When Children Go Ballistic

Children, unlike adults in our modern society the right to effusive activity, impulsivity and unconcentrated behavior. In many children are at extreme variants of the above behaviors by only the standard deviation, which disappear in the coming weeks and months, usually. In 2-6% of our children and teenagers is however still a ADHD. ADHD stands for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and presents as the most common psychiatric illness of the child – and adolescence. Inspired by Heinrich Hoffmann Struwwelpeter ADHD is also known as Zappelphillipp syndrome. In many print media are computer games, made excessive television or lack of diligence causally responsible for the disease. Scientific studies have clearly demonstrated that a complex dysfunction of the neurotransmitter metabolism is responsible for ADHD. Hyperactivity, impulsivity and inattention are the classic symptoms ofAttention deficit hyperactivity syndrome. The severity of individual symptoms can be here but are quite different. In some patients, we will therefore speak of a fidget, while others are more Traumsuse the term is correct. Before it can be called ADHD, should be available in the core symptoms of hyperactivity, impulsivity and poor concentration for at least six months, and the different spheres of life of the child (school, family, leisure). The diagnosis should always be made by an experienced child and adolescent psychiatrist. Untreated ADHD has discovered or not may-reaching consequences for the patient, as truancy, expulsion from school, addiction, anxiety, depression or suicidal behavior are often closely associated with ADHD. The diagnosis was made only once, it is important to initiate treatment promptly to prevent possible late effects. In addition to drug therapy with Ritalin, Concerta and Strattera are also behavioral, parental andTeacher training and psychotherapy for the treatment of disease used. Studies have shown that the combined use of different forms of therapy leads to the greatest possible success. Finally, it is again important to note that we are dealing with ADHD is not exclusively a problem of individual patients, but also our schools, the social environment and, ultimately, our entire society with the consequences and repercussions are fighting the disease. The author of this article, Dr. med Jrgen Mayer informs on its website meinhausarztonline.com on general health issues and provides guidance with respect to a healthier lifestyle.

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