In fact do

In fact do not expect anything of humor (gags only two – the ad) This is a dramatic story of real, everyday life of a young couple both journalists, who have just married and start their life. Begin their work, and intend to start a family. It seems to him very soon and ‘tricks’ or delay his wife’s idea of having children on the advice of a friend to give away a dog to have something to watch and so forget to have children as soon … then the have. The dog is the protagonist of the film ..The truth is that it is quite junk … but people like me who have dog … what do I say! It is a movie that will appeal to all dog lovers … and I guess that does not have the dog as well … it ends, you chafar a little bit at the end, me putting a lump in the throat of those who try to hold back the tears … jo! That almost cried to my 35 A aza! (And the truth is that many people in the cinema cried her eyes out … in the final minutes came a llorera and sonar acojonante mucus in the room … we go from ‘Finding Neverland’ I felt such a sensation in the cinema. But seriously, I recommend it, go and see it, is very good … and you know that if I think the movie sucks I tell you this very clear, that this does not write or buy or sell or manipulate any film (it my personal opinion, free and independent, movie buff, which is about 3 movies per week on average in winter)

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