Management Assistance – Rival Says Its Corporate Culture By Going To Meet His Expert

To further enhance the cohesion of the network and allow all players to freely exchange, the management team of rivals would crisscross France from January 26 to February 5, 2009. Six regional meetings of experts were organized to take stock of the past year and present the project in 2009. The objective of these various meetings is to allow players the network to share experiences, exchange views on the profession and market analysis for small business. Beyond this exchange of experience allows network members to respond even more relevant to the needs of their customers. – The dates and cities of the Tour de France “: Monday, January 26: Beauvais, Tuesday, January 27: Rennes, Wednesday, January 28: Bordeaux, Thursday, January 29: Montpellier Friday, January 30: Lyon Thursday, February 5th in Alsace. NETWORK EXECUTIVES AND MANAGERS The rival group was born in reaction againstlack of support structures for small organizations by economic officials. Developed network from 1996 by an entrepreneur Alsatian, Rivals aims to help small businesses, artisans, merchants and professionals. Only this network on the niche of helping small businesses and artisans, he owes his success to the fact that it meets a real need for small structures. Before the creation of this method (software management and decision support combined with the advice given by former entrepreneurs), small structures were devoid of tools to optimize their management, profitability and development. In taking over the management of these posts, Rivals allows entrepreneurs to focus on the exercise of their profession. FRISING method is to assist entrepreneurs with managers. Based on software management and support forDecision specially developed for Very Small Enterprises (TPE), they advise and guide them in their choice to plan and optimize their development. The rival group includes both former entrepreneurs and former executives specializing in management or business, it forms its methods. These partners join the network while remaining independent. PRESS CONTACT: Infinity Communications Audrey BUGNY: Agnes HEUDRON: Tel.: 01 30 80 09 09 – Fax: 01 30 80 09 29 Rivals: 10 Grand Street – 68280 Logelheim. Tel. : 03 89 41 00 52 About the author: Created in 1991, Infiniti is specializing in press relations of franchise systems and associated businesses. The news network is relayed to the site who addressed the press andgeneral public.

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