Corporate calendars have become part of the list of prints of many companies that exhibit marketing activities. The purpose of presentations corporate calendar partners, existing or potential customers – is a reminder of the company, service, brand and shaping a positive attitude to the company throughout the year. From other types of promotional items calendar features a functionality which enables customers very positively to them and are happy to accept such a gift. Calendars are almost the entire staff of any office, and the quality of the design and manufacturing, will determine success in your calendar public. On the eve of New Year's calendars are distributed to dozens of employees and managers of various organizations, but only a few of these calendars will remain in their offices, and will bring real benefits to their customers.

There are several basic types of calendars: Pocket Calendar – Calendar of small-format (standard format 70 x 100 mm.) Printed on thick paper and covered with a laminate to increase its durability. On one side of the calendar posted advertising information, on the other – the calendar grid. Use these calendars as promotional product, it is recommended to companies with large customer base, such as retail retail chains, restaurants and hotels. Quarterly calendar – one of the best calendars in terms of cost and functionality. The most common format of the quarterly calendar: top advertising field – 300 x 210 mm., Three calendar blocks – 300 x 145 mm. And lower advertising field 300 x 50 mm. However, it is always possible to develop a calendar of non-standard format with exclusive calendar blocks, with an unusual arrangement of elements, use Curly felling or any other additional printing capabilities.


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