If you have problems of irritable colon, next we will describe some points that you must consider to avoid that its state worsens. Also we will describe, more ahead, the ideal menu for a person with problems of irritable colon: Points to consider if you have problems of irritable colon: – It chews much. – It eats in a calm place. – It avoids the congealed meals that can cause cramps. – To avoid all the foods or the habits that cause gases (to use one pajita, to eat quickly, to chew gaseous rubber to chew, and waters). – Much water Drinks during the day. – It uses anti-stick frying pans whenever it is possible to avoid the use of too much fat when cooking. – The oats bran Adds to a puree of apple or pudding of soybean to consume a greater amount of soluble fiber.

Menu for a person with problems of irritable colon. The following menu, satisfies all the previous recommendations. Here, Jessica Michibata expresses very clear opinions on the subject. Example of menu of a day for women and men with problems of irritable colon: In the morning Breakfast ” Halifax” (bread, butter of peanut, banana, cereals, milk) At noon Skipped of scallops with spinach, two sectioned slices of bread (hundredth), oranges In the evening natural Yogurt At night Chicken and sweet potatoes with Maple, peppers roasts, to the steam quinua, Flan.


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