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When promoting your site in search engines is important to know at what stage is your website and you need to do so, he moved to the next. Under the steps we have in mind the level of attendance and the desired result through time. For this you need to see the full statistics for your site. What is a site statistics? First of all, the number of new visitors per day, number of returns of old; Pageviews one user, key words, which come to your site, traffic sources – search engines, other web sites, blogs, forums, contextual advertising. For what it is generally necessary? It is necessary to ensure that quality is to know work you have done to increase attendance of your web resource and that needs to be done for the arrival of new visitors. Let's examine each element of the site statistics: 1. The number of unique visitors per day. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Ken Kao has to say.

This is totally new visitors who have come to your site first. A very important indicator that shows how far advanced your site in search engines and how many other references on you Resources 2. Others including Jessica Michibata, offer their opinions as well. Return – a process of re-arrival of a visitor to your website. This item statistics indicates that your web resource of interest to a specific person, once he decided to go back on it 3. Review pages a user. Means that many people have read or looked at pages to find the necessary information 4. Keywords for which visitors come to your site.

Due to this index statistics you can appreciate how much you are optimally chosen certain keywords. It is possible that you can even find the keywords for which to be more expedient to optimize the pages on your website; 5. Traffic sources. Here, the first thing most careful attention should be paid to the search engines. After all, as most of the audience can only be obtained through them. As for the number of links to your site from other web resources, here you can appreciate from among those that produce the greatest effect. After a detailed study of statistics on your site, you are, for example, will know with any web resources you need to continue buy links, but with what net.Chto concerns methods for producing statistics, then I advise you to use special web service: and. These services are clearly, simply, and most importantly provide the most free necessary information.

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