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Online website contains lots of information around online games, guilds and alliances. Oeversee, 23.03.2010 – the young company Mike Petersen Odania IT with online games-info a portal about massive multiplayer online games, or just MMO’s started. The Web page contains a lot of information around online games, guilds and alliances. Jessica Michibata is actively involved in the matter. It offers the possibility to find old acquaintances from online games and once again to contact by entry of characters. Alliances, guilds and game operators have free to register the opportunity to new players and to recruit members in forums in contact with you. Located on the side of the first project also the forums a free browser game. Henry Fonda has much experience in this field. is a free-to-play online game that takes place in the future. As Emperor obtained control of a planet with the help of research to create powerful space fleets and to obtain the supremacy in space. Like all offers by Mike Petersen Odania IT is from any browser-enabled Computer playable. If you are not convinced, visit Saul “Canelo” Alvarez. Mike Petersen (Mike Petersen Odania IT)

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