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Several Views On The Topic “How To Strengthen The Family

I do not want too seriously to the question of how to strengthen the family, and what are different views on the relationship between a man and a woman, because as soon as you start to talk seriously about the relationship between a man and a woman, sure there are rabid oppositionists who, under the motto "You know nothing about how to strengthen the family!", and bring their own, entirely valid argument that my psychology of family relations is too far from their reality. And they will, by the way, right. Therefore, my article about how to strengthen the family, will not contain any major tips and advice, and psychology of family relations will be more like a parody of the relationship between man and woman, so that if someone touches my peculiar psychology of family relationships – immediately apologize. Follow others, such as Hedvig Hricak, and add to your knowledge base. What men think about the relationship between a man and a woman? They often think about how strengthen the family? This can sometimes find out their views on how to respond to their women, who have their own psychology of family relations, and not the fact that it coincides with our view. So let us try to understand that actually think men, when their life partner asks questions, the answers to which sometimes make even Einstein doubt the correctness of his theory of relativity. When a woman asks: "Do not stouter is she? ", the man most in the world tends to portray a persistent, if not the pioneer-hero, a courageous keeps secrets even after all the sophisticated torture his enemies, at least for a while to lose the gift of speech, or sudden remember something very important, urgent need to upgrade your plate. To know more about this subject visit Sela Ward.

Main Woman

It is inevitable that Surrounding begin to perceive it in accordance with the behavior – as a man. I still think that the main scope of the implementation of women – in family and children. Of course, the real women should be their job: occupation, which brings her pleasure. It can also serve to make money. The problem arises when a business-woman who “forget” to switch to the “masculine” behavior to “feminine”. Want to – business health.

But set up an clear role switch. At work, I – leader, teacher, leader, at home or in relationships with men I am a woman. I’m not afraid to express their emotions seem fragile and weak. Lovely girls, the most importantly, what they should learn – to be natural. Do not hide your strength and weakness.

If necessary, tell the man about his unrest, anxiety and fear. For some reason, strong women often this does not allow. And in vain. You do not seems like just a woman can get from the men anything they want in life. Without straining, without breaking itself, but simply by the sincerity, skill, when you need to be “weak”, not to go to the scandal, and find workarounds. Many “Shark business” in a skirt, which is realized perfectly married, have established a good family. But this requires a large internal work. Need to find the “little girl” who lives somewhere inside you – a direct, emotional, fragile, requiring protection. I’m at training participants remember their childhood – that emerge from these memories, as in fairy tales, from a boiler with a rejuvenating , updated, and harmonious.

Date Mart

Thus, for at For example, 1 day, find a companion for the evening, using dating sites is difficult. In my opinion, for a person more important the need for communication at the moment, rather than long-term virtual dating. So, how to find a mate for the evening, if you want to go to the movies, dine in the restaurant or relax in the bar? A revolutionary approach to solving this issue offers Internet service Date Mart de'yt March, which gives the possibility of rapid communication between wanting to go on a date. In particular, people who can afford to go to any institution, but no couples will be able to find a person who, on the contrary, there is no way to go in such a place, but there is a strong desire. Thus, the effective demand for visits will be chosen suitably in the form of a proposal for joint leisure time in cinema, cafes, picnic and so on.

Innovation here is that the facility takes a real meeting of people, not a fact of virtual acquaintance as such. And so the service has great mobility and orientation on a real life person. In particular, in the search for Date Mart does not form part of users, but their suggestions about dating. Of course, the minimum profile the user provides, however, if the user has not made a single post on dating, then its form no one can see. The questionnaire used for the user, viewing a list of dates or a list of those who agree to go to his appointment, could not understand whether it is interesting that user or not.

To begin use the service, the person needs to decide only one: whether he wants to invite someone for a date, or he wants to be invited by someone else. Then, in either case, there are 2 main ways – first, to find the right meeting among the existing proposals in the database, or make its own proposal for a meeting. In the first case, the search is carried out almost instantly, it suffices to indicate the place, time and preference for fellow travelers, and you shows the current proposal. From these you can choose any suitable proposal and notify the user. However, if you have not found a suitable offer for a date, or you want to make any unique offer, you can create your own proposal. Thus, the service offers a full range of options to find a mate on a real date among the inhabitants of a city. Of course, when you create a proposal for a date not everyone wants to be an advertisement could see anyone, so the service is developing privacy settings for your suggestions. For example, you can configure it so that your proposal for a meeting to see Only persons of a particular sex, age, location etc. The revolutionary concept of DateMart is an innovative approach to solving the problem of finding a partner for joint leisure in the city. Now for to find a mate for the evening to go to the cinema, a cafe or the theater, do not spend much time on a virtual correspondence, maintaining the relevance of its forms or rating on dating sites. All that you need to do – provides Internet service DateMart, where you just need to find a suitable date, or create your own. If you want to go on a real date, then the service is at your service!

Women Want Something

What do women want? These questions were asked of any man! And really what we want, that should do for us man, we are obedient to him? I wonder? That’s me too! To be honest, I do not know. All of that for us do not, We will always be small, we want something – something more! Yes, yes, here we are greedy! And maybe for us and it is not necessary nor what to do! After all, according to statistics, if a woman put 10 men, nine of which are just angels, and One of this poddonkom who already broke no heart, we choose exactly it! And what you can find an explanation? In fact, it is simple, we are women, and in our blood to re-educate, by choosing such a man, we first think about what next to us he will change and never will be available vile! With such thoughts we begin to correct, sometimes we have it out! Well, in case of failure, we collect things, screaming and crying that what he bastard, and I could stay with this man! As if once we do not understand! In general, we – women creating unpredictable, sometimes we can do such things, which men and think they can not. And it is this helps us to be stronger, wiser and more determined!

Our logic, defies any explanation of what on what we are accustomed themselves to run their lives! And whatever we do, we’re doing it for themselves: even when I get up at six in the morning to cook breakfast to her husband, children! If we do not enjoy it, we would not we do it! This is the essence of all our ladies! Neither man nor when there would be administered to women – we are cats who walk by themselves and we also host your own! Oh and if chosen, then we are committed to him forever! A man will only have one – let us make that choice! We women do not have a lot to be happy, we do not choosy, what we consider a man! And to you, dear you are ours, we want only one love, warmth and understanding. No need to refer to the desires of women as something – something unusual, we do not need a star from heaven, we’ll be happy and a cup of coffee in bed! Our desires are comparable to your opportunities..