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State Body Weight

Would you like to know the secret to weight loss? healthy and natural weight loss really boils down to two things. The secret to lose weight and reach your weight ideal is that you must eat and exercise properly or this simply will not happen. That is probably not what you wanted to hear, right? But did you know that 95% of all people who lose weight, gain back it? This means that methods of diet that most people are using simply do not work. The problem is that the majority of people relies on diet plans, pills and supplements that usually only manage to solve quick loss of weight as a result. But once it finishes the diet plan or stops taking the pills and supplements weight won again. Have you ever eaten meals of diet in a package that will cost you a fortune? What happens when you stop eating those costly diet meals? Could you eat these the rest of your life? Is why we eat so not It will work for a long term weight loss solution. You should use your common sense and return to the essence of what really works.

Even small adjustments in the food and do exercise can make a big difference in your weight loss results. But you must first understand how your body’s metabolism works before you can burn body fat of effectively and reach your ideal weight and maintain it. Your body’s metabolism is the biological process that burns body fat. Although exercise is one of the critical parts of the secret to lose weight, the foods you eat also play an important role in how your body burning fat. You’ve heard about negative calories or burning fat food compatible? Burning compatible foods fat and negative calories foods require more energy to which his body decompose them, absorb them and then use the calorie containing. There is a guaranteed way to burn body fat quickly. If you find yourself in a State of desperate to lose weight, the following message is the most important thing that you read.

Divine Law

Some think that only we have Free Will and then we can do what we want without are consequences. Despite we only must observe the world to perceive the been mistaken thing that are. That orga that threatens the Planet is, exactly, derived from that: – No, I have Free Will! That if, I do what I want. I, I, I! In addition, I do not need to anybody! I do not have anything to anybody! I am worth by my same one (or by my same one). What I want is to know of my. I, I, I! The others do not matter to me! . As if what it happens to the other to not it affected me.

Brother mine, he will be that you do not have anything to anybody? And your, brother mine? Ah? Eh? Then, we see: the clothes that you dress were done by you rarely, the people make its own clothes. Only if they are seamstresses or tailors. Even so, And the weave? And the bellboys? They were not done by them. They come from some factory, of a small one, median or great company. And he grazes of teeth? And brush? And more: The vegetables? The rice? Perhaps were you planted who them, brother mine? Were you, brother mine? It is necessary, urgently, to collapse the society of the solitary man to make arise in the Society the Shared in common Man. Remembering the principle of Zarur, that conciliates determinism and Free Will, he says to the great poet and preacher: the Divine law, judging the past of the men, towns and nations, determines the future to them. It joined the Free Will of the human creature to being measured by God (the Divine Law, judging the past of the men, towns and nations) to the resulting determinism of our good or bad acts (it determines to them the future).

Brecht Heroes

At the beginning of April of 1989, I had an informal conversation, of body and Soul, with the young people help who us in the LBV. There are some fragments here than I said in that one dialogue, soon published in diverse newspapers of the Country, on the initiative of the own young people whom they honored to me with its hearing: () and the boys are repeating texts (often separated of context), because fulano says, mengano demonstrated, sultano strengthened This he could be the case of a certain thought of the renovador of the modern theater, the iconoclstico Brecht: " Poor devil of the Town and the time who needs heroes . A day, by the maturity of the people, this could be a reality. But today In the present, to the borders of the Third Millenium, the Human being still does not know well why he is born, lives and dies not to say many, including which they think that there is Life after the Life, not even support to think that Of there exists Life before the Life, absurd such as the abortion. To legalize it goes a " to solve the side " legal, but certainly no, the one of feeling, that is one of the most beautiful and vital things, that pretty side of the Humanity, that is the Woman, must to offer to us. Without that, we run greater risk of destruction than the hole of the ozone layer, and so many other errors that we practiced against our own survival.

They are those that do not think that the material existence begins at the time of the conception of the physical body, when the spermatozoon enters the ovum, illuminating a new way for that Spirit who needs to reincarnate. And they know that Science today no longer denies compulsively the reality of the sprouting of the human existence as of the exact moment of the fertilization. However, we reiterated, the Spirit preexists to the matter and, by consequence, its individuality dramatically is reached about the abortion action, with verified psychological sequels after the maternal feeling, in this and the other existence, because the deads do not die.