Roberta Lorenza

The new single by Roberta Lorenza – that was amazing small, but powerful. The 1.54-inch singer Roberta Lorenza is through and through a bundle of energy. The Naples-born performer is a welcome guest on Regional Carnival events. With her new song, “That was amazing”, she want to gain a foothold in the pop industry as well. Even Martin Hein, known by the duo fantasy, is firmly convinced of the hot-blooded Italian. “That was amazing” immediately enters the ear and heart and soul.

This touching song tells the story of a past love a passionate Ode to that which has once joined two people. The beautiful memory remains, it is part of life. So it is intended to be. Not only the text from the pen of Martin Hein, his composition again manages to inspire the fans of Popschlagers. “That was amazing” was produced by MiKa of records (Aachen).

The music was already placed her in the cradle. She began as a daughter of successful professional musician of the Band silvers in the tender Three years of age to sing. Just seven years later, she had her first stage appearance at the side of her father’s. In various bands, she whirled across the stage as lead singer and started her solo career in 1999. “My strength is to reinvigorate a the big hits from the charts and the classics of the past and expressing my distinctive stamp,” says the spirited singer by yourself. True to the motto: “music which my first love” Roberta Lorenza in every room radiates a great atmosphere and good mood. Hardly anyone can resist her charm. She loves her music and her hammer voice just gets under your skin. She presents her live singing in three languages: german, English and Italian. During numerous appearances with well-known radio and TV stars Roberta, proved that their show is a must for every event and has contributed significantly to the success of this singing experience. In Austria, Spain, Italy and the German Airforce in Canada, as well as of international appearances Skat Championship in Montreal. This full-blooded musician each challenge has grown and thrilled each time. Roberta Lorenza is a woman who certainly is her husband and knows what she wants. We can certainly even say: “That was amazing”, if you have experienced Roberta Lorenza onstage for the first time. This woman is like an erupting volcano, because she has the audience firmly in the grip. A voice that evokes emotions.

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