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White Mountains

During your visit to Granada, it is mandatory to go to the bars and taverns of granadian tapas, which varied and succulent caps given away with consumption, which is usually a cane of beer or a flat wine, sitting in a terrace of one of the many and beautiful streets of Granada to the solecito. In this particular sample of gastronomic culture is the own saloonkeeper who chooses the cover for your customer, who accepts the choice with much respect. This activity shared with friends is very rooted in the Grenadian people. The proposal of tapas in Granada is very attractive, walking through the old quarter of the city, while contemplating a story alive and unrepeatable scenario going excursion by picturesque locals. But you can also practice more activities next to tapas: a long day of skiing in the Sierra Nevada may end with a rich and fun tapas by the streets of Granada, taking advantage of the nightlife is very active. Sierra Nevada apartments you can live a unique experience in this beautiful city. What is striking in this beautiful city It is in a weekend gives you time to do everything, from ski apartments Sierra Nevada a day by its huge, White Mountains, thanks to rent and make cultural and gastronomic tourism in the city of Granada located at the only 40 minutes by car from the ski area. When you arrive in Granada city we recommend to visit the surroundings of the Campo del Principe, in the Realejo located in the neighborhood that was the Jewish quarter of the Muslim city, whose streets and white houses will envelop you in a dreamy ride. It should be recalled, however, that the granadian tapas is not limited only to the capital, being a tradition that stretches throughout the province, including Sierra Nevada, so it is possible to enjoy tapas in Granada anywhere, taking advantage to discover the specialties and variants typical of each locality, able to surprise the most demanding Tushita.