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Leontis Equity Fund Portfolio Optimization Will Continue

Major investor is a double-digit return on prospect of Wurzburg, 20.04.2011. For the market of closed investments rather exceptionally, the Leontis equity were incorporated in 2009 funds in the context of a merger of several underwriters in the Wurzburg luximo holding. The newly gained experience of team management ranges back in the year 2001. Currently have the Wurzburg five funds in the placement and manage a target volume of EUR 300 million from the acquired business of the Fund including the Leontis equity funds. The current account comprises several funds whose management and asset optimization has taken over the management team Board of Directors Slobodan Cvetkovic. The merger of 2009 including the fund company Leontis equity fund premium select II GmbH & co. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Author. KG was adopted exclusively on also for a larger distribution company.

Here the more sales cooperation problematic proved leading ultimately to a setting of the business relationship, led. On the other hand this participation was so targeted, that we could offer them in width”, said Cvetkovic. Already some investors who had drawn interest, the Fund but had not the necessary minimum amount of drawing and thus also not be ruled, Cvetkovic went another way and was targeted on the search after a major investor. This could be found. We look forward, an institutional investor found to have, the idea and the underlying asset strategy convinced the and clearly recognised his herein these opportunities”, the private-equity expert explains. Already defined potential target investments, providing both a double-digit return chance on target enterprise level in view of retail investors as an institutional investor. It also continues to report rants. As often applied to private equity funds, we made shifts within individual product portfolio and from less promising Separated holdings, to invest in more attractive businesses back flowing capital.

The yield structure could be improved by these shifts which of course affects the results of the Fund”, explains luximo holding founder Cvetkovic. But actually all the more investors, benefit him, with his decades of experience in the field of corporate finance. This also applies to the network with regard to potential target companies on the one hand, as also in the field of institutional investors and family offices. But also from unconventional measures they did not hesitate in order to optimize individual participation offers. So, an acquired Fund offered the possibility of relatively high current withdrawals. Withdrawals and private equity contradict each other really, since the capital should be Yes, first to improve results in the target companies available. Only if the corresponding profit share sold and growth stages achieved was, yields can be achieved, which of their nature to are well above the level of the capital market”, said Cvetkovic. Consequently, the Fund subscribers for this could be won, at least transitionally more withdrawals to waive, to increase the capital for investments. Here, too, already interesting investment opportunities have been evaluated. Overall, it is the luximo holding Board of Directors and Managing Director of Leontis equity funds important to communicate, that is the economic well-being of all funds under his leadership in the foreground. The funds obtained in the framework of the merger to benefit from the steady optimization efforts of management. For more information,

Factoring Advice: A Specialty

Specialists are in the evaluation and introduction of factoring available. Factoring is a composite contract composed of several elements between a company and a financial institution. In the full service option involves factoring in addition to the financing of the acquisition of the credit risk of the receivables (factoring), as well as additional service functions in the form of Receivables Management (accounting, Dunning and collection if necessary). Notwithstanding, the three components of financing, factoring and service can be variable also combined or modified. It E.g. an in-house (without services) or a fake factoring method (without factoring power), and a variety of other variants arise.

It is inevitable. Anna Belknap is open to suggestions. A certain company size also a high complexity in the context of the decision-making process is accompanied by the factoring method. For one it is important to review the legal and fiscal framework, on the other hand are more than 160 factoring provider with different Conditions and specializations to. A question opened 10 new questions. Often shy away from medium-sized companies the work accordingly to prepare on the subject, and Miss is thus one of the most efficient financing instruments. Here the factoring advice comes from our area of expertise – in the game. We are in the evaluation and introduction of our experience and competence available.

Step 1: Factoring assumptions a typical factoring-consulting mandate begins normally with the review of the general suitability of a factoring company. In particular the full performance is of interest. Step 2: Simulation with and without factoring In the following step simulates our Tec7-factoring-check financing with or without factoring. We use for this purpose, a current balance sheet and a structural analysis based on a questionnaire. It creates a balance sheet analysis with indicators and a meaningful corporate credit rating. Then, the cost of factoring is estimated based on your data. On the basis of calculated cost of factoring is simulates a would-be record and this in turn creates a performance measurement system with a rating of record. By comparing the original balance sheet with the simulated annual report, we develop a profound statement, where the advantages but also the disadvantages of factoring are. Step 3: Strategy recommendation at the end receives the company from us a strategy recommendation to proceed. This recommendation includes a before after comparison including a complete balance sheet credit rating with a balance sheet analysis, a representation of objective pros and cons, and appropriate factoring variants. Step 4: Implementation of factoring for the client decides, to pursue the project, we accompany our clients in implementing factoring in all respects. Obtaining offers and the negotiations include potential factoring providers to specific contracts. Just this, a factoring consultant can benefit from his experience. But also aspects of communication to the customers of a company, as well as issues in the framework our consulting portfolio includes the computer. We stand for questions from interested of course gladly available. Tec7: Factoring for SMEs Werner Weiss, Dipl.-Wirtsch.-ing. website: phone: 089 / 28890-120 email:

Security – Availability – Yield

Savings targets and conditioning periods, asset structures and the ratio of income to risk lasting affect your investment strategies and resulting in a saving for the licence, their first car or a home, the others for their retirement, their family planning or owning a House. Ben Bretzman often says this. Thinking more on fulfilling short-term needs of that others are planning for medium – or long-term investments. Everyone is together always identifying the target sum, the personal opportunities to save and in accordance with the returns the runtime of the selected systems. Ultimately always the ratio of security to availability and rate of return. (A valuable related resource: Sofar Sounds). A variety of investors to decide everything on its own or involves a good consultant in their considerations. Only a few get together and let qualified professionals to work as well as, for example, a registered co-operative society which deals with the optimal investment for its members.

Since you have This EC organs decided to invest in two national stock indexes. The DAX, which is an important parameter, has lost since April 2006 until today around 2.5% and in between, in the year 2008 over 50%. Eingetragene Genossenschaft AVG EC plant and precautionary advice cooperative, however, was able to achieve an Anlageplus and has survived the years of the financial crisis in 2008 and 2009 without prejudice to. The values in the individual: Dividend for 2010 + dividend for 2009 + 12.0% dividend for 2008 + 18.5% dividend for 2007 + 20.0% dividend for 2006 + 20.0% who benefits, says the sales coordinator Andreas Laing, which offers the customer/member of the AVG concept, the demands, which are today in the industry: opportunity to realize the dream of financial success also with low equity capital a clear, simple cost structure through an only one time joining fee due to its structure of both the short-term and the long-term investment is a pension payment (EXPRESS pension) with and without Accumulation phase possible the AVG concept boasts an optimum ratio of income to risk high flexibility and quick availability of independent of banks complements independent savings according to the rules of the cooperative act proven for over 100 years, so under the supervision of a government-supervised auditing Association and he: most people believe they would be rich if you make more money, this is nonsense! There are only three ways to be financially independent one day: Save.