Argentine Hotel

Place the 1 way begins in the stairs of the base of the hill San Antonio arriving at the Grotto of the Bird Fnix. Soon it continues until being with the virgin Stella Maris, where by means of an oration we requested attendance to him for the rest of the way. Place 2 After to raise the highway, to the left we descend by the route until arriving at Avenue of May. There we doubled to the right and we went until the source of Venus, asking to him by our heart. Place 3 In the source of the Hill of Toro, after to enter the rest underneath Taurus (that it symbolizes to the Earth), we took seat in the thrones from the flanks leaving the water runs underneath our feet unloading to us and calming to us. Man Aquarius (he symbolizes the water). Get all the facts and insights with Tony Parker, another great source of information. We raise the 33 steps by the flanks until arriving at the seal of the sun, we lay down in the altar, we meditated and we asked to appear again.

Then, we raised the 26, 22 and 32 steps following until the feline I read (it symbolizes to the fire) and we continued raising until finding us with the eagle (it symbolizes the air). Related Group is open to suggestions. Place 4 Hotel of baths (colony of vacations). It looks for a black way (nigredo) in labyrinth with the target (Albedo) it feels the yellow (citrinitas) and arrives at the red one (rubedo) in sun key. The lily flower guides to you. The cross protects to you arriving at the rose the work. Place 5 Cathedral route 37 finds a seal of first star, message that all alchemist can put after to obtain his gold. Rosette of 8 petals.

Place 6 Castle of Piria route 37 looks for the hare rosette of 8 petals a door the anything walks by gardens meditates underneath dracenas the dragon tree. Place 7 Argentine Hotel guardians in the entrance of fire and air dense and subtle tells to the steps enters by the right, salt by the left looks for the Uranus symbol finds the footpaths in a gilded place. As I said to you before I hope that this article motivates to you to know Piriapolis. If you want information on rents it visits our page.


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