Pastry Shops Display

Confectioner's shop – it is the special case when not working technology sales, used for trade in other products (groceries, restaurants, etc.). There are no trifles, rather, depends on them all. You can not just 'put money 'and wait until they' beat off '. Typically, such an approach leads to sad consequences. Pastry display cases, designed to take account of many years of experience pastry departments and a cafe with them.

One of the problems with facing staff confectionery, is the need to move perishable items from the shop windows in the cold room overnight. As a rule, cold stores operating in negative mode and frozen goods. In morning customers who choose to drink coffee and cake, risking their teeth pieces of ice. To prevent this from happening, pastry display cases and maintains the low temperature throughout the volume. For this used instead of conventional glass windows. The powerful cooling unit can easily handle a full load, display merchandise. All that is necessary to the seller, it lay a fresh product instead of sold. Clean and tidy view – that without which you can not submit work of all shop and shop windows in particular. a>.

For ease of cleaning in the window provided by reclining front glass, it can wipe it without removing the goods from the shop window. Design cabinet designed to meet the specific trade confectionery. And a big cake, and a small cake will be clearly visible to customers, because the backlight has all four levels of computations. In case you need to equip cafes or restaurants, as standard equipment is not suitable for some parameters may make a special shop equipment with non-standard features – size, placement of the unit, an unusual lighting, etc. For example, chocolate and chocolate products require special storage conditions – low humidity and temperature, and should be an appropriate trade oborudovanie.Klassicheskie and together with the soft shapes display set the tone interior and underline good taste of the owners. After all, the most important thing for confectionery – creating an atmosphere, a certain charm that people want to go, even if you originally did not intend.


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