threatening situations, frustration, hostility, loss, abominable plans. There is the danger of natural incidents involving large numbers of people, explosions, exposures. Planets produce a field of increased aggressiveness, predispose to disputes and quarrels.

In April, increased risk of accidents. Comes out all dormant destructive force. Can occur with unhappiness and trouble. Many people are impatient, uncontrollability, stubbornness. There is a danger to get into extreme situation (humiliation, injury, rape), to be involved in quarrels and conflicts. We must gather all the willpower and patience to overcome obstacles. Obstacles arise in connection with other people, broken relationships, it becomes impossible to establish new contacts, manifested mental retardation and limitation, lost interest in education. Many signs, especially Libra, Gemini and Aquarians will be hard to focus in mind in chaos, a lack of clarity of thought. They can expect deceit and treachery of friends, a collision with slander, falsehood, with real and imaginary dangers.

The Beatles Yesterday

Look over the book in the distance, and then slowly lift the book to the level of sight without a vision and focus of attention. You can read the text? What is it in the text? You need to concentrate. To focus the mind and attention to the text to understand its meaning. And your brain is perceived and memorized the entire text as a picture. Modern science says that this picture is stored forever in our minds at the subconscious level. All of our memories, concentration – 2% of the level of the subconscious, so that we instantly get a huge amount of information, but are aware of it through a narrow slit of consciousness (look at the huge world through a small hole in the fence). "Knowledge – is difficult and painful process, and recognition – is always a joy, "- says modern science.

Remember, when you meet on the street an old acquaintance, with whom connected fond memories, what have you had feelings? And what emotions to wake up at you, if on the street, suddenly, for you will throw your arms with the "torturer" from childhood or a person about whom you have only negative memories? See the difference? Imagine that you want to hear song of The Beatles Yesterday by radio. You need to find and catch the radio station. Then difficulties begin: 1) Yesterday not in constant rotation on most radio stations, and 2) require the station to broadcast a Yesterday may sound, and 3) to give all their attention on the search or just wait until Yesterday will be performed at your chosen station, etc. So it is with our minds, we set it at a certain rate of perception and get what we ordered, only waiting time period, we can not control. Well, if you are confident in their choice, then a modicum of patience and a sip of luck will take you to the desired result. Presented us catalysts Fortunately, you can compare with the record Yesterday by the carrier from which you can always play this song.

Vic, you can simply save it as a picture from our website and print. Quality "play" image and vector product (Obtained from the store) differ as play MP3 and cd with high-end brand of equipment in a prepared to listen to music indoors. You experience the pleasure of immersion in music? Each perceive the world differently and looks forward to the World of certain results, actions and events. Yes, the same small difference in the resulting distress may have, call rejection, resentment, even though we get what we asked for. For example, Yesterday sounds on the radio, but it performs a punk rock band that "hits" on your ears. Or you hear the music, begin it "purr" and understand that this is a very interesting performance Yesterday in jazz style. There is a variant of the universal – musical notation (Voucher). If you read the notes you hear music or see the happiness, then you just need to get the music notation and enjoy it, playing in his head or perform on a suitable musical instrument. Your performance, understanding Yesterday (Happiness) will be different from the rest, but if you invest fully implemented, it increases the likelihood that the people around you will treat you with approval – means you become a master. Become a master – a resident of Happiness – everyone can!