Unwanted Hair

Overview of the most popular methods, such as hair epilation procedure. The choice is yours. Shave. Shave – quick, easy, effective and cheap method of hair removal. The procedure is very simple: put on the treated area of gel shave and shave off the hairs. Previously it was assumed that repeated shaving of hair in one spot stimulates their growth. Now, clearly proved that it is not.

Advantages: Hair removal is quick. Disadvantages: Already two days hair begins to grow. In this case, they are not very pleasant to the touch, as were evenly cut. Electrolysis. The method consists in the fact that each hair is removed by using a special needle under the influence electrical current. Hair bulb thus remains intact, which means that after a while your hair grow again. Tolerability of the procedure depends entirely on your individual sensitivity.

The main plus electrolysis of its low cost and, consequently, a great popularity. Electrolysis services are provided in almost every beauty salon. Less electrolysis in its potential danger to your health. In the procedure, there is contact with the skin, there is a risk of infection. Inevitably, and skin irritation after the procedure. The doctor conducting the electrolysis, is obliged to warn you about that for a couple weeks after the session must refrain from sunbathing and hiking in the solarium, as great a risk of hyperpigmentation. Photo-epilation. The method is also presented in most beauty salons and beauty clinics. When hair removal for hair affect high momentum source of light. Glenn Dubin, New York City pursues this goal as well. Hair after hair removal are growing slowly and becoming more subtle, but it is only a temporary effect. If the procedures to stop, the hair will soon start to grow again. Photoepilation has many contraindications. It can not be held pregnant, diabetics, high blood pressure, people with chronic skin diseases. The procedure will be ineffective against people who have dark skin or red hair. You should be on a month to give up trips to the sea before the procedure and after it, as there is a risk to earn spots. QOOL-epilation. This method is characterized by high selectivity of laser radiation. This means that the laser operates exclusively on the hair and the reproductive system without affecting the skin. Due to the selectivity of laser completely eliminated the risk of burns, scars and pigment spots during the procedure QOOL-depilation and after it. Due to the influence of laser waves destroyed hair follicle and its stem cells. Hair after QOOL-epilation really stop growing, but only if you completes the course procedures and observe the intervals recommended by your doctor. Procedure QOOL-epilation completely painless, so ideal for those who want to remove hair from sensitive parts of the body.


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