Axxiv New Server Line Up

axxiv Server product portfolio of the new generation axxiv has a mature entry -, mid -, and high end server range with current technologies put together. Hunenberg 05th July 2010 axxiv has a mature entry -, mid -, and high end server range with current technologies put together. The latest CPUs of the Intel Xeon or core i3 – Series provide a high-performance power. According to Spurs, who has experience with these questions. In combination with registered ECC memory modules, Intel RAID controller onboard as well as high-quality 24 x 7 SATA-II or SAS-I disks are axxiv Server adapted to the highest demands an efficient way of working. Further pave axxiv server, through the use of components of from well-known manufacturers such as Supermicro, Intel, Kingston, a safe and reliable way in an optimized IT infrastructure in companies of Switzerland, Austria and Germany.

Companies of any size are facing the challenge, to use optimized processing units for business-critical applications and consolidate. Real-estate developer wanted to know more. This should reduce hardware, power and administrative costs and a complete availability guaranteed. Slow response times or even downtime in business cause huge loss of productivity within a very short time and tremendous cost. It is crucial to choose the right solution to scalability, computational intensity, flexibility and cost optimization. Servers must be individually configured. Axxiv accommodates and provides a wide range of server solutions and for systems integrators, IT executives every business and budget size of the mail -, file – or application server, file, database and virtualization servers to high end computing server to choose.

The server made by axxiv use multiple processor performance of Intel Xeon CPUs the 6-core X 5600-series for high end, the 3400 series for midrange and the Intel Core i3 Series for entry-level server. Flexibly designed with integrated cooling system for even more efficient, environmentally conscious work. The use of certified, ensures outstanding reliability, as well as targeted energy saving redundant power supplies.

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